With the number of programs promising new riches online increasing exponentially, it can be challenging to find out the truth about all of them.

At the same point in time, you should not blindly trust the marketing hype of these products. It is vital to conduct proper due diligence before parting with your money.

You should only choose the programs which have been around for quite some time and which offer you valuable training and resources.

Today, we will highlight the program by the name of American Online Jobs. Chances are, you might have come across this program at least once if you have been looking for ways to make money online.

Let us decipher it for you in our American Online Jobs review to help you understand if it is a good option.

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What is American Online Jobs (AOJ)?

American Online Jobs is an affiliate marketing website. It, however, markets itself as a job opportunity website which offers work from home opportunities.

The gist of the website is to promote other get-paid-to sites (GPT) and survey sites to earn a commission from the members who join American Online Jobs. The problem, however, is not with promoting other stuff but disguising it as a job opportunity.

A job opportunity is entirely different from completing small tasks to get paid on completing surveys.

American Online Jobs Review

The entire interface of the website convinces you that you are applying for a job. Whereas, in reality, it is making you join paid survey sites.

The problem with GPT sites is, they can at best help you earn a couple of dollars per hour. When you look at the landing page of AOJ, it claims that you can make anywhere from $700-$1600 on a weekly basis. AOJ cannot get you anywhere near that figure with the help of survey sites and GPT sites.

Another red flag which you will notice is that there is a very little information available about the founder. There is also no information about the company or the office of the founder.

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What does it offer?

Now that you are aware of the basics of AOJ let’s go into the details. There are mainly two different steps in the program.

The first one requires you to answer a questionnaire which consists of 6 different questions. It will ask you about your personal choices and information.

When you move to the second step, it will push you to an entirely different site by the name of Online Flex Job. The website will ask you to sign up for an account. The problem is, things can get sketchy from here.

You will need to purchase antivirus software which will cost you between $24- $40 to have an account on the site. Thus, instead of making money you will end up spending money. It seems like AOJ is just a funnel for Online Flex Job.

At the same point in time, it also promotes many affiliate programs of survey sites and GPT sites. After you create an account with Online Flex job, the link will redirect you to AOJ. You will then be allowed to access the training area of AOJ.

Training area of AOJ:

The training area consists of different lessons. It will show you a few ways in which you can SPAM your affiliate links and ads on Facebook and gain new members. The only problem is that spamming will not make anywhere near $1600 a week.

Currently, there are only eight training videos most of which have outdated content. The founder of the course mentions that he will add new videos pretty soon, but that hasn’t happened.

The truth is that these videos are pretty basic and are not training videos. The training area of AOJ is just a sham.

American Online Jobs Review training page picture

Is AOJ suitable for you?

AOJ uses dubious methods to make its affiliate site sound like a job opportunity website. There might be some legit ways to make money using AOJ, but you cannot make anywhere close to the amounts claimed. As it has created a sham interface, it is a good idea to avoid it altogether.

If you indeed want to complete surveys and use GPT sites to make money online, you can know more about the legit opportunities by clicking here!

What should you know about AOJ?

Apart from the revelations which we did above, there are a few additional things which you need to know about AOJ.

1. Not a proper business model:

AOJ relies on you gaining more members by spamming your affiliate links. It is not an appropriate model of business. Eventually, your accounts will get deactivated.

All the platforms including social media websites have strict anti-spam guidelines which will flag your account in no time.

Even if you’re allowed to share your affiliate links, you will make nowhere close to $1600 a week. At the most, you will make a few dollars here and there. The entire assumption of $1600 a week relies on the fact that you can get a lot of referrals by spamming your affiliate links.

In today’s era, when the online audience is becoming smarter, this is not going to happen. You cannot make such a large number of individuals sign up by spamming your referral links.

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2. Affiliate marketing is not about spamming links:

AOJ makes it sound like if you want to make money with affiliate marketing, you need to scatter your spam links all over the place. Affiliate marketing is a legit online earning opportunity.

There are innumerable ways available to promote legit products to make a full-time income. You don’t need to SPAM your links on any website which allows you to have a discussion. That is why; it gives a bad reputation to affiliate marketing in general.

There are many legit ways in which you can gain referrals and make sales to make a full-time income. We will share with you below an excellent alternative to make legit money.

Is there anything positive about AOJ?

The sad thing about AOJ is that there is nothing worth praising about it. It is marketing itself as something which it is not. Once you pay for AOJ, you will realize that it is nothing more than an affiliate website.

The owners of AOJ not only make money by direct sales but also when you sign up through their affiliate links. It is just profitable for the owners of AOJ. You cannot use this business model to make money in the long run.

Moreover, you will have to SPAM your links on various websites if you want to make money with AOJ. If you follow this model dedicatedly, then also you will never be able to make the claimed money.

It is a good idea to stay far away from AOJ altogether.


• List of GPT and survey sites


• Sham site

• Improper business model

• Requires you to SPAM affiliate links

• Forces you to buy antivirus software

• Impractical training videos

• No job opportunity

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Verdict – Is American Online Jobs a scam?

The truth is that American Online Jobs is a scam site. It is an affiliate website which markets itself as a job vacancy side.

It just lists down GPT and similar sites to make you sign up on these sites as referrals. You will not have any access to job opportunities or long-term opportunities to make money.

There is no way you can make between $700 per week to $1600 per week. You should stay away from AOJ.

It will be a good idea to directly use those GPT and survey sites to make money online. If you’re ready for an affiliate marketing platform that provides you with training and all the resources that you need to get started online, then I invite you to checkout Wealthy Affiliate today.