CrakRevenue was launched in 2010 and has proved to be one of the most trusted CPA platforms. It is known for applying exceptional marketing strategies, hiring top professionals and it boasts many premium landing pages and affiliate offers that can enable make a lot of genuine cash.

CrakRevenue advertising network covers the entire world. It generates sales in more than 200 nations each day.

Both experienced and new webmasters should join this network which guarantees you money each day.

Amazing Affiliate Marketing Tools and Programs

Various edge-cutting features make CrakRevenue the best affiliate marketing provider. Their detailed statistics and advanced marketing tools make them different from others. Their programs are customized to suit modern affiliates.

Their profitable offers make them special. Some of the most lucrative verticals they offer include:

• Adult Paysites

• Cams

• Dating

• Surveys

• Adult Gaming

• Paysites

• Nutra

Gone are the days when you had to join several affiliate programs to find all the products you wanted to promote. CrakRevenue provides all the offers and products you want to promote under one efficient and unique platform.

Continue reading to understand why CrakRevenue is considered as the best CPA platform globally with the highest Return on Investment (ROI)

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The History Of CrakRevenue

CrakRevenue was established in 2010 in Quebec, Canada. They only had11 workers. Today, CrakRevenue boasts more than 100 permanent workers.

Their employees consist of IT experts, skilled marketers and inspired designers. CrakRevenue recruits talent from all over the world, making them a diverse and international entity.

Their revenue has increased by 2000% since 2010. CrakRevenue boasts more than 20 prestigious awards on their name including the MThink Blue Book which ranks them as the best CPA network.

CrakRevenue pays affiliate commissions of over $40 million annually. This makes them one of the most successful and lucrative CPA networks in the world.

Over 1000 Profitable offers

CrakRevenue, 10 hundred dollar bills
CrakRevenue gives affiliates advertisers and affiliates more than 1000 Ad campaigns offers that are regarded as the best in online marketing. Offers are carefully tested to ensure maximum conversion. This is the only chance to make reasonable genuine cash.


This is the best offer on the CrakRevenue platform thanks to the customized affiliate programs like SlutRoulette and MyFreeCams.

They provide an unforgettable online experience. In addition, you get the chance to lots of cash on recurring clients. You only need one big money spender and your life is sorted.


CrakRevenue provides more than 700 offers in the dating market. Many people around the world would love to meet each other. Online dating has skyrocketed in recent years and CrakRevenue has a wide range of programs customized for this vertical.

CrakRevenue provides various dating affiliate programs that satisfy both the gay and straight markets. All their landing pages are optimized and tweaked to ensure that your traffic has the highest chance of conversion.

They are also intuitive and responsive to the demography and location of your traffic to give it a chance of turning to a sale or lead. Their vast competitive programs work on all websites and also on phones and desktops.

Adult Market

CrakRevenue is a re-known leader when it comes to adult affiliate programs and adult marketing. Their Full HD niche specific content make people spend cash on them. They also offer a vast selection of exclusive offers like Punish Tube and FILF that can generate income for you.

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Their live and interactive webcam sites offer an experience like no other to users like no other. The webcam models provide different forms of entertainment. Since users are able to chat directly with models, it is common for relationships to develop between them.

For those who want mainstream deals to diversify their income, CrakRevenue offers unique and quality products that will trigger your visitors’ interests. Some of these mainstream offers include:

• Gaming

• Nutra supplements

• Gambling

• Cryptocurrencies

• Surveys

• Health products

Competitive Terms of Payment

CrakRevenue competition, girls running a race
CrakRevenue being the best CPA network in the world, their payment options are attractive and most flexible in the industry. They are designed to satisfy your lifestyle and daily needs. Below are details of their payment structure:

• Minimum cashout of 100 dollars except for bank dollars which have a minimum of $500

• You can be paid through checks, Bank Wire and PayPal (for Canadian and US accounts)

• Payment structure: You will be paid 7 days,15 days or a month after the payment period elapses.

What makes CrakRevenue different from other platforms?

Reliable: It has been around for almost a decade and therefore can be trusted since a scam can run for that period.

Fraud prevention: Their fraud prevention system is the most trusted and reputable in the industry.

Premium Network: There are few premium networks on the web.CrakRevenue is one of the few premium networks.

Amazing tools and earning opportunities: You can make extra money on their network through referrals and back offers.

Why should you sign up for CrakRevenue?

Lots of offers: They provide many offers and affiliate programs that enable affiliates to make good money.

Easy to Sign up to their network: Although they have strict regulations, it not difficult for your account to be approved. You only need to have a professional niche and good traffic for you to join.

Timely cashouts: Your payment will never delay.

Detailed statistics: They have a comprehensive stats reporting system that shows all the important details that will help you optimize and analyze your offers.

Several Payment Options: They have multiple payments options that make it convenient for affiliates to withdraw their earnings from their preferred option.

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Final Thoughts on CrakRevenue

Whether you are a newbie or experienced webmaster with several websites, CrakRevenue gives you a golden chance to make tons of cash that you won’t get on any other platform. If you are interested in making big money with cams, adult and dating, then CrakRevenue is the place to be.

Join now and see how your current salary will multiply in a short time. Many affiliates are becoming rich everyday courtesy of CrakRevenue. They have the experience, tools and knowledge to help you be successful in the most lucrative marketing online.