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Welcome To My Digital Income System Review

If you have been looking around for money making opportunities online, chances are you might have come across digital income system (DIS). It has been able to create a lot of hype. It claims that you can make between $500-$12,500 commissions using this system.

Moreover, the claims state that you can do so entirely on autopilot. That is why it is drawing many eyeballs to it. However, as with most of the make money online products, it is always essential to conduct due diligence before you go with any product or system.

Today I will help you out with the same. I will share with you a detailed digital income system review, which will help you make the right decision. Without any further ado, let us go into the details of the review.

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What is Digital Income System (DIS)?

When you first visit their website, it is very professional and reassures you that the system is indeed a reputed one. However, when you further delve deeper into the details of the program, which is when you will come across some disturbing information about it. DIS is nothing but a recruiting system. It means that it is an MLM program.

If you want to make money with DIS, you would have to join as well. The cost for joining can be anywhere between $1000-$25,000.

The problem with DIS starts right with the membership. The program designed in such a way that if you want to make more money, you would have to opt for a higher membership level. Needless to say, the cost of a higher membership level is also more. We will now go into the details of these membership levels below.

Another red flag which you will notice instantly is that it states that it is not an MLM program. It tries to the present itself as an affiliate marketing program. However, this is not true at all. Affiliate programs do not require you to purchase memberships in most cases to market there products.

Moreover, your membership level doesn’t have anything to do with the amount of money that you can make with the products that you promote. That is why; it is quite different than the standard affiliate programs. These characteristics make it similar to MLM programs.

The program asks you to recruit other members in order to make any money. After that, you will then start making money only when you recruit other members in this program.And  the pyramid structure goes on. Let us now look at the cost of the membership to understand it more.

How much does DIS cost?

As stated earlier, there are different membership levels when it comes to DIS. Depending on the membership level, the amount of money which you get on the recruitment of new member changes. The membership levels are as follows:

• Entrepreneur level:

The entrepreneur level membership will cost you $1000. Whenever you recruit another member after buying this membership, it will help you earn $500.

• Director level:

The cost of this membership level is $3000 and entitles you to earn up to $1500 in commission whenever you recruit another member.

• Professional level:

The cost of this membership is $5000, and you can earn up to $2500 when you recruit anyone.

• Ambassador level:

The cost of this membership is $12000, and you can make up to $6000 when you recruit another member.

• Executive level:

The cost of this membership is $25,000, and you can make up to $12,500 when you recruit another member.

You would have observed that when I use the word, up to. That is because even after buying the expensive memberships, the commission which you earn depends on the package which your recruit buys. However, when you’re at the entrepreneur level, irrespective of the package which your recruit purchases, you can make up to $500 only.

Similarly, at the director level, your commissions are capped at the maximum of $1500, even if your recruit purchases the executive level. There for if you want to entitle yourself to maximum commissions, you will have to buy the executive membership level, which in itself is insanely expensive.

How does DIS help you make money?Digital Income System

The problem with DIS is that even after buying any membership, you will get tools and training to sell DIS itself. You cannot use those to promote any other program.

As a result, you’re caught in a rut there is no other option than promoting DIS. So, there is no value for the money when going with DIS. You will get a referral link, and you have to make sure that you get recruits through that referral link.

The signup process of DIS in itself is quite complicated. You need to make sure that you visit DIS through a referral link as well. Otherwise, you would not get details about the product. The landing page consists of a 25-minute video, and then you have to submit your phone number to get a callback.

The person on the other side will try to sell you the most expensive membership. And the entire program designed in such a way that if you want to make maximum use of it, you have no other option but to go with the most expensive membership package.

That is why; if you go with this program, chances are; you might end up spending significant money for the highest membership level. They suck ya in LoL.

After that, you would have no other alternative but to get at least a few members to recoup that amount back. The business model resembles a classic pyramid scheme.

Only once you get at least two members, you will be able to recover your membership level cost. Considering the fact that the value for money is pretty limited, it will be an uphill task to get those two members as well.

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Does it help you make money?

Statistically, you can make money with DIS. However, it requires a massive investment up front to do so. Considering the fact that there is no actual product, chances are most of the members might not recoup even the membership cost. That is why the risk-reward ratio is on the risk side due to which it is advisable to skip it altogether.

What should you know about DIS?

There are a few red flags about DIS which you should know. These include:

1. MLM scheme:

Irrespective of videos at the landing pages, this is an MLM scheme. The problem with that is that you have no other choice but to recruit more members. MLM schemes sometimes provide enormous value to the buyer. However, in this case, it is not so. Due to this very reason, it is merely an MLM program which is very difficult to execute.

2. No value for money:

Since the only way to make money is to promote this very program itself, there is no value for making money when you pay for the insanely expensive membership levels. It is difficult to resell the products in MLM membership when there is simply no value.

3. Difficult to drive traffic:

Even if you decide to use this MLM program to your advantage, it is expensive to drive traffic. You will have to create your website with a referral link. Considering the insane amount of money which you might spend on membership levels when you add to that the website and the traffic buying cost, the initial investment balloons even more. That is why; it is capital intensive to promote.

4. No information about the owners:

Currently, there is no information about the owners of DIS on its website. It means that the product is shady in itself. Most of the other product owners highlight the history of the owners if they are legit. It means that you will be paying thousands of dollars without even knowing the person behind the program.

5. No control over the business:

If tomorrow, DIS shuts down, you have no control over your business. Your website will be useless, and the membership fees which you paid would be gone as well. That in it self is a huge considerable risk to take.

All these red flags point to the fact that you should skip DIS altogether and go with legit money making programs.

Is it suitable for you?Digital Income System Frustration at my Laptop

Simply put, DIS is not suitable for anyone. It is pretty shady and does not provide anything of value besides making you invest thousands of dollars in promoting its program. Considering these factors, it is not a good idea to go with DIS.


• None


• Expensive membership tiers

• No value for money

• No information about owners

• Capital intensive

• MLM scheme

Digital Income System:Verdict

So, if you’re planning to go ahead with digital income system, it is advisable to give it a miss. There are quite a few red flags due to which you should skip it.

Besides, the program claims that it is an affiliate marketing program, whereas it is an MLM website and nothing more. Combining all of these reasons, it is not difficult to understand why it is so shady. There are quite a few legit money making opportunities online which you can explore. Click here to know more about them!

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