How to make money writing articles online? Things you need to know

Do you want to put your writing skills to work and use them to earn some extra money? We’re going to show you some of the best ways how to make money writing articles online.

Writing is a great side job for anyone who needs to bring some extra money to the table. You might even find that after a few months of writing for money, you can turn it into a full-time job and make it your primary source of income.

However, the problem that most people have is finding the right place to offer their writing services. There isn’t a shortage of websites where you can offer writing (quite the opposite actually), but if you’re new to this, you won’t know which ones are best.

What You Need to Know

Before we show you the best sources of income for writing, here are some of the things that you should keep in mind before you jump into it.

Payment Rates Vary.

Each website will pay you in a different way. Firstly, some may pay you per article while others will pay you on an hourly rate. Secondly, withdrawing your earnings will also differ – some websites automatically withdraw your money once a week and some will only let you withdraw after earning a certain amount.

Quality = More Money!

It should go without saying that the better the quality of your writing is, the more money you’re able to earn. That being said, you have to choose a website which gives you flexibility over the rates that you charge, or which takes into account your writing quality.

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Customer Experience is Crucial.

Most websites will let each customer leave feedback for the writer that they paid. As a result, the more positive reviews that you have, the more sales you’ll get. Thus, make sure that all of your customers are satisfied with the articles you’ve written for them.

Earning Money by Writing Articles

Now that you’re ready, it’s time to find a suitable platform for you to showcase your talents. We’ve listed some of the most popular options below.


Writing competitions aren’t as common nowadays, but if you’re not too focused on the money aspect of things and instead of writing is just a hobby, this could be for you. You can find competitions on social media, in magazines, and even on some daytime TV shows.

Start a Blog.

This is a great way to write about whatever you want. Some people aren’t confident writers and don’t feel that they can jump between different topics – every customer’s writing needs are different – and the best way to avoid this is by writing them for yourself. This gives you the chance to write about whatever you want, and over time you’ll build up a big enough audience to earn a profit.

Write Reviews.

Getting paid to write reviews has become increasingly popular over the last couple of years. Some companies will pay people to use their product and write a legitimate review detailing their experience with it; others will pay for their music or short films to be reviewed.

Apply for a Copywriting Job.

Many marketing firms have started to hire in-house copywriters to fulfil all of their writing needs. This is because articles play an important role when it comes to SEO and online marketing, and a lot of them are needed (marketing specialists don’t have the time!). Take a look at your local job listings once a week and see if there are any openings near you.


Everyone loves reading a listicle. These classic “Top 10” articles can be a lot of fun to write and there are plenty of websites who are willing to publish them on your behalf. Not only is this great for earning money but it will also mean a lot of people will view the article after it has been published. This can be incredibly useful for gathering feedback on your writing and improving it where possible. One of the top listicle sites is Listverse.

To Conclude on: how to make money writing articles online…

If you have a natural talent for writing and you want to fill your pockets with money, this guide can help you to do so. Don’t underestimate what you’re worth as a writer and if you aren’t happy with the rates that you’re getting paid, look into an alternative source of income. Just to get kick started in the right direction go here now for 2 FREE websites. So, what are you waiting for? Get out there and write your heart out!


Zach Florez