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MLM networks can help you generate a lot of money if the product behind is good enough. The problem is that in most of the MLM networks, the product is almost non-existent.

That is why; it is challenging to make money. Many of the MLM networks disguise themselves as actual business opportunities. That is why; gullible investors often fall for them.

When you are signing up in any MLM network, it is essential to do proper research first. Finish Line Network works on the MLM model. It caters to the Internet marketing industry.

If you have been looking for opportunities to make money online, chances are you might have already come across Finish Line Network.

However, without going through a proper Finish Line Network review, it is not a good idea to sign up for it. Today we will share with you our Finish Line Network review to help you understand it better.

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What is Finish Line Network (FLN)?

Finish Line Network or FLN is an MLM scheme revolving around selling Internet marketing products. The company came into existence in 2018. The information which is available about the founders on the company home page reveals that the founders include:

Finish Line Network Review

• Chad Stalvey

• Doug Wellens

• Greg Chambers

• and others

Greg Chamber and Doug Wellens have prior experience in the MLM industry. They are the founders of traffic authority which caters to the traffic generation niche on the Internet marketing industry. Right at the start, we were a bit skeptical due to the young age of the MLM network.

What are the products of FLN?

Let us delve into the product line of FLN. FLN is a combination of 3 different streams. The three streams are:

• Online marketing

• Network marketing

• Internet marketing

There are four different categories of products which we will highlight below.

1. Silver package:

The cost of the Silver package is $47 per month. It provides you access to lead management platform. There is also access to a mobile application. It allows you to use the platform to drive leads and convert them. You can do so for a wide variety of business opportunities including FLN.

2. Gold package:

The cost of golf packages $130 per month. You can also pay for three years in advance. The cost of the three-year subscription is $2997.

It provides you access to live events as well as training. According to the website, the live events and training include mentoring from influencers as well as various expert marketers. The training revolves around promoting any business and product online.

3. Email profits on demand (ePOD):

The cost of this package is $997. This program aims to make you a digital marketing expert irrespective of your prior experience. It focuses on email marketing strategies. It helps you understand how you can use email marketing to expand your business online.

Also, it helps you understand and master many different traffic generation techniques. That is why, if you execute it the right way, you will be able to profit from it.

4. High ticket live events:

Finish Line Network High ticket offers

The cost of every high ticket live event is different. The price starts at $997. These are events which are spread all over the country.

Thus, when it comes to the product line of FLN, these are the four options which you have.

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Are the products good enough?

The products certainly have some value. You need to remember that you have to drive traffic and increase the conversion rate to make any money with FLN.

The only way to find out the actual effectiveness of the products is to try them out yourself. Without trying them out, there is very little to judge the products.

The company is new and therefore, the testimonials are quite limited. The only problem is that to promote this MLM opportunity; it is not viable to invest thousands of dollars in the various products to find out whether it is a legit business model or not. That is why it is tough to find out whether the products work or not.

How can FLN help you make money?

FLN might be a new company, but the revenue model is the same. There are two ways in which you can make money using it. These are:

1. Earning commissions by selling the products

2. Earning residual income and bonuses

These ways to make money online are similar to other MLM programs. You will have to rely heavily on email marketing to gain more customers.

The only bit of problem is that the competition in the MLM industry is vast. FLN caters to the Internet marketing industry which is even more complicated. That is why it might be tough to make money using FLN.

How to take part in the network?

The best way to get into the program is paying $20 a month. The only bit of issue is that if you purchase any of the products that will not automatically enroll you into the MLM network. You will have to pay an extra $20 a month to do so.

That, however, will allow you to participate in the program. If you want to sell products and earn commissions, you will have to shell out extra money. There are two options to enroll for the product commissions which are:

• You have to pay $3171 and after that $177/month (Gold subscription)

• You have to pay $6038 and then $47/month. Additionally, you need to spend

$2997 every three years for the Gold subscription for 3 years.

In case, you think that neither of these options is good enough for you, there is also something called as all in membership. However, there is not much detail about it.

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Compensation plan of FLN:

There are three ways in which you can make money with FLN. These are:

1. Direct commissions:

Whenever your referral purchases any of the four products, you get a 50% commission. The commission increases to 80% once you get more than seven sales.

2. Residual commissions:

If your downline refers to someone who purchases, you get a commission on that as well.

3. The bonus pool:

The bonus pool comprises 20% of the total commission amount. The bonus pool is a way in which the FLN shares the profits with the members.

Thus, these are the three ways in which you can make money with FLN.

What should you know about FLN?

There are a few shortcomings of FLN which you should know about before making your decision.

1. Pyramid scheme:

The main problem with FLN is that it is a classic pyramid scheme. That is why; it is a shady business.

2. No return on investment:

Even if you work hard enough to recruit the members, there is very little chance that you will be able to make a significant ROI on your investment.

Their disclaimer states that most of the affiliates are earning an annual income of $300-$1800 per month. That is around $25 a month on the lower end. When you’re investing such a significant amount of money, it will take you ten years to get back your investment.

These two things are a huge turnoff. Owing to these two reasons, it is a good idea to stay away from FLN altogether.


• Okayish products


• New company

• Not so good

• Expensive

• Very difficult to get your money back

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Finish Line Network Review:Verdict 

While the finish line network is not exactly a scam but it is tough to make any money off it. Moreover, since it is a new network, there is not much history behind it. The products are also quite expensive which makes it difficult for you to promote it.

It is undoubtedly very shady considering that it is similar to a pyramid scheme. It is a good idea to skip it for a real legit money making opportunity.

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