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Thank you for taking a sec to check out My Federal Rent Checks Review. There are many programs available online which promise you an income of thousands of dollars every month. In most of the cases, they are fake or exaggerated claims. Owing to this very reason, whenever you come across such a program, it is first essential to conduct your research.

If you have been to the website of Federal Rent Checks (FRC), you will realize that it is a similar program which promises to help you make thousands of dollars every month. Instead of directly forming the buying decision, it is wise to conduct proper due diligence first.

We will today help you out with the same. We will share with you our detailed Federal Rent Checks review to help you decipher what exactly it is and whether you should enroll in the program.

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What is Federal Rent Checks (FRC)?

When you visit the website of Federal Rent Checks (FRC), you will come across a 51-minute video. The narrator of the video is D.R. Barton, J.R. he highlights the fact that there are millions of Americans making $1795 per month or even higher with the techniques highlighted in the program.

The program states that the money deducted as Social Security from your paycheck funds various government buildings. It also mentions that the money directly goes into the maintenance of these buildings.

The gist of the program is that the federal agencies which occupy those buildings have to pay rent for every property. The same goes to the Treasury Department and accumulates in the federal buildings fund.

According to the program, the size of the fund will reach $11.1 billion by the end of 2019. FRC claims that somehow you can get the money in this fund as a monthly income. The question is can you dip into that fund to get a monthly income? We will give you the answer to that below.

The end of the video on the FRC landing page introduces you to an agency by the name of Money Map Press. Let us now try to understand how this agency is associated with FRC.

What is the Money Map Press (MMP)?

In simple terms, the money map press is an investment agency. It has the subscription model and provides financial advice to its subscribers. The name of the founder is Mike Ward. According to the video on money map press, D.R.Barton is also a best-selling author.

On the money map press website, he is present under the category of a financial advisor. The money map press website has been around for quite some time. If you look into the reviews of this website, they are mixed.

Federal Rent Checks Review

The truth is that the money map press website is the creator of FRC. FRC is just a funnel website to send you to money map press. It will lure you into signing up for the subscription newsletter.

What does FRC offer?

Let us now delve into the exact offering of FRC. When you look at the entire process, it has five different steps.

The 1st step is completed by the government agencies when they pay the rent. Let us assume that the agency spends $4.1 million in rent for a single building in one state. It might be $3.6 million for renting another building in a different state. When all of these funds get accumulated into a single fund, it will be in the billions.

The government also hires various agencies to maintain these buildings. The federal buildings fund will pay the private companies the amount, and the funds in these private companies, in turn, will distribute the Federal Rent Checks to the shareholders.

FRC introduces you at this very step. You will have to become the shareholder to get these checks. FRC claims that the entire process will take 10 minutes. During the signup process, you can select the department whose rent you want to receive. It will also be a factor of the amount of money which you are willing to invest.

According to FRC, the maximum amount which you can receive initially is $1795 per month. It, however, mentions that over a while this amount will increase. If you have been following it up until now, there will be a lot of questions in your mind. The problem is FRC does an inferior job of answering those questions.

How can you receive those checks?

Federal Rent Checks Review Pay checks

MMP will help you receive those checks. There is a subscription product of MMP which goes by the name of a 10-minute millionaire. If you want to know how you can obtain those checks, you will have to subscribe to that program. It will cost you $39 for one year and $79 for two years. The subscription also offers automatic renewal.

The problem is after telling you the entire story about federal buildings fund and how billions of dollars accumulate in this fund, neither FRC nor MMP tells you how you can get this money without paying up. That is why the details are pretty darn sketchy. They however clearly highlight that once you sign up for that subscription product of MMP, you will get the exact details.

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Does it actually work?

When you research online, you will realize that the process is much elaborate than just signing up as a shareholder. FRC uses the marketing gimmick or federal buildings fund to lead you into the products of MMP. It does nothing more than that. That is why; it is a shitty product and does not fulfill any of its promises. It is a good idea to stay away from it.

What should you know about FRC?

There are quite a few red flags about FRC which you should know in advance. These include:

1. Misleading information:

FRC at one point in the video claims that you only have to put in $11 and you will start getting monthly checks. It is very misleading. You have to buy stocks in bulk to become a shareholder of the property to which the government agencies are paying rent. It is not as easy as investing $11.

2. Misleading sales video:

Federal Rent Checks Review Fake testimonials

The sales video is full of characters which are models. These are stock photos which you can buy as well. It indicates that the program is not genuine.

3. Sales funnel:

FRC is nothing more than a sales funnel. It will divert you to MMP. MMP does not just cost $11. Also, by investing $11, you cannot make $1795 per month for sure. That is why; it just makes fake claims to lure you in.

At this point in our federal rent checks review, it is clear that FRC is not worth your time and money. It has too many red flags and a shady business model due to which, you should stay away from it completly.

Is FRC suitable for you?

FRC is not suitable for anyone. It is merely a sales funnel and does not work. That is why it is a good idea to avoid it. The actual process to become a shareholder of those buildings is much more elaborate and requires a hell of a lot more money than just $11.




• Confusing and misleading

• An over-simplified business model which does’nt work

• Fake sales video

• Just a sales funnel

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My Federal Rent Checks Review:Verdict

So, if you have been looking for Federal Rent Checks review online, you can refer this one. The review above clearly states that it is a product which you should avoid. While it might not be a scam as the core program might work, but it does not provide any information about the how.

The only aim of FRC is to lead you into the subscription and not provide you with any of the essential information on how to make that kind of money at all. It is pretty shady, and that is why you should avoid it all together.

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