When you’re looking for a business opportunity, you will come across many different types of businesses. It is however imperative that you learn more about the business before enrolling for the business opportunity. One name which you will often come across is Cutco cutlery.

The hype which is created by Cutco cutlery members is often too good to be true. That is why it is important to find out each and everything about the company in advance before taking a decision. We will today share with you our Cutco cutlery review and also answer the question is Cutco cutlery a scam?

About Cutco Cutlery:

Cutco cutlery offers you an MLM business model. It revolves around cutlery as well as other kitchen equipment.

When you delve deeper into the business opportunity offered by Cutco cutlery, one name which you will often come across is vector marketing. We will look into this company as well in order to help you understand what it is actually about.

Cutco Cutlery is a direct sales company. It runs its MLM program through a company known by the name of Vector marketing.

It was founded in the year 1949. In the year 1985, it acquired Vector Marketing Corporation. Currently, it is a privately held company. It is registered in New York.

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How is vector marketing associated with Cutco cutlery?

Vector marketing handles the MLM side of the business for Cutco cutlery. Cutco cutlery does not retail its products. It sells it through its MLM network.

This is where vector marketing comes into the picture. It handles the entire network as well as sales which come through the MLM network for Cutco cutlery.

Products offered by Cutco Cutlery:

Cutco Cutlery products

The products offered by Cutco cutlery are spread across various categories like:

• Kitchen knives

• Butterfly knives

• Folders

• Pocket knives

• And much more

The product category is pretty wide and the number of offerings in each and every category are plenty as well. Thus, you can easily choose between quite a few products when it comes to Cutco cutlery.

Are the products good enough?

On the face of it, their knives are made from good materials like 440A stainless steel blades but when you look at the actual construction, you will realize that the products are not as described.

In many of the cases, they are not as effective. When you compare it with the prices of the normal cutting knives or the kitchen knives, you will realize that they are pretty expensive. When you’re buying a knife worth $100, you will expect it to be precise and perfect. However, that is not the case.

There are mixed reviews about the product offerings by Cutco cutlery.

Money Making opportunity offered by Cutco Cutlery:

Cutco Cutlery salesman

As we stated above, the entire network of members is handled by vector marketing. When you join vector marketing, you actually become a door-to-door salesperson.

That is why it does not provide a similar opportunity as compared to other MLM companies. The income which you will get is through sales commissions. You can utilize the following methods in order to generate sales:

• Job vacancy type ads to recruit more salespeople

• Word of mouth advertising

• Social media advertising

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Cutco Cutlery Compensation plan:

There are 2 different compensation plans when it comes to Cutco cutlery.

1. Direct commissions: For any sale, you will get commissions ranging from 10% to 35%.

2. Guaranteed base pay: This pay is provided when you book an appointment and complete it. It has a flat rate of $17.25.

These are the 2 ways in which you can earn with Cutco cutlery.

How to commence your Cutco Cutlery business?

In order to join Cutco cutlery, it is important to respond to their job vacancy posters. They will then call you for the interview. The entire process will be similar to getting a job. However, none of the applicants get turned down.

Once you are accepted, you will have access to 3 days of unpaid training. After that, you will be loaned a demonstration set of $425. You need not sell this set. This will only be for demonstration purposes. You can showcase this to your potential customers.

The truth about Cutco Cutlery:

News paper saying the truth about Cutco Cutlery A Scam

Before you take any decision on Cutco cutlery, it is important to know a few truths about Cutco cutlery. Only when you know these, it will be easier for you to make your decision.

1. Legal troubles:

In the past, Cutco cutlery has had legal troubles. In 2008, it failed to comply with the minimum payment of wages. Similarly, in 1990 vector marketing was facing charges of misrepresenting the compensation plans.

This clearly indicates that the marketing methods, as well as the compensation plans provided by the company, are a bit sketchy.

2. They try to attract college students:

In most of the cases, you will find that the part-time work posters or the hiring posters are present around the college campuses. Cutco Cutlery tries to lure in the students in order to sell their cutlery.

The only problem is that in the posters, you will not find the mention of any company. It is also misleading as many of the posters claim that scholarships are possible. Apart from the website, very little information is provided in these posters.

Thus, it seems like they are targeting innocent college students in order to grow their sales force.

3. Products are not up to the mark:

As we stated above, the product quality is not good enough. Owing to this very reason, you can face complaints from the customers whom you sell these products. This is the reason why you have to be pretty careful about Cutco cutlery.

4. Expensive products:

In spite of the fact that the products are not of good quality, they are actually very expensive. Owing to this very reason, it becomes really difficult for you to sell the products.

Moreover, since they do not work as intended, you might actually receive quite a few complaints from the customers as well. Thus, over a period of time, it becomes very difficult for you to make money with Cutco cutlery products.

All of these factors really weight down on the business opportunity which is provided by Cutco cutlery and vector marketing.

While you might be able to create the hype around the Cutco cutlery products but the fact that they are not good enough will eventually lead to your downfall. Moreover, the commissions are on the lower side when you take into account how exorbitantly the products are priced.

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Is Cutco Cutlery business opportunity worth opting for?

While the answer to the question is Cutco cutlery a scam is no but at the same point in time, this business opportunity is not that easy to exploit. Also, you will have to recruit others to join the sales force.

Since the product themselves are not good enough, it is not a good idea to go with Cutco cutlery. At the same point in time, the commission structure is not transparent either.

Thus, even if you manage to sell a lot of cutlery, you will not exactly know how much you will make on the cutlery which you sell.

Owing to all of these factors, it is not a good idea to go for Cutco cutlery when you’re looking for a business opportunity. Click here to know more about a legit way that will teach you how to make money online the right way!