Many make money online products out there promote affiliate marketing as a way to make hundreds of dollars every day. Daily Cash Siphon is one of them. It claims that you can build around $395 every day.

It helps you understand how you can research the various products and find the right products to make hundreds of dollars every day using just affiliate marketing.

The only problem is that the product is pretty shady. That is why; many people try to figure out if Daily Cash Siphon is a scam or a legit product.

Today we will highlight the same in our analysis below and help you decipher whether you should opt in for it or not.

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What is Daily Cash Siphon (DCS)?Daily Cash Siphon Review


Let us first understand what exactly is Daily Cash Siphon (DCS). When you reach the landing page of DCS, you will find that it promotes that it has secrets and weird tricks which can make you hundreds of dollars every day.

It shows Clickbank affiliate earnings screenshots to prove that it can help you make hundreds of dollars. It clearly states that you don’t need to have any prior experience to use this method to generate hundreds of dollars a day.

The spokesman of the product further states that it is controversial and available only in some countries. The product tries to confirm your doubts and convert you into a customer rather than just ignoring your doubts.

The owner or rather the spokesperson claims that by buying the product, you can qualify for the system without any problem. He states that you can make hundreds of dollars using affiliate marketing with ease.

The product further claims that DCS can only help you in making those hundreds of dollars every day. They say if you blog on your own and try to promote affiliate products, you will make just a few dollars every week.

The problem is, it does not highlight how it will help you at all. It produces tall claims which are difficult to believe.

How does DCS work?

The problem with the DCS is that it does not work like they claim on the  systems landing page. It cannot make you money within weeks. It shows you how to find the products, but the products which they recommend are pretty controversial in them self.

Many of these products are entirely brand-new without much of a history. The problem in promoting these products is that you never know whether they might convert or not. You do not even know whether these products are legit or not.

The system further claims that you can set up your blog within 30 minutes. It markets various traffic generation techniques which can help you get hundreds of visitors by just spending 30 minutes per day on your blog.

It has very little information about the exact system. It just makes these wild claims. There is not much idea given about the kind of training which you will receive. There are many questions which are left unanswered. These questions include:

• Will you have to write hundreds of blog posts?

• How can you generate hundreds of visitors?

• Does DCS software help you in building blogs or any other type of website?

• Is traffic sustainable?

• Does it generate sustainable traffic or not?

• What kind of traffic will you get?

• Will it be legit traffic?

As you can see, the numbers of questions which are left unanswered are plenty. That is why, once you look at the sales pitch of the website, it is difficult for you to understand what exactly the system promotes. There will be more questions as compared to answers.

Problem with software generated websites:Man with hands on face looking at Daily Cash Siphon

One of the main problems with software generated sites is that they are pretty thin. The quality of the sites is not up to mark. Moreover, the content will not help you in ranking on search engines.

That is why; you will not be able to get natural traffic from the search engines. You might have to SPAM your website on social media websites to get the kind of traffic they talk about. However, these techniques work only temporarily.

After a while, you will get banned from the social media websites on which you promote your site. That is when; there will be no way to get extra traffic or future traffic to your website. Thus, the techniques which might be recommended by DCS would be short term.

If at all, you use paid traffic, that is an expensive proposition. Moreover, there is no guarantee of getting conversion when using paid traffic. Thus, whichever way you look at it, such software generated websites cannot make you hundreds of dollars every day.

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Product recommendations:

They claim that they can help you find the right products to promote. However like I said above, when you look at the product recommendations, most of them are newer products.

The problem with more unique products is that you do not know if they work or not. Moreover, you do not know whether the products are legit or scam. That is why; you will be promoting something shady.

Most of the products which they recommend you to promote are over-hyped Clickbank products. That is why the quality of the products is not up to mark.

Moreover, since Clickbank offers refunds, you might lose commissions as well. It is crucial for you to know the business model first.


The problem with DCS is that it consists of many upsell’s. There is the base cost of the product which is around $37. After that, there are three different upsells which are worth $197, $187, $97.

That is why; you might end up spending a significantly higher amount of money. In many of the cases, DCS sales funnel makes it imperative to opt for these products as well.

That is why; $37 is just the initial amount which you need to invest. In the longer term, you might end up spending much more.

What indicates DCS is a scam?

There are a few red flags which indicate that DCS is a scam. You have to look at these red flags before you make your buying decision.

1. No control over the website:

The main red flag which you need to be aware of is that DCS does not provide you with the entire control of the sites which are created using its software.

That is why, even if those websites make a little amount of money, you will have no control over those websites. When you have no control over those websites, it will be risky for you to utilize such a business model.

2. Improper business model:

You have to create the websites and through your blogging efforts then you will make some money. However, it does not mention anything else. It is not a business model which works. That is why; you might end up waiting for a long time to see your investment come back.

3. Fake creator:

The creator of DCS is William Fairbrother. The problem with this is that the landing page claims that it is a pen name. That is why the real creator is not revealed at all. It is a huge red flag. If everything is good with the product and the business model, why is the website hiding the name of the creator?

4. Fake scarcity:

Another problem is that it induces an artificial shortage. From time to time, it claims that you might never see this website again. It has been around for some time. That is why the scarcity induced is entirely fake.

5. Copy of other products:

It is a copy of further products like Profit with Alex and Five Minute Profit Sites. Both of these products are a scam. When you take into account so many red flags, these red flags expose the Daily Cash Siphon Scam. These red flags are the reason why you should stay away from DCS.

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Daily Cash Siphon Review: Conclusion

The red flags above expose the Daily Cash Siphon scam. With so many red flags, it does not make any sense to go for DCS. There are few other legit digital marketing products in which you can enroll in, and they can help you make money in a legit and proper way. Click HERE to check out my #1 Recommendation.