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Let take a quick look at a Brief Look At The Layers Of Search Engine Marketing, Getting your website known out there requires various strategies. At the heart of them all is the search engine, or SEO. While browsers enable users to visit sites, it’s search engines that determine what websites come up to be visited. Using the various search engines available, internet users find out sites. Therefore, understanding search engine marketing as well as the value of SEO is essential. This guide is a brief look at the layers of search engine marketing, SEM.

The exposure you get for your site mainly depends on the success of your search engine marketing, SEM. The layers of SEM are many and can be sophisticated. We will focus on the basic ones, those that form the most important parts. But first, let’s have a look at what search engines are, and how they work.

Understanding Search Engines

Since the inception of the internet, search engines have formed the link between internet users and websites. They help retrieve the most relevant pages for the results of what you type on the browser. To enable this, they make use of complex programs, or algorithms, to crawl through different sites. Using various metrics, the crawlers then index the sites for ranking in search results.

The Emergence of Search Engine Optimization and Black Hat Strategies

In the first days of the internet, there were only a few websites for search engine crawlers to index. The algorithms used were simple and easy to understand. The search engines used keywords primarily to determine how a site ranked. The more the targeted keywords appearing on a site or page, the higher was the rank.

Website owners realized this pretty quickly and started using unorthodox ways to make their sites rank higher. In what came to be known as the black hat SEO, they placed a high number of keywords on page codes to fool the search engine crawlers into ranking their sites high for relevancy.

It took search engine owners an equally short time to detect this and change their crawlers. Since then, the algorithms used by search engines keep changing to become more complicated. Today, crawlers use different factors to rank sites, and the number keeps growing all the time. Keyword relevancy is still one of them, but not the main one anymore. This has made search engine marketing a complex affair than it used to. To help you understand it better, here are the basic layers of search engine marketing.

White Hat SEO for SEM

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Having become aware of the use of black hat SEO tricks, popular search engines like Google sought ways to detect and punish site owners who use them. Employing these unnatural ways to channel traffic to your website can now result in de-indexing of your site, something that can make your other strategies to suffer terribly. The best way is to stick to natural tactics for search engine marketing. Doing so not only makes your site popular but also provides visitors with valuable content. They include:

Creating and uploading new content to help get noticed by search engine crawlers

Using natural and relevant keywords for search engine optimization

Using inbound and outbound links to boost the presence of your site

Paid Search Ads for SEM

You can easily get your site on the first page of search results without the use of natural search engine optimization or even black hat tricks. You can do it by use of results page ads. The world’s biggest search engine, Google, allows this. Most successful companies, as well as new startups, have used it.

The strategy involves paying to have your site included on the first page, and is known by other names like “results page ads” or “paid inclusions”. Paid search results are the ones that appear as greyed ads in the search pages of Google. You only pay when users click on the ads which is fair since you only pay for what has worked.

Paid search ads can mean a lot to companies. Popular brands will have their sites come up first in search results but still pay for these ads. They do so to ensure no other company takes the position to offer competition.

The strategy to pay for your site to appear on the first page can bring instant results. Users are continually browsing the internet and will notice your ad as soon as it goes up. It has the advantage of attracting traffic without having to go through the slow processes of other strategies.

On the other hand, paid ads can be costly. Despite their instant results, it requires that you be prepared to invest some money in it. Compared to other SEM ways, it’s way more expensive. Besides, there’s no guarantee that many users will click on your ads to get any meaningful traffic. In the long run, search engine optimization may come up as the most potent way to boost the traffic to your site despite the long time it takes to work.

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Analytics for SEM

Search engines provide you with valuable analytics tools to give a picture of how your site is doing. The use of analytics is essential for the success of your search engine marketing strategies. With their help, you can know what’s working and what’s not. You get an idea of what to boost and what to stop using. Analytics allow you to understand your target market so you can streamline your strategies to work better with your audience.

For example, you get to know the primary sources of users visiting your website; their geographic locations, and more. As a result, you can decide what to feature on your site to make it relevant to the main audience.

You can also use analytics to determine what terms users are typing in their browsers the most. As a result, you’re able to select the most relevant keywords for your site’s content. You can also use the search terms for your paid search ads to boost the number of clicks.

A Brief Look At The Layers Of Search Engine Marketing: Final Thoughts

The layers of search engine marketing are crucial to the success of your website. Using them, you can get the exposure you need to maximize traffic and lead to more business. Paid search ads can help you get the first visitors to start you off. Analytics will help you understand the characteristics of your target audience so you can use the right approach to reach them. White hat SEO can, on the other hand, become, a long term investment for building a lasting flow of traffic to your site.