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How to Build a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website in 2018? Affiliate marketing is
away on which you earn commission from another company or even person by simply
promoting their services or product.

It works in a simple manner; when a personpurchase due to your marketing then, you earn money (the commission). You can make more money as an affiliate marketer by connecting customers or people with products or services.

Basically, there are majorly four parties involved in Affiliate marketing and they include;

·The product creator

·The Affiliate marketer

·An Affiliate Network

·The customer (end user)

On instances, there are other methods to affiliate marketing that doesn’t involved an affiliate network

The Product Creator

This is the company or an entrepreneur that has the product idea. They create the product or serviceon their own or even hire a team or a group of team to develop the product.

In most cases, the products are in a digital format. According to research, almost 90% of affiliated-marketers tend to start-out with an affiliate network to find as well as promote products.

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The Affiliate-Network

It’s somehow a hub between both the product-creator and the affiliate-marketer. The product creator will upload their products onto a network thus, affiliate marketers on the other side, come here to find products as well as promote them.

You may ask yourself why product creators use affiliated networks to promote their
products rather than just deal with these affiliate marketers directly. The answer to this question is very simple.

A good business person will be more focus on how to promote its products or services through various marketing channels to boost their sales.

Therefore, product creators uses affiliate networks to promote their products because they
have greater or higher chances for their products to be found by affiliates thus to promote. Some of the most-popular affiliate networks include; Clickbank, Amazon and JVzoo.

Often, it’s free to sign-up on these affiliate networks as an affiliate thus, after
the sign-up; you’ll be able to immediately start promoting products.

The Affiliate Marketers

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An affiliate marketer is an individual who does the “leg-work” of marketing
products. Normally, they recommend products to customers and then get
compensated for it thus; every time someone purchases the product due to their
marketing efforts.

How can you make money using Affiliate Marketing

1. As a product-creator

First, you’ll have to come-up with a product idea based on the market niche and what’s in high demand, then create a product in regard to what your target
market wants.

You can also come-up with products idea through survey. Survey
your list in-case you have one by asking what they actually need most. When you
use these two methods then, you’re likely to create a profitable product.

How to create a product

There are various valuable resources and ways for creating digital products such as;

·Create & Sell Courses-through
·Kindle Publishing- for publishing
E book on Kindle.
You can also create your products through a website called;
·Optimizepress; through this website,
you’ll be able to create a website. sale funnels, landing pages and membership
·Clickfunnels; It’s increasing inpopularity though it is another way to create your products. They specialize inhigh-converting sales funnels. Though, they also entail landing pages as well as membership portals.
·Both the sites are good but despite Optimizepress having everything needed to create your products, it sites aren’t user friendly as Clickfunnels.
·Teachable-they specializes in online course-creation and their interface is quite easy to work with thus, for both the product-creator as well as course students.
·Therefore, after creating your course in Clickfunnels or even Optimizepress, you’ll need to integrate it using Clickbank and there, your product will be available on clickbank hence, you can now bring-on affiliates to start promoting it as well as start making passive

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After you create your course in either Optimizepress or Clickfunnels, you will need to integrate it with Clickbank and there, your product will be available on clickbank, then you can now bring-on affiliates to start promoting it and start making passive income.

However, to be competitive advantage, don’t lower your commission too
much as low as 20% but rather; offer a fair payout like between 45-60%.

This way, you’ll be able to attract many affiliates on board willing to promote your
product due to the generous commission you’re willing to give and in response,
you will be able to earn more money in return.

How to attract Affiliates Towards Your Product

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After you have developed your product; it’s then necessary to bring many affiliates on board
as possible. As a starter, it will be advisable to start with having a blog much like this one.
With a blog posts, you’ll be able to attract more affiliates.

In addition, social media platforms are another way you can use to attract affiliates towards your product. You can also use your email-list to help notify people about your
product and affiliate programs.

2. As an Affiliate-Marketer

Step 1:
Sign-up with an affiliate program; you can start by signing up with an
affiliate-program such as Amazon to start promoting their products.

Step 2:
Create product reviews; the entire process is simple. First, you’ll be required
to find a product of your choice in your niche on which you can make positive
reviews about. Then, create a review and incorporate a call-to-action to
buy the product via your link in-order to receive your commission.

There are various platforms you can use to create your reviews on such as through a blog and giving a call-to-action to find the named product on Amazon. The link you’ll provide on your blog is an affiliate link such that when a person clicks onto it to Amazon and then makes a
purchase….there, you’ll have earned your commission.

Another way of promoting affiliate products is through making video-reviews on YouTube. YouTube is the 2nd largest search-engine worldwide and gets a high amount of traffic.

How to make more money as an affiliate marketer

1. Product vs. Product

It involves creating reviews of a products features thus, comparing them with other products features.

It’s a superb way to drive traffic onto affiliate links since people have the tendency of comparing products when searching for the best. In addition, its very highly targeting potential buyers in the market place.

Often, when a person is searching for “Product vs. Product”, they are more likely to purchase or in a position to purchase thus, they are looking to figure-out what’s the best product to buy. Just add your affiliate link and there it’s all done.

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Just share with people various tools and resources on which you have used or even recommended. You can do this via “Tools, Resources or even Recommended” page that’s on your website. For easy access, you can put the affiliate link onto the page header.
On your page, just list-out both the tools and resources you recommend
using affiliate link to every product.

