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Thank you for taking a sec to check out My Betterment Review. These days Robo-Advisors are becoming more and more popular. They have billions of dollars under management. However, not every robo-advisor is up to the mark. That is why it is important to conduct extensive research before you sign up.

When you’re looking for robo-advisors, one which you will often come across is Betterment. The question of which arises is whether Betterment is really up to the mark? We will today share with you a detailed Betterment review to help you better understand if you should go with Betterment or whether you should look for another robo advisor.

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What is Betterment?

Betterment is a robo-advisor offering portfolio investment solutions. It was started in back in 2008. The creator of Betterment is Jon Stein. It was only in the year 2010 that Betterment came into the picture of people and shocked the entire investing industry. It uses various algorithms to help you create a portfolio.

Most of the solutions offered by Betterment are ETF-based solutions. It means that not only the clients get proper diversification but high liquidity.

ETF solutions also provide them with efficient tax planning. That is why Betterment offers proper portfolio creation along with higher diversification. Let us now look at the exact offerings of Betterment to understand the service which it provides.

What does Betterment have on offer?

Betterment Review
Betterment aims to provide you with financial advice depending on your life school. The financial advice varies according to the stage of life in which you currently are in at the moment. These investment decisions help you with the significant milestones in life. It offers just a few packages, which are:

1. Getting started package:

This package aims to provide confidence to new investors to create a portfolio. A professional will assess their account to help them out.

2. Financial checkup package:

The package which we are speaking about now will assess your current portfolio and provide you with proper advice. It will also take your economic circumstances into account while advising.

3. College planning package:

It is a milestone-based package which will help you set aside enough corpus amounts to pay for the college education of your kids. The tenure which the package assumes is 18 years. It allows parents to accumulate a corpus amount to help there children avoid education loans.

4. Marriage planning package:

The package caters explicitly towards couples who are engaged or newlyweds. The advice in this package helps them unify their assets and also grow their entire portfolio together.

5. Retirement planning package:

Retirement planning is one of the main milestones of any individual. The package which we are speaking about now helps you achieve this milestone, with the right strategy in mind.

These are all the five packages Betterment offers. Let us now look at some of the other services they offer.

Can Betterment offer Automated Cash management?

There is a tool by Betterment which offers you automated Cash management. It ensures that you can optimize your investments. The smart saver tool aims to invest your extra cash in low-risk assets. The low-risk assets which it uses are bonds.

You can easily use this tool to put your money to work for you. The advantage of this service is that it does not cost any extra money. Another benefit which you get is; as the interest rates increase, the earnings on the bond also increase.

The best feature of the service is that since the Robo advisor is in charge of your money, the entire process is automated. You will not have to initiate or approve the investments in the low-risk bonds manually.

The Robo advisor uses the cache analyzer tool to understand the amount of money that can be invested. It sweeps that amount into low-risk bonds. In case, the balance in your account is below a certain threshold; it will transfer the money from the low-risk bonds once again into your account.

It means that not only can it make investments on your behalf but also maintain proper liquidity in your checking account.

The automated Cash Management service of Betterment is undoubtedly an excellent feature.

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What does Betterment’s portfolio include?

One of the essential aspects of Betterment which we will discuss in our Betterment review is the asset mix. Only when the asset mix suits your needs, you can think about using the services by Betterment. We will help you understand how Betterment shortlists the various assets to invest your money in.

Betterment Review Portfolio

Betterment will present you with a questionnaire which you need to answer. Depending on the answers to those questions, they will prepare a model portfolio for you. However, one thing which you can be sure of is that individual stocks will not be in your portfolio.

It will consist of ETFs and bonds. The risk level, as well as the asset mix, will be according to the answers to the questionnaire. You can also change the answers to your questions at a later date in time. The accounts supported by Betterment include:

• IRAs

• Roth IRAs

• Taxable accounts

• Trusts

Thus, Betterment supports most of the accounts. The asset mix is also conservative which allows you to protect your capital and gets you good returns. Now that you are aware of the offerings of Betterment let us look at the sign-up process.

How can you sign up with Betterment?

The interface of Betterment is user-friendly. You need to visit the website and follow the instructions. It won’t take you more than 5 minutes. The transaction process is simple and similar to any other online transaction which allows you to fund your account in no time.

What are the fees of Betterment?

One of the main factors which can make or break any advisor or a consultant is the fees. Betterment charges you 0.25% per annum of your portfolio. It does not have any minimum balance. Also, since there is no minimum balance, you don’t need to pay a fixed amount rate at all.

There are a few additional plans in case you want better monitoring from their financial advisors. In such a case, you will have to pay 0.4% per annum. It will include proactive monitoring by their financial advisors. However, if you want to opt for this plan, you would have to deposit a minimum of $100,000.

You can buy the financial advice packages separately as well which start at $149. It will help you prepare a finance plan depending on your income and your life situation.

Thus, when you look at the fees of Betterment; it is pretty economical. You can easily choose from different solutions depending on the advice you need.

What should you know about Betterment?

Before you make up your mind about Betterment, there is one thing which you should know about it. We will highlight it below.

1. It is not for traders:

If you are a trader, betterment is not for you. It believes in making long term investments rather than constantly churning your portfolio. If you’re a long-term investor, it is the perfect solution for you.

Other than that, it has plenty going on for it self.

Is Betterment suitable for you?

Betterment is suitable for anyone who wants to outsource proper money management and portfolio management. With the help of Robo advisor, you don’t need to worry about churning your portfolio making the investment decisions.

Since there is no minimum requirement, even if you’re a new investor, you can start using Betterment efficiently. It is a legitimate robo-advisor which can benefit you in the longer term.

Your investment experience does not matter, whether you’re an experienced investor or a new one; it is indeed the right solution.


• No account minimum

• Low Fees

• No human error

• Easy interface

• Credible company

• Conservative portfolio


• Not for active traders

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Betterment Review:Verdict

So, if you’re on the fence about Betterment, we will certainly recommend you to go with it as long as you’re looking for a long-term capital appreciation. During the research for my Betterment review, we found that it offers quite a few advantages over its peers.

When you combine it with the long history and credibility of this robo advisor, it becomes a no-brainer. If you’re on the fence about Betterment, you can certainly go for it.

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