Many individuals seek the help of various systems to make money online. There are quite a few systems which promise work from home opportunities.

The question is if any of them works. It is important to research properly before trusting any system. Moreover, the systems are costly as well. Therefore, if you buy any system without proper research, you are most likely to lose money.

One such system which promises to help you make a six figure annual income online goes by the name of Insiders Cash club.

Just like you would research any other business opportunity, it is a crucial step to research about such online systems as well. We will today share with you our Insiders Cash Club (ICC) review to help you understand if it works.

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What is Insiders Cash Club (ICC)?Insiders Cash Club Review

Insiders Cash club (ICC) provides limited details on its sales page. You will be able to understand that it is a work at home system. It can help you make anywhere between $500 -$5000 every week.

If you have watched the full video, they even claim that you can make up to $1 million every year with the help of this system. The claims are pretty wild which should make you skeptic of the system even before you start your due diligence.

The problem is that the spokesperson of the system does not mention what it precisely involves. He highlights that it is a work at home system. Moreover, at the end of the video, there is a claim that the system is on offer for free as well.

The truth is that you cannot get into the member’s area without paying the membership fee. When you look at the landing page itself, there are quite a few things to get suspicious.

What does ICC have on offer?

One of the main problems with ICC is that it claims that you can make six figures online with little to no effort. It states that you can do so by just clicking a few buttons. There is no such thing as making $1 million with just clicking a few buttons.

Most people get lured by the fact that the cost is just $8.99 per month. The issue is that if you’re sure that you are getting scammed, it is not worth it to spend even $8.99 per month on ICC.

When you finally opt for the product in spite of the red flags, you will realize that the product is all over the place. It does not focus on a single make money online technique.

There is information about affiliate marketing, and there is also information about e-commerce. It will also highlight setting up your shop and selling your products. The problem is that all the information which comes along with it is generic.

You can easily find that same information online just by searching a little . There is no need to pay any money to ICC to find that kind of information. Hence, it is better to avoid ICC in spite of it’s low cost.

How does ICC work?

The whole premise of the landing page is that it will make you believe that you are going to get access to a secret system which will allow you to make a significant amount of money. It claims that you can make over $1 million just by paying $8.99/month.

On the landing page itself, there is a claim that the actual information which you get is worth $11,605. So, you need to ask yourself whether someone in their right mind will provide you with $11,605 worth of value for $8.99/month? It will try to lure you in by stating that it is an introductory price and will increase shortly.

Once you click on the checkout button or the order button, there will be a lot of upsells which you need to go through. That is why; the total amount which you will end up paying will be much, much higher.

Additionally, the information which they share with you is so fundamental that it is not worth anything at all. ICC provides you with a guide to set up an online store or to find affiliate products to promote.

Apart from that, there is little to no information available regarding the promotional techniques. Whatever little information is available about the promotional method is outdated. That is why; you will not be able to generate any traffic even if you find a few affiliate products to promote from it.

While researching for the Insiders Cash club review, we were hard pressed to find anything positive about it. Even though the cost is on the lower side but it mostly provides free information, and even that is not a positive thing.

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What should you know about ICC?

As you might have understood from our Insiders Cash club review up until now, there are quite a few indicators which you need to keep in mind. We will highlight some of these indicators below.

1. Fake testimonials:

Most of the video testimonials on the landing page are from paid actors. You can easily hire such paid actors from Fiverr. It indicates that the testimonials are not genuine. It also highlights the fact that the system does not work. The creator had to resort to fake testimonials to convince the visitors to buy the product.

2. Fake news report:

When you visit the landing page, there is a false news report on the landing page. The problem is that the news report does not have anything to do with ICC.

It just highlights that people are working from home. It does not mean mention anything about ICC or how the news report is related to ICC. It aims to provide more credibility to the product while it is fake.

3. Duplicate reviews:

Many reviews of ICC were earlier present on landing pages of other products like EZ Money Team. The name of the members, their photos and even their reviews are the same, and only the product name is changed. It indicates that the text-based testimonials are also not genuine.

4. Scarcity:

Insiders Cash Club Scarcity scare page
The landing page creates fake scarcity. There is a countdown timer. The landing page states that once the countdown timer is over, the landing page will be pulled down. Even if you visit the landing page after the countdown timer turns to 0, you will find that it restarts.

It indicates that artificial scarcity has been created to sell the product. While this might not be indicative of a scam but it sure is a shady promotional technique.

There are some few red flags in ICC. Most of them indicate that it is a scam product. While it might be a cheap product but it is undoubtedly a scam. Hence, you should probably keep away from it.

Is ICC suitable for you?

The truth is that ICC is not suitable for anyone. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced marketers, it is a good idea to keep away from ICC at all cost.

The low price of ICC should not lure you since the information which it shares with you is available for free. It is better to search for free information and avoid opting in for ICC.


• Affordable


• Fake reviews

• Rudimentary information

• False news report

• Product not targeted enough

• Hyped claims

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Insiders Cash Club Review:Verdict

The truth is that ICC provides you with basic and rudimentary information. It certainly does not provide you with any actionable content. Moreover, when you combine it with all the shady techniques which it uses, it is very close to being a scam.

Hence, you should avoid ICC at all cost. There are many other genuine digital marketing products available online that can help you build a solid online business the right way. These can really help you make money rather than make tall claims of making you rich quick. Click HERE to know more about my #1 recommendation!