Welcome to my Instant Cash Solution Review! Many people think that making money online is an easy task. The truth is that without prior experience, it is tough to create an online income stream. Once they try out a few things, they end up looking for various systems out there which can help them make that money online.

There is no harm in using such methods. However, most of them do not work and makes you waste your time and money. So it is important to always research about any system you’re considering. Very few of them are really useful.

One such system which claims to be effective goes by the name of Instant Cash Solution (ICS). It states that you can make up to $500 per day using their system.

However, you have to take such claims with a pinch