How to make money writing reviews online? The need for them

If you have a talent for writing you could put it use making money from home. Lets get into How to Make Money Writing Reviews Online. Have you ever been so drawn to the remarks made about a product or service that you just couldn’t resist the urge to purchase it instantly?

If you fall into such category of persons, then you just simply made someone richer from that order.

Unknown to millions (maybe billions) of persons out there, it is possible to earn a pretty decent amount writing online reviews on various products.

These products could be digital products or physical ones for sales on e-commerce sites.

Reviews could also be written about online programs that teach a particular skill or even on services offered by offline business/firm.

Why the Need for Online Review

The first thing you would do on getting into a room where a group of persons are looking up is?

Simply to look up instantly- before trying to know what’s going on!

Now, that is a natural physiological state of identifying with an identical group that could be called The Bandwagon effect (enough of the digression already).

So lets talk about how to make money writing reviews online and how it works. A review is a way of letting others who you share a common interest know about your experience of a product and that in itself has been one of the best means of marketing!

The great news is this info will guide you on how to start raking in big bucks from writing reviews

How to make money writing reviews online for success

How it Works

Finding a Product

The three most essential criteria for finding a product are

The standard of quality

How easily accessible it is

The compensating affiliate program

There are several online shops you could get products to review, one of such places is the Amazon. They have an endless stock of products with an affiliate program that could see you earning up to 10% in commissions for each sealed deal from those you referred by your reviews.

It’s so important that you who’s just getting into reviewing write about products you have used personally. This will make the process of writing your review easier and more genuine.

Get a Website

Reviews as with any other proofs don’t hang on the air; it needs a base which in our case is a website where people can read about the products/services with a link to lead them to where they could make the purchase.

Creating a website can be simple or challenging, it all depends on how inclined you are to learning.Either way, building a website isn’t difficult. There is one place where I recommend you create your website- It’s Wealthy Affiliate.

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There’s absolutely no form of commitment other than your email where you get sent your newly created WA account details.

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How to Write Your Review

Now that you have a website in place and a product to review, it is time to write your review.

It has been established that people (in most cases) tend to skim contents and don’t have the patience to read the entire page.So you want to ensure that wherever they may skip to, there is always a valuable detail broken into little chunks.

Here is what a typical layout of an online review would look like:

Product: [PRODUCT NAME] Price: [RETAIL PRICE] the Cheapest Place to Buy: [WITH YOUR AFFILIATE LINK] Guarantee: [ANY WARRANTY DETAILS] My Rating: [YOUR RATING OUT OF 10] [Product Overview] [Best Feature] [Pro’s] [Con’s] [Conclusion]

Always ensure that a summary of the review, your recommendation and where to buy the product is placed at the top page so that prospects can get all the info without scrolling through the pages. This works very well and has been successfully proven to convert skeptics to clients.

The assignment of informing them creatively, making the product pro’s really appealing and at the same time makings the con’s look like a sacrifice needed to be paid to access the items great advantage is what would make you real money and the vendors’ thanks.

Getting Prospect to Your Website

You should be proud of having taken the step of creating a site and also writing the review- that’s no small feat.

The next step towards completing the whole piece is driving in traffic to your website via

1. Search engines

2. Social media platforms

Online search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo among several others are the means through which products are looked for by individuals; you therefore want to ensure that your web site is on the first page of those search engines to be able to get those visitors into your site.

The basic rule is that your review should consist of;

Search keywords in your post topic

Search keywords in the content-note that you must write naturally.

The next would be to share your content across on major social media platform. Making short eye-popping posts on Facebook, Twitter and Google plus would place the products right in front of several thousand persons.

Remember, it isn’t enough to make just one post and fold your hands; you have got to be consistent as that is the key to building a passive income from writing reviews

I still make commissions from reviews that were made several years back. At the start, you would have to take lots of actions which would pay off later on.

You might come across a couple of technical hurdles at the start that could be really frustrating, but with the guidance from the Wealthy Affiliate community of individuals who have solved such problems, you can be sure of getting the help needed to solve those problems

The best part is there is no need to travel the distance to get a listening ear to that nagging iss- you could get answers to your problems right there within your personal space.The guidance and assistance I received from other individuals like you and I that helped me all through those tough times.

How to Make Money Writing Reviews Online: Conclusion

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I hope this helps you. If you have any comments or question please write below.


Zach florez