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We all like to find ways to make money online in a legit manner. The problem is that there are so many different hoops to jump through that are not worth going through. So I decided to do this Dosh App Review to cut out all the hoop jumping for you.

However today, we have got an easy way for you to make money online. We will today go into the details in this Dosh app review to help you understand how you can make money using this pretty cool app.

The Dosh app allows you to earn a cashback when you shop in stores or shop online or even when you travel. The best thing about this app is that there are multiple ways with the help of which, you can make money using this app.

It is still in beta but it is currently working quite smooth and is fully functional.

We will today not only cover some of the ways in which you can make money using the Dosh app but also why it is superior as compared to some of the other cashback apps available.

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4 ways to earn money using the Dosh App:

Hundred dallor bills from Dosh App

Dosh app does not just provide you with a single way to make money but four different ways in which you can earn money using the app. We will go into the details of these different methods which you can use to make money with the Dosh app below.

1. In-store Cashback:

Dosh app has already tied up with many of the retail locations across the major metropolis. When you shop in any of these retail outlets, you will automatically get the cashback in the Dosh app. Before you shop, you have to just link your debit/credit card to the app.

The app even pays you $1 for signing up and linking your card. Once the card is linked to the app, you are qualified for the cashback.

The best thing about the Dosh app is that you do not have to scan receipts are any other details of your purchase in order to get the cashback. The stores which are linked to the Dosh app are from different industries like the fast food industry, various gourmet restaurants, and branded retail outlets.

This ensures that as long as you live in a large metropolis, you will be able to find stores in your city which are eligible for Dosh cashback. Normally, the cashback is in the range of 5% to 7% of the entire order receipt.

2. Online cashback:

If you cannot find any stores near you are offering Dosh cashback, fear not. Dosh app also offers you cashback on your online purchases. There are hundreds of online websites with which Dosh has tied up.

The cashbacks can range from 3% to 6% of the total billing. You can find the list of all of these stores in the respective links to their websites in the Dosh app.

You have to just to visit the stores through the app and you will be able to easily get the cashback. Some of the most popular stores which are linked with the Dosh app include:

• Overstock

• Callaway

• Toms

• Nike

• Rayban

• And many more!

These are just some of the stores and the total number is in hundreds. Thus, whenever you shop online, there are increased chances that you will be able to make money through the Dosh cashback system quite easily.

3. Cashback on travel expenses:

The Dosh cashback system is not just limited to retail shopping. The Dosh app provides you with an opportunity to make money even when you travel.

You can book hotel rooms and other travel related activities with the help of your Dosh app. The Dosh app will provide you with cashback on these purchases as well.

In fact, when you book a hotel, it will provide you a cashback per night. Thus, the more nights you stay, the more money you will be able to make. You can even use their filters in order to find the hotels which exactly meet your requirements.

The best thing about making money through travel expenses is that Dosh has tied up with hotels not just in the bigger cities but also in the smaller towns. This helps you in making up to $50 per night when you book hotels through the Dosh app.

Similarly, when you book other travel arrangements through Dosh, you will be able to get cashback on those purchases as well. This ensures that you are able to easily make money on your travel expenses.

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4. Referral earnings:

The 4th way to earn money through the Dosh app is to recommend the app to your friends and family. Dosh offers you $5 for each friend who joins and earns their 1st cashback.

There is virtually no limit on the marketing methods which you can use in order to get the reference. You can use different platforms like:

• Text marketing

• Facebook

• Twitter

• Instagram

• Email

With the help of so many different marketing platforms, it will be very easy for you to earn money with the help of referrals. Thus, in addition to your purchases, you can even utilize this 4th way to make money using the Dosh app.

It is very rare that a cashback app allows you to earn money without having to upload the receipts or any other proof of shopping.

This is one of the main advantages of the Dosh app and this is why it is superior as compared to some of the other cashback apps which are already out there.

How to withdraw from Dosh?

Cash out with Dosh App

Now that you are aware that Dosh app is a completely legit opportunity to make money online, the next question which might come in your mind is how to withdraw your earnings from the Dosh app.

Dosh app has provided you with an easy way to do so. Once you have earned cashback of $15 in your account, you can withdraw through PayPal or you can even request a direct deposit. When you request a direct deposit, the money will be received in your account within 3 business days.

Thus, withdrawing money from the Dosh app is not that difficult. You can easily withdraw money multiple times throughout the week of the month as long as you are able to meet the $15 threshold.

Dosh App Concerns:

The only bit of issue is that some of the Dosh app users had concerns that the cashback reflected at a much later time.

However, these are older concerns and since then, the Dosh app development team has already updated the app in order to solve these concerns. The Dosh app now is able to process the cashback once the purchase has been validated. Thus, this glitch is out of the way now.

This makes the Dosh app not only completely legit but also easy to use. It is now a no-brainer to use the Dosh app in order to earn money using cashbacks.


• Completely legit

• Lower withdrawal limit of $15

• 4 different ways to earn money

• No need to scan receipts

• Easy to use the app

• Hundreds of online stores available

• Travel cashbacks on hotels even in smaller towns

• Withdrawal through PayPal and direct transfer


• In-store tie-ups with off-line retail outlets should be increased

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Dosh App Review Verdict:

So, if you’re looking for a legit way to earn money on each and every one of your purchases, Dosh app is one of the perfect options for you. As we explained in our Dosh app review above, you can earn money using the Dosh app in 4 different ways.

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