Infusionsoft CRM Review

Infusionsoft CRM Review 

Infusionsoft is better suited for individuals looking for an Email-Service-Provider (ESP) or even Customer Relationship Management-CSM program.

This is a very sophisticated as well as powerful tool that companies can use to build list, scale business and manage their customers as well.

It is web-based software which integrates CRM, E-commerce and Email marketing. Whereby, you can use it to customize as well as automate lots of things in your business.

The only downside of using this tool is that, it’s complex and more suitable for companies rather than individuals.

Recommended: Yes

Often, Infusionsoft is used by small and medium-sized companies or businesses. For individuals, I would better recommend using ConvertKit instead. You can use Infusionsoft to record all kinds of interactions with your clients better.

This is made possible when used in combination with the tool’s industry-leading automation tools to help you treat your client or them as an individual and as a result of that, you’re most likely to develop customer loyalty.

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Infusionsoft is best known for its amazing feature of Drag-and-drop campaign builder interface. It allows for all kinds of creative ways whereby you can;

  • Program time delayed action & email sequences

  • Automatically acts according to their behavior

  • Set-up follow ups thus, for every situation

Realize unseen opportunities such as helping you in figuring out the perfect time to promote something onto a particular sector of audience.

Lifecycle Marketing

Just as the basic structure used for most online marketing, Infusionsoft was developed using the 3-part model or rather philosophy that includes;

1) Attract: Target, attract and collect lead

2)Sell: Nurture-offer and close the sell

3)Wow factor: Satisfy-offer more and get referrals.

Benefits of using Infusionsoft;

  • Help attract new leads- supply good-looking, easy-to-set up funnels that gives you the tools that process as well as store all the data you collect.

  • Enhance customer loyalty- it facilitates how you can treat your customers as individuals as well as keeps accurate records of all valuable data.

  • Nurture leads as well as convert them into customers.

  • Work perfectly for WordPress-sites. In addition, they even have a plugin for this.

  • Imports your list much more easily especially when you were using other-software before.

  • Work with various third-parties through plugins you can get on InfusionSoft’s marketplace.

  • Measure and test how they respond thus, to your marketing.

  • Automate almost everything in your workflow

  • Purge your E-commerce, CRM, billing as well as sales and marketing all into one ecosystem and Personalizes all interaction using that contact. It can either be a person or even a business. 

  • Integrates what would require many services, to get done all by itself. This may include payment processing, E-commerce, CRM, Analytics, Autoresponder and much, much more.


Some of the things you can automate through Infusionsoft

  • Webinar invitations

  • Product fulfillment

  • Sale funnels

  • Billing plans

  • Cancellations & refunds

  • Email marketing campaigns


If you want to know where InfusionSoft stands out thus, among its competitors then it is its unique ability to effectively personalize things for you.

It greatly helps to maximize conversion rates in-order to get one analyzed complete record of your contacts or even customer’s information.

Key Tools and Features of InfusionSoft;

Campaign Builder;

Infusion soft Review 2

It is the heart of infusionSoft and its beautifully put together as well as incredibly flexible to use.

Drag & Drop Email-Builder;

It enables you to come-up with good-looking and easy-to-read emails in such a short time. You can use the visual editor or even switch to css or html for specifics.

Import Contacts;

This tool can also be used to import contacts though if you are using it for the first time then, you have to build a module to enable you do this properly. However, first, you need to upload your list in scv-format and then match the fields’ in-order to pass all-the-data.

Landing Page Builder;

It’s a very user-friendly tool that can be used to make high converting landing-pages. You can as well use it to make any web form and opt-in as well as a thank you page.

Customer Service & the community

They have a good customer support to guide you through the process of setting-up everything. They are very knowledgeable, about each function of the software. In addition, each month there is also a given-amount-of-hours that you can have them, on the phone with you for free.


To sum it-up, it also has a large and great community starting from private facebook-groups to the annual ICON-conference in Phoenix. These veteran members often help and give
assistance to newbies as well as share ideas with each other.

The Market Place;

It has an entire marketplace of plugins, apps, courses as well as pre-made campaigns whereby, you can add onto your account to enhance what this software can do for you as well. This makes it a plus for InfusionSoft in the market place and actually, a lot of the stuff is free.

The affiliate and referral partner Module;

To help one expand their business, InfusionSoft also has an affiliate programs that you can join to help expand your business. The affiliate program includes tools to enroll, track, equip as well as rewards those people who help in selling your products. In other words, it works with the E-commerce and CRM component to track commissions and referrals.


They have all kinds of things in their templates that include; copy writing, Squeeze pages, emails for different scenarios, outreach campaigns, selling sequences and much more.

Infusionsoft Pricing

Just as is function, InfusionSoft pricing is complicated as well. The lowest plan costs $50 per month that is, for up-to 500 subscribers. However, since they are different and various add-on features which require different fees, it makes it complicated to give exact fee charge.

For example;

If you need to integrate E-commerce, additional fee of $29 per month will be required and for those who want to integrate a “sales-pipeline” then an additional fees of $29 per month will be paid.

Hence, based on the number of features you’ll need, that will count for the total amount of additional fee charge you will have to pay in addition to the normal basic charge for you subscribed plan.

Disadvantages of using Infusionsoft;


It is complex and complicated. You’ll need to go through a mandatory “Kickstarter” coaching which is expensive as well.


The total amount needed for a start-up is quite a substantial amount of money. This will include Introductory coaching fees, cost of installing some premium add-ons that is, from the marketplace and monthly fees.

Basically, it’s all About ROI. Find out what works best for you and it’s worth it. Do away with those that do not add value to your business. However, if you don’t have that established business, do not get ahead-of-yourself; just go for a more-basic plan as well as affordable option.

·Reports and Testing;

It’s testing is not outstanding such that you may have to create 2-version that is of the same page to perform two separate testings since Infusionsoft can not do that.

Sometimes, users have to come to their own conclusions themselves in the end.

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Infusionsoft CRM Review: Conclusion

Infusionsoft is simply a double-edge sword. However, to effectively and efficiently use this software, you’ll need to spend a substantial amount of money and time learning how to use it but is worth the cost.

Though, it is complex but once you know how to use it, it will be one powerful tool for your company especially for the E-commerce, Customer Relationship Management-CRM part.

Therefore, Infusionsoft is better suited for established business owners; and companies which require a sophisticated CRM-system.

Though, for small business owners, bloggers or even internet marketer who do not really need such sophisticated tools, it would be better to save yourself from using this complex software. I would recommend ConvertKit for you.

It’s much simpler but just as powerful as Infusionsoft though, doesn’t have the CRM-functions. CoverKit would be you’re an ideal choice.

You get a free step-by-step guid on how to start from nothing and building a profitable online business. Simpily join here for free. I will personally reach out to you once you’re inside and help you get started.