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Thanks for checking out My Affiliate Bots Review. Affiliate marketing is a good scalable income stream. You can easily compound your revenue regularly. One thing however which you need to remember is that you need the right resources to do so. You have to opt for automating the processes to make it easy for you to scale up your business.

One such tool which can help you handle such an affiliate marketing processes and automation goes by the name of Affiliate Bots. If you have heard about it before, you would, of course, want to know whether it works or not. We will today highlight our Affiliate Bots Review to judge the worthiness of the product and the value which it offers.

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What is Affiliate Bots?

Let us first start with the basics. It was launched in November 2018. The 2.0 version was launched recently on the 20th February 2019. It means that if you currently plan on buying affiliate bots, you will get the latest version. The creator of the product goes by the name of Chris X. Before we delve deeper into the product, let us look at the background of the creator.

About the creator of Affiliate Bots:

Chris X has been around on the Internet marketing world since 2006. He has a decent fan following. According to his holding disclosures, he made $2 million last year from affiliate marketing and states that Affiliate Bots can help you do the same.

They automate various processes which help you make money. When it comes to the creator’s credibility, there are no doubts at all.

What do Affiliate Bots have on offer?17 differant tools from Affiliate Bots Review

Affiliate bots is a product which offers 17 different tools. All of them are related to the field of affiliate marketing. You can create a proper foundation for your affiliate marketing business with these tools. The purpose of every bot is different. Some of these bots include:

1. Christmas affiliate bot:

It is a bot which can predict which products will be popular this Christmas.

2. Hosting affiliate bot:

It helps you discover the best hosting affiliate programs.

3. IMAffiliate bot:

It enables you to find out the top converting products of the past six months.

4. Auto affiliate ads:

The bot which we are speaking about now helps you create banners for Clickbank affiliate products.

5. Warrior 250:

It helps you get the top 250 affiliate programs from Warrior plus.

6. King of the Zon:

The bot which we are speaking about now updates you on the 200 bestselling Amazon affiliate products daily.

7. Launch pulse:

The bot provides you with necessary information regarding the upcoming product launches and their popularity.

8. CB 250:

It helps you discover the top Clickbank affiliate products. The criterion is only to show the products which make seven figures a month.

9. King of the Zoo:

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It shows you the highest selling products on jvzoo.

The bots or the programs which we have discussed up until now primarily revolve around finding the right products to promote as an affiliate. There are a few other programs which help you with the execution of affiliate strategy. These include:

1. 1 click affiliate:

The bot is responsible for generating sales letters. You might require some editing before using them.

2. 1 click video pages:

The bot which we are speaking about now creates video landing pages.

3. Rapid video rank:

It allows you to create conversion sales videos with the help of text slides.

4. Resell Database Software:

The product consists of a database of top sites which allow you to resell their digital products.

5. Auto mail software:

As the name suggests, this software allows you to build an email list and contact the subscribers as many times as you want.

6. Domainaveli:

This tool aims to provide you with alternative keywords which you can use for your affiliate marketing campaign.

7. Flip DB:

It offers 360 websites database from Flippa which earns now up to $26,000 every month.

That is not all. There are a few other bonuses on offer. These include:

• Guide to use these tools

• Traffic generation secrets by Chris

• 3-bonus system

• PDF training

• Training video’s for each software

• Future upgrades

Thus, when you look at the contents of affiliate bots, you will realize that they offer a significant amount of value. Now that you are aware of the bots and the information on offer let us look at the cost before we share with you over Affiliate Bots review verdict.

What is the cost of Affiliate Bots?Lady buying on her lap top after reading Affiliate Bots Review

Affiliate Bots 2.0 cost you just $17. It is a one-time cost. If you want to access the videos, you have to pay $1 per video. Thus, it is pretty affordable when you look at the amount of value which it provides. Also, the fact that in the one-time fee, you get access to future updates as well, it is a good deal.

What should you know about Affiliate Bots?

There are a few parameters which you need to consider before you opt for affiliate bots. These include:

1. Not suitable for beginners:

In spite of the enormous reserve of tools and the information, the product is not ideal for beginners. If you do not have a proper working strategy, these products will not help you much. They will not help you create a plan from scratch.

They will help you by making it more efficient. That is why, if you think that these tools can help you make a significant amount of money from scratch, you are wrong.

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2. Tools focus only on automation:

These tools do not focus on marketing in general. They focus on automation. If you’re looking for a marketing tutorial or a strategy, you need to look elsewhere. If you’re focused on automation, this product can provide you with tremendous value.

If you’re looking to expand your strategy and inculcate more techniques, this product is not the perfect solution for you. You have to be clear about what you want before opting for affiliate bots.

Once you keep these two factors in mind, it is easy to understand the kind of value which affiliate bots provide.

Is it suitable for you?

It is suitable for anyone who has been in the affiliate marketing industry for a few months. It means that you can easily automate your daily work schedule. With the help of automation, it is easy to scale up your affiliate marketing business. If you want to diversify your sources in the affiliate marketing industry and increase your income, it is essential to opt for this product.

If you’re entirely new, it is advisable to go through the trial and error process first. Only once you have an effective affiliate marketing strategy, you can go with Affiliate Bots. Thus, it is suitable for experienced marketers but not for beginners.


• Tremendous value

• Tutorials for each video

• Affordable

• Credible creator

• Future upgrades included


• Not suitable for beginners

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So, our Affiliate Bots review is undoubtedly a positive one. It provides tremendous value to every affiliate marketer. You can not only save a lot of time but scale up your income as well with the help of Affiliate Bots.

Moreover, when you consider the low price of this product, it is a steal. It is one of the best affiliate marketing products currently. With a creator like Chris X and the various tools on offer, you cannot go wrong with this product.

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