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The opportunities on the internet are numerous and don’t let the internet pass without you getting a slice of the market.

People out there are making millions for sharing their minds out, take an example of Ariana Huffington of The Huffington Post, she makes a gross $14,000,000 every month with her blog. Why don’t we also desire to take a share of the huge opportunity? This article is a beginner’s guide to blogging for money in 2019.

It is often said that everyone has a story to tell, it’s only the platform to tell the story that lacks.
But with the advent of blogging, the status changes, especially over the past few year’s blogs have become synonymously popular and hence big companies and individuals have got a huge interest in the ever growing industry, they are using blogs to market their products and get their name out there in the light.


Blogging requires key knowledge on 2 key concepts

1. Key wording– This is one of the most important skills to learn, this is assigning tag words to your article which assists one when searching a certain set of text in the internet.
2. SEO– This is the process of optimizing a blog in such a manner that the internet will easily show it after searching.

With the knowledge of the 2, you are good to go on to the next key procedure.

THE PATHFINDER: Choose your niche

The fact remains in order for you to reap big profits from blogging you have to find a niche in which you want to dive into. The factors that influence our niche are different ranging from passions, strengths, untapped areas, hot topics and many other factors.

THE PLATFORM: Select the best platform to start blogging

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Furthermore, You will have on going support from the community 24/7, not just from beginner bloggers, but from super affiliates that have had the great success we seek to have online. They support you every step of the way to helping you creat your own online success stories.

HOST SERCHING: Chose the host that suits most your needs

This step so important and it will be better to try find a host according to.

• The prices the host charges for the service
• The data transfer limit
• The server storage for your blog, check on the space they provide if you host with them.
• The speed they offer.
• Uptime of their networks.

In this step you will have to choose a domain name make sure the name correlates well with what you are blogging about.

DESIGN THE BLOG: Set your blog according to your taste.

You can either design the blog yourself or pay a professional to assist you with the designing.

START BLOGGING: You can now get busy writing your blog.

A blog setup is as easy that. Start writing your articles and publish them.


• Earn residual income without too much effort.
• Get to be an author- publisher work best with people who have a good online footing.
• Get to tell your story.
• Improve your writing skills
• Get to know more people.
• Get more knowledge.


Blogging will need a lot of your time and efforts, many think blogging is an easy concept and that you can learn it overnight, that’s one very big lie. One should take his or her time to learn How To Make Internet Fortunesthe basics of blogging and apply them.

Blogging digs into the owner’s pockets, so if you think you can start blogging well for a living without having dag dip to enhance your blog, don’t expect to get money from it.

Learn the basics of the HTML language, the language comes in handy especially when scripting the content in the blog so take your time to learn the language.

Copywriting is one thing that every writer must put into consideration, if you chose to copy someone else’s work you have violated the law and you can face execution.

Be true about what you blog about and if you make any mistake get to apologize firsthand. It will help maintain the image you have and you will maintain the readers you have.

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Marketing your blog is very essential and this are the various ways in which you can boost your blog traffic.

• Join all social media platforms and create a good profile which is enticing to the users. Make sure you update your page every now and then to boost your reach.
• Buy ads on social platforms, as earlier said you need money to make money, buying of this social media ads places you at a better position to gain more traction and that will automatically boost your reader’s traffic.
• Go for bloggers meet ups and conferences, this may give you a better chance to market your blog and you as a bloggers
• Join online collaborations, this collaborations make your blog more interesting and give you the knowledge to write more interesting posts, and better content for your consumers.
• Start vlogging, for those who do not know what vlogging is, it is using videos content in your you tube channel, they are better since they help get people to know you better and what you blog about, on top of that it can act as a source of income from ads.
• Practice good SEO, this is the last and the most important, with bad SEO your blog will not be visible in the internet, so learn to make sure you get your SEO skills on top of the game.
This is the core of the article



ADVERTISING– This is the entry point for most bloggers, advertising work quite similar to how newspapers advertise.

AFFILIATE MARKETING-This is one of the best ways to earn money online, it involves allowing a link to a specific product for sale to appear in your blog, say Amazon sells via your site and you get paid from that linkage.

MEMBERSHIP PROGRAM– This is a great way to earn, it happens when you charge a specific membership fee in exchange for a specific set of information.

OFFER SERVICES TO YOUR READERS– This is an income stream where you offer a specific service like selling e-books or offering courses in exchange for money.

The best way to make sure you earn the most is to diversifying your income, make sure you have more than one stream, this will increase your income portfolio. Make sure you get the most out of this article.