The past decade have seen a large number of people become famous by creating niche blogs. While the job of making a blog successful is not difficult, there are certain rules to be followed for achieving the goal. Are you wondering how to start a niche blog? If yes, then the tips provided below would surely help you.

Act wisely when picking the topic for your blog

When you’ll ask how to start a niche blog, this is possibly the first thing every expert would tell you. As a niche blogger, you will have to keep writing on a narrow topic. So, it’s extremely important that you have strong feelings, thoughts, and ideas about that particular topic. It’s true that there’s always the option of tying various broader topics to the actual topic of your niche blog. However, it’s also important to remember that all the loyal readers you have would visit your blog primarily for reading the unique take you have on the blog’s niche topic. If you lack enough knowledge about the niche topic, you will have a tendency to stray far away from it every now and then; and this will force your readers to go elsewhere in search of the conversation and information they need and want. Ideally, other than being well-informed about the topic of your blog, you should also be passionate about it. In other words, you should enjoy researching and reading about the topic. This would allow you to come up with unique matters to write about on a regular basis.

Never commit the mistake of picking a trend niche for your blog. That would stop your blog from achieving long-lasting success. That’s becomes trending niches might bring you millions of visitors for a particular duration, but soon the relevance of that subject would fade and your blog will also start disappearing from public memory.

Perform keyword research carefully and go for long-tail keywords

Long tail SEO (search engine optimization) involves use of very specific key phrases for driving targeted traffic. Today, it has become extremely difficult to gain visibility by defeating websites and big blogs boasting deep pockets. If you pick a broad keyword like “parenting”, you will leave your niche blog competing with big websites. This would automatically decrease your chances of gaining good visibility. A great solution to this problem would be picking a targeting key phrase related closely to the content of your niche blog. For instance, if your blog is about parenting teenagers, you might pick “teen allowance” as the primary key phrase. This will make your competition much smaller and allow you to bring in more targeted traffic.

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Focus on marketing and social media marketing

While the question was how to start a niche blog, it’s not always just about starting. You cannot expect to achieve success just by launching your blog. Like most other things in the world, a blog also needs the owner to put in some marketing effort for being successful. Right from the very beginning, you will have to market the blog and that can be done in a number of ways. For instance, you can begin by having conversations with other bloggers. For initiating such conversations, you will have to leave valuable comments on blog posts published by them. Soon, you will find those chats drawing people interested in your niche into your blog.

In the current scenario, no other form of marketing seems to be as powerful as social media marketing. So, your blog must also have a dedicated Twitter and Facebook account. Don’t forget to hook up those social media platforms to the RSS feed of your blog and keep your fans and followers updated with the latest posts.

Encourage interaction on your blog

If you want your niche blog to be popular, you must get people talking about it. Encourage your readers to leave comments on posts published on the blog. Ask them to submit feedback and let you know even if they feel something in not right with any particular post. Responding to comments is also extremely important. You might differ with a particular point of view, but don’t be rude with any of your readers. Instead, explain why you feel otherwise. To put it more bluntly, you should always remain welcoming and friendly when interacting with people reading your posts.

To encourage to visitors submit comments, you must make the job of commenting on the blog super easy. For instance, you must allow people to comment both as a guest and a registered reader. If you’re serious about a blog I recommend Wealthy Affiliate. That’s the platform that got me going a couple years ago and taught me everything I needed to know to be a successful blogger. The community support and the step by step process you go through is priceless.

How To Start a Niche Blog: Conclusion

The final answer to the question of how to start a niche blog would be: by adding good content. This is in fact a rule of thumb for any blog. People will visit your blog and keep visiting only if you can provide them with interesting content, something they want to know and love to read. The articles should be informative. Try to come up with facts that people would not get on other blogs. Don’t commit the mistake of swaying away from the topic mentioned on the headline. This would make your visitors feel that you are trying to fool them by creating attractive headlines. Once fooled, the visitors will not show much interest in your posts anymore.

You must keep in mind that every individual visiting your blog is not a master of the language. So, your aim should be creating content that can be read and understood easily. Don’t use ornamental words or words that would require the readers to consult a dictionary. Ideally, you should keep most of your articles between 500 and 1000 words. Visitors tend to avoid reading articles that are below 300 words. However, occasionally you can surely submit articles that contain 800+ words. Make sure, that your articles don’t contain any fluff; including fluff sentences would spoil the reputation of your blog significantly.

While a large number of people would visit your blog to read the information provided there, you will also get many visitors who are not avid readers. For making their visit to your blog fruitful, you must add some attractive images with each of your post.