How To Do a Proper Keyword Research to kill the competition

It is my hope and intent to not only teach you about How To Do a Proper Keyword Research and PLACEMENT but show you how to do it at the same time so you will be able to obtain HIGH SEARCH ENGINE RANKING for your website or the articles you write.

My first example is probably apparent. Let me start your first step again, of course, is to decide what your website or article is going to be about. Sometimes making that decision can be a complicated thing to accomplish. It is a good practice when picking a good key word that it has traffic over 100 and a QSR (Quoted Search Results) under 100. These are my sweet spots and have had great success with these numbers ranges.

Your next task to how to do a proper keyword research is finding the keywords that you want to use. It is time-consuming and should not be rushed through; your KEYWORD RESEARCH is one of the most important things you will be doing to get a HIGH SEARCH ENGINE RANKING.

These are the BEST KEYWORD RESEARCH TOOLS. When choosing your important word, it is a balancing act to find the words and phrases that are searched enough to support your project but you do not want the competition to be so great that you don’t stand a chance.

The first best thing is to write an eye-catching title using keywords or keyword phrases. If you look at my title for this article, I used two keyword phrases.

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I have been BOLDING them as I go but some of the places I will post to wipe it out, so I am going back and capitalized them also. You need to have the same keyword phrases you used in the title in the first paragraph as well. The search engine spiders like it when you have it that was.

Keep a list of all the keywords you are using so you can make sure you get them all in your article and you will need them again when you post your article to blog or most all other places online.

When you are writing an article, there are so many extra things you can do to help OBTAINING HIGH SEARCH ENGINE RANKING. If you have a business that you are trying to promote this is a doubly important step, here to put your website or blog URL in your article.

That does two things for you, first of all, it gives you a link back to your website. That is very important in getting a high ranking from the search engines. The other benefit is someone may click on your link and check out your site. That could lead too, well whatever you are trying to do there.

Irrespective of whatever new is happening in the SEO world, keyword research is still the top priority for SEO professionals and will remain the most valuable and high return activity in search engine marketing. It is essential to select the right keywords to bring good quality traffic and proper return on investment.

In the competitive world, it is not just essential to bring visitors to your website, but also to know, what type of visitors you bring in.

A keyword research tool is the most crucial part of this entelligence analysis and it cannot be overstated, as with the right study you can pedict the current scenario of your business, assess the changing market conditions and understand the shifts of your target group.

How To Do a Proper Keyword Research for SEO

How to Judge the assessment of keyword

Keywords competitiveness and valuation can be accessible to webmasters through various keyword research tools. Nevertheless, internet marketing is not just playing with these tools but to find the exact valuation of the individual keyword. To understand the value of a keyword, it is significant to analyze the website-just putting the classic internet marketing formula.

Ask the following fundamental three questions to yourself

Is the keyword pertinent to your content? will the searchers be able to find what there looking for? Are there paid search results running along the top and the right-hand side of your organic results?

If there are many ads, it means the keywords is valuable and lucrative. Did you test the traffic in Google AdWords to find the relevancy of the page? You can track the impression rate and conversion rate in “test” traffic feature.

How To Do a Proper Keyword research

As mentioned earlier, keyword research is the most critical aspect of search engine optimization. Although there are many tools availiable, the five most important tools are:

  1. Google AdWords’Keyword Tool

  2. Google Insights for Search

  3. Google Trends Keyword Demand Prediction

  4. Microsoft Advertising Intelligence

  5. Wordtracker’s Free Basic Keyword Demand

  6. Google AdWords Keyword tool is the preferred one for SEO research because it provides estimated search volume along with the price of running paid campaigns for these terms.

  7. The one I use is Jaaxy. It has everything I need for my Keyword Resaerch.

Keyword Difficulty

It is not an easy task to determine which keyword will give you the optimum benefit for your business. First you need to understand the demand for that word or phrase through keyword research tool and the devise a plan to achieve ranking for that particular content through SEO.

If your keyword is already to competitive and big brands take the first ten results, it will be challenging to get through with the keyword so it’s vital to understand keyword difficulty. Some of the most common SEO mistakes you might be committing.

Using broad match instead of exact match

The search volume is very crucial if you want to build a SEO strategy targeting the perfect keywords. While searching for keywords, most of the SEO experts mostly consider a Broad Match, Or Exact Match.

Using single word keywords is another mistake that can be mostly seen around. Most of the individual word keyword are highly competitive, was too general, which makes it hard to recognize what the person wants.

Avoiding the competition

How can you make it to the top of Google SERPs and attain good ranking? Well! You surely have to plan an effective keyword strategy and need to get deep into this competitive landscape.

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Not considering conversion

Even if you created a grand keyword strategy with some low competition on the keyword, this doesn’t mean that you have struck gold. You should also consider whether you are making good conversions or not.


While choosing the keyword, try to think from your audience’s point of views instead of using jargons.

Local keywords

This is one of the essential factor that you need to consider. Overlooking difference between the global & local keywords will merely lead you nowhere.

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I hope you found this artical helpful. Any questions please ask or comment below.