Attraction marketing formula

Firstly, congratulations for taking your time for doing some research before buying a product. This is the only way of avoiding online scams. It is also the best way of finding a legitimate way to make a living on the web.

Today we are going to talk about Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF) by Ferny Ceballos. Note that am not associated with the product in any way.

Am just here to clarify what it is about and why you need it for your business. Am not trying to promote or sell it. This is my honest Attraction Marketing Formula review.

What is Attraction Marketing Formula (AMF)?

This product was designed by Ferny Ceballos, a top ranking network marketer. It is an eBook(185 pages) that guides you on how to create an online network marketing company.

The eBook is based on the Attraction Marketing concept. The eBook comes with a ten-day boot camp and access to training videos as a bonus.

What is Attraction Marketing all about?

Attraction Marketing involves making top prospects come to you instead of you going to them. It doesn’t follow the old lead generation or recruitment.

What’s inside AMF?

The AMF eBook answers the burning questions that bother business owners, affiliate marketers, and network marketers. Some of the questions that AMT addresses include:

1. Why are their sales not meeting their expectations?

2. Why aren’t they being given a chance?

3. Why traditional marketing has completely killed network marketers.

The first few chapters of the eBook will address these questions. Although AMF focuses on network marketers, it also contains teachings that can be used to improve affiliate marketing and businesses at large.

The book aims to minimize the failure rate of network marketers. It also aims to eliminate the myth that all network marketing companies are scams.

What are the contents of the eBook?

The 185 pages of the book are divided into 10 chapters highlighted below:

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: How to use the internet to Automate Lead Generation and Build Downline

Chapter 3: Ways to Brand and Build Trust with many people

Chapter 4: What Laundry can teach you on developing your marketing pipeline

Chapter 5: How you can profit from your potential customers even if they don’t join or buy your product

Chapter 6: How you can do Market Research that will take you above your competitors (The Magic Slot Machine)

Chapter 7: The unknown secrets to staking a claim on a valuable.COM terrain (Cyber Real Estate)

Chapter 8: How to create a doorway to your online empire and begin generating uncountable leads

Chapter 9: How to expand your list, bank account and relationship using Email Automation.

Chapter 10: The final thoughts

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The first four chapters answer the questions mentioned above. They also explain the advantages of leveraging the web to expand your business.

The remaining chapters teach you all you need to know about Internet Marketing. They explain the power of selling a product online and how to begin by knowing the needs of your prospects.

In summary, the book generally explains the ultimate strategies used by accomplished Internet marketers to develop and expand their businesses. Apparently, any other business can adopt these strategies.

The Bonus Webinar Videos

Each video is almost two hours long and explains how you can build your multi-level marketing (MLM) empire.

1. A Five-Step Promotion Strategy For Earning A Full-Time Salary From AMF

This webinar explains how to expand your network marketing business using Elite Marketing Pro (EMP) Platform. You will also learn how to develop numerous sources of income.

2. Cracking The Online Recruiting Code

This session explains why attraction marketing is essential for network marketers. It also goes ahead to reveal why old network marketing ways are pulling people away from success.

The host of this webinar is Tim Erway, a founder of Elite Marketing Pro. This is a clear indication that you are getting a high-quality education.

What does the ten-day boot camp contain?

The ten-day boot camp is highly valuable to entrepreneurs and marketers.

1ST Day: Sniper Marketing vs Shotgun Marketing: A video that explains shotgun marketing

2nd Day: How to read the minds of your prospects

3rd Day: How to develop a relationship with your e-mail list

4th Day: How to use a capture page or opt-in page and components to designing wonderful pages.

5th Day: The process of selling something online correctly

6th Day: Focuses on how to make people know you and promote your brand

7th Day: How to convert a cold lead to a prospective buyer of your back-end and front-end promotions

8th Day: The fundamentals of running a successful online sales page and how to design amazing ones.

9th Day: Talks about connecting and nurturing your list

10th Day: A summary of the whole boot camp. You will learn the ultimate skill that all marketers should have for them to succeed online

What Is the Cost of AMT?

You only need to pay a one-time fee of $47. This includes the webinars and the boot camp. It is recommended that you grab the $27 offer for visitors.

Who is this product meant for?

AMT is for affiliate marketers, MLM companies and other businesses at large.

The advantages of Attraction Marketing Formula

Simple to read and understand: The English used in the book is easy to comprehend. The steps are direct and easy to follow.

The results are almost guaranteed: When the program is fully implemented, an increase in income can be observed in a short period.

Amazing customer feedback: You can find positive customer feedbacks on the web. This means that this program is effective.

It is resourceful: The book, boot camp and training videos contain practical strategies.

Disadvantages of Attraction Marketing Formula

• It needs time and effort: It takes effort and time to understand the entire concept. It involves trial and error for you get the right demographic.

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Now, Is AMF a scam?

Attraction Marketing Formula is very far from being a scam. It is one of the most legitimate and reliable training course on the web.

I personally recommend this program to everyone who is interested in building networks and also growing his/her business. This is because it is easy to understand, effective, resourceful and has a great customer feedback.

Every network or affiliate marketer and business owner should own this e-book.