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Backlinks SEO Strategy

Building a successful Backlinks Seo strategy for your website is an effort that takes time and patience. Different people use different strategies to build backlinks for their websites. Google uses these backlinks to assess the basic reputation of a site. Through this, they are able to rank a website using different factors and different criteria.

Are backlinks still important?

Backlinks SEO Strategy are still being tremendously used even today. Former Google search spam, Matt Cutts says that backlinks still have many years left in them. He continues to say that web users care about the quality of the content in that particular page more than anything else.

Evolution of backlinks

Back in the days, links used to be all about quantity. The more the links, the better. Things like anchor texts were more heavily weighted. Those days, getting links from unreputable sources was easy and even acceptable.

Today, quality matters way more than quantity. Links from more authoritative websites and relevant sites to your own are advocated for. Actually, links from unreputable websites are undiscounted and could even attract serious penalties. This evolution has called for a more effective and efficient Backlinks SEO strategy.

In 2011, panda and penguin hit people’s lives and especially low-quality site owners. Panda is an algorithm that Google developed to reduce low-quality sites appearing at the top of Google’s results. Many SEOs thought it was aimed directly at “content farms” sites.

These sites are aimed at building reliability on aggregation of other site’s high-quality content.

An article posted on the webmaster blog on May 2011 further explains the major aims of panda and its importance on SEO land. It presents the main questions in understanding what it means by a “high-quality site.”

This was followed by the introduction of the Penguin algorithm the following year. Penguin algorithm shares a central principle with panda algorithm only that it focuses on the backlink profiles of the pages it is ranking.

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Here are some effective backlinking SEO strategies you can try. 

Natural is always better

There are many ways to be unnatural but there are even more and better ways to be natural. By being natural, I mean not advertising the posts by sending links everywhere. It can work better if you don’t tell anyone about it, don’t ask who knows about it and don’t buy links unless it is necessary and relevant.

It is not a surprise to see a person posting links to their websites in irrelevant places such as comments on social media posts.

 Do not go searching for places to post your links.

Searching for Backlinks SEO Strategy

As long as the content you post is of high quality, natural backlink will just happen by itself. When someone visits your site and loves the content, in one way or the other they will share it with someone else if not other people.

This just happens naturally. Unnatural links occur from the smallest of acts like asking someone to link to you. Unnatural Links naturally attract penalties from Google. This, by the way, is one of the most effective Backlinks SEO strategy there is.

What comes first? Traffic or backlinks?

If one is not allowed to posts sites everywhere, how would I get traffic on my site? Good question.

To explain this I’ll use a simple analogy. Assume you work at a customer service desk at a Megamall. This mall has million of stores in it with thousands being added daily.

A couple came in asking for the best clothing shop in the mall. What would you recommend? The first stores to cross my mind would be stores like Adidas, Nike, Converse and other best stores in the world. I probably wouldn’t think of Ben’s shop that opened the other day and neither would you.

What if you get news from many customers that Ben’s store is the best only after a few weeks of operation? You would get impressed by it and probably start recommending more customers to Ben’s mall.

Now imagine if you later find out that all the recommendations about Ben ’s store were bought by the owner. I personally would be so disappointed and pissed off.

This is the same way google works. Think of them as the customer service and you as the store owner. Do not expect to get traffic as soon as you put up a website.

Google doesn’t trust you yet. You will have to earn that trust by quality content. With time, Google sends you little traffic to analyze the satisfaction of your audience.

If the analysis gives a positive result, the will send you more and more traffic. Eventually, your audience will start linking you from their websites, blogs, and social media.

The more the links the greater the trust. So does traffic or the link come first? In this case, the traffic comes first and is followed by the links.

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Google Sandbox and the test of patience

Getting out of the Google sandbox Backlinks SEO Strategy with Backlinks SEO Strategy

Heard about Google sandbox? This concept was introduced in 2004 leaving a heated debate among SEOs and the webmasters. It is viewed by many as a probation period imposed on new websites by Google. This results to the new websites not receiving a good ranking regardless of the quality and number of incoming links.

Considering how natural backlinks work and the sandbox effect, getting a high rank on the search engine takes time. No one knows the exact amount of time but approximately 6-12 months. It also takes a minimum of 100 quality content to get there.

After this, you will start seeing significant traffic numbers. Good news is, once you start getting traffic, things start falling in place. The traffic starts increasing with time leading to more and more backlinks.

Unfortunately, most people lack the patience to work 12 months without returns. It is unrealistic to start a website and expect profits at the end of two months while in the first place you never paid anything to start it up.

Google loves and advocates for a strong foundation by focusing on the quality of the content first before anything else.

Backlinks SEO Strategy: Conclusion

Build something of value first and the allow others to build those backlinks for you. This backlinks SEO strategy has one emphasis in common-quality content. There is no way around that if you are to succeed in this business.