Other ways include

Building email list of-subscribers which can be done through various software such as; Clickfunnels and Getresponse but you’ll have to set-up an account with them to start
building your email-list.

How to generate passive-income using affiliate marketing

How to Build a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website with hundred dallor bills

Affiliate marketing is among most popular ways of making money-online and it’s a great source of passive-income. Generally, when we talk about affiliate marketing, it means promoting someone’s products or even services through your website or blog and in return, you earn commissions due to your contribution towards the sales.

It can be a major way of boosting your income especially when you are a blogger specializing in product reviews. You can get started by;

1. Signing up with Wealthy Affiliate

The reason I recommend creating a blog with Wealthy Affiliate, is not only because it’s FREE to get started, but this platform actually teaches you all the step by step you need to know about creating an amazing blog from scratch and it’s perfect for a beginner.

You’ll be able to start a blog in a matter of minutes. And the community support is the best support I have ever seen with any program. Their whole goal is to help you succeed with any online venture you may have.

My personal experience with Wealthy Affiliate

2. Apply for membership to your chosen networks/programs

After you’ve joined the Wealthy Affiliate program you going to follow the simple to understand step by step lessions you get with Wealthy Affiliate. Then apply for membership by simply filling-out simple online form.

The program may approve affiliates automatically or it may take some time. All together, you’ll be able to get access to log-in to your affiliate account on instance or even after a few-days.

The affiliate dashboard often entails all the needed materials you start promoting right-away. Do not be in hurry but just start by choosing a few affiliate-programs and then learn what your site-visitors are more interested in.

3. Adding referral link onto your blog or site

Merchants always use referral links to track how much-traffic their affiliate marketers bring onto their site as well as how many leads and sales you generate via your link. To get more people, add your referral link to your website or blog including other promotional materials that the merchant offers such as product videos, banners and much more.

4. Promoting product & track your statistics

While you’re able to drive traffic onto your blog or site, it won’t be necessary to promote the product heavily. However, for active affiliate marketers who want to maximize their earning opportunities; you can do so by sharing your product referral link on your social-media page as well as giving genuine review about the product. All these will play a great role in increasing your commissions.

Often, most affiliate programs tend to display statistics in affiliate marketers’ dashboards. Therefore, you can use them to view the number of clicks your links is able to get or getting as well as track your earnings.

How can you create lifetime Passive-income using affiliate marketing?

Affiliate marketing is not just about one-time commission. There is a way you can create-recurring and passive income through affiliate marketing. Though; this is possible if you get the right companies.

Therefore, take your time to look for the best company that best suits you. However, always focus more on helping your readers with right-information and details of the product to make their lives better.

It’s all about dedication and hardwork in affiliate marketing. Starting from, looking for the right products or services to maintaining blogs. It’s not just about blogging but, there is lots of work to do.

Apparently, there are ways in which you can indeed increase or maximize tour re-curing
income using affiliate marketing which include using recurring commission affiliate
programs. Basically, affiliate programs are majorly divided into two categories;

There are two types of affiliate programs namely

· One-time affiliate program

· Lifetime or recurring commission affiliate program

They all work in the same-way only that, in the lifetime-affiliate programs when customers come-back, they give affiliate marketers more money.

One-time affiliate programs

This type of affiliate programs allows affiliate marketers to earn their commissions once. Unlike Lifetime affiliate where if the same customer buys the product again, you’ll be able to earn more money.

In One-time affiliate programs, after referring a product via online publishing; when any of your readers purchase the product you’re marketing then you’ll get a fixed-commission for that thus; the more your readers or referrals buy the product, the more commissions you’ll be able to earn.

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Lifetime affiliate program

It’s a long-term strategy though it needs patience and persistence. As you start, you are likely to receive little commission but with handwork and more efforts, as you continue to bring in more customers through your referral link, your commission will continue to grow.

Therefore, not only does lifetime or recurring affiliate programs pay on conversion but they also pay on monthly basis thus; as the user continue to buy he product or use their subscription, you’ll continue to earn
your commission.

But how can one find these affiliate programs?

Getting lifetime income programs can sometimes be hard to spot but it requires some detective-work. In addition, it’s important to choose products thatyou like or love for promotion.

Do not just choose and start promoting a product or service because of the money. Hence, you should also try-out the products that you are promoting thus, even love. This way, you’ll have a betterunderstanding of the product to convince more customers to click on your affiliate link.

Your commission will continue to grow as more customers clicks on your link thus more commissions. You can also invite other affiliate markets to companies offering lifetime affiliate programs and when they sign-up via your link; you will earn a commission through that.

Simple marketing tips that can increase your income

·Post it on facebook (your facebook-page)

·Email your family and friends

·Blog about it

·Buy ads on-Facebook

·Talk about it thus; on discussion forums

·Tweet about the secrets-program or even the legends club

How to Build a Successful Affiliate Marketing Website: Conclusion

When it comes to Affiliate marketing, handwork, patient and more efforts is all that is needed. Take your time when choosing the best affiliate program. It should offer a good
commission and probably provide a lifetime affiliate programs though it’s hard
to get but you’re sure of a lifetime earnings.

You can promote their products through your blog, YouTube to get much traffic. Don’t forget to include your referral links as they help in promoting their products or services. But remember that the more people see your link, the more commissions or recurring commissions you make. I hope this post helps, and if you have any question just ask. Please comment below if you have more to add. To all your future success.