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There is no doubt that the search algorithms of Google are extremely complex and include different signals. Although most of these are often kept secret, an essential factor thing that is agreed by many SEO experts is that the domain age of a new site can play an essential role due to the impact of Google Sandbox.

Even though Google has never officially admitted the existence of the Sandbox Effect, every SEO professional and webmasters who are attempting to get higher rankings on the search engine understands this theory. So what is Google Sandbox and how does a site get out of the Google Sandbox? Keep reading and find out the answer to optimize your marketing efforts.

What is Google Sandbox?

How To Get Your Site Out of The Google Sandbox, picture of sandboxGoogle Sandbox is simple an alleged filter which is imposed on new websites to prevent those black hat SEOs from building tons of backlinks to a specific site overnight and manipulate the search rankings on Google.

In other words, this effect is quite similar to a period of probation, during which it scrutinizes and examines the quality of new sites, along with user interaction patterns on pages. This will prevent most of the cheating and impatient black hat SEO practitioners who want to climb up quickly the SERPs.

Though there are many ways of checking Google Sandbox effects, you can notice these without any tools at all. When your new website is ranking unusually low for any target keywords, perhaps you are inside the Sandbox.

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Why does Google impose a Sandbox? 

The main reason why Google developed the Sandbox is to stop spam-related new websites from building various purchased links and getting high rankings for their target keywords from the launching date. As Google obviously thinks that a large number of links directing to a completely new website right from scratch can be relatively suspicious, these links aren’t considered to be organic and natural.

Also, spam sites could adopt different techniques to rise to the first ranking of Google search results and earn a lot of money before being banned for their violations. This tactic can be repeated continually, so Google decides to place new sites into a period of probation, also known as the Google Sandbox.

Which kinds of site are placed in the Google Sandbox? 

While all kinds of website could be placed in the Google Sandbox, this problem occurs much more often to new sites which seek high rankings for any highly competitive target keywords. In fact, all sites might spend different period under this effect, but those which aim rankings in highly competitive phrases are more likely to face this issue.

You could avoid the Sandbox for a couple of reasons. If you built your website before 2004, then it won’t be affected by this problem. Also, sites targeting any non-competitive phrases and keywords are usually left out of the Google Sandbox because there is no point in imposing the filter.

However, this doesn’t mean less competitive terms couldn’t be sandboxed, but the much shorter duration could often go completely unnoticed.

How long will a site be affected by Google Sandbox?

How To Get Your Site Out of The Google Sandbox. computer on desk

There are two main factors that determine the length of staying in the Google Sand Box, including the domain age of your site and the competitiveness of target keywords.

On average, most sites are placed in the Google Sandbox for at least three months. In some cases, it is not as simple as turning on and off the filter. Instead, there will be different layers to the algorithm which are strict in the first stage, and then taper off when your site spend more time during probation.

For a new site attempting to get top ranking on Google, the sandbox length would be around 4 to 6 months. But in a few niches, some people report that they only have 2 to 3 months of probation.

For example, when you want to participate in the highly manipulated markets like forex trading or payday loans, Google will impose at least eight months in the sandbox period. This is simply because these niches are the most exploited and profitable areas when it comes to SEO. For an Amazon niche site, the Google Sandbox duration would be from 4 to 6 months.

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How does a site get out of the Google Sandbox? 

If you are wondering how does a site get out of the Google Sandbox, here are a few helpful strategies to follow:

– Focus on low-volume keywords

While the basic SEO principle teaches us to target those keywords with high volume and less competition, it doesn’t actually work for new websites. Instead, you should focus on low-volume keywords to get out of the Sandbox as soon as possible. Keep in mind that Google won’t take the risks of ranking a new website for high-volume keywords to prevent spams or black hat tactics.

– Follow the silo structure

Silo structure, which involves structuring or modeling the content on a site, is often overlooked by many professional bloggers. But in the case of Google Sandbox, this strategy can help your website to be contextually rich and more topical. As a result, it will reduce the filtered duration as Google favors those sites which offer insightful content in common topical themes.

– Get more comments

Getting organic comments on a new site is extremely hard. Thus, it is a good idea to make your own comments from different IPs to give your website more social proof, thus increasing the conversions.

– Adopt link velocity

In this technique, make sure that the backlinks to your new should proportionally grow to the development of the content on your new site. Do not rush and throw a bunch of links as it is considered unnatural by Google, thus increasing your sandbox time.

– Improve on-page user interaction

Google is favoring more on the on-page user interactions, which can be seen via a few common metrics like bounce rate and page dwell duration. In the first stage of your site, pay more attention to increasing the duration a visitor spends on your post and reduce the bounce rate. This is really important since the sandbox is a probation period so Google will keep a close eye on your content and how it attracts the audience.

Final thoughts On How To Get Your Site Out of The Google Sandbox

By now, we believe that you have understood how does a site get out of the google sandbox. Obviously, you should spend the first few months of your new site digging deep into the target niche, doing more research, and creating high-quality content pages. During this period, there is no point in trying to rank in Google search engines.

Once it looks like an authentic and authority site, it’s time to build upon social media like Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter. With these methods mentioned above, you can kick your new site out of the Google Sandbox and get a high ranking quickly to monetize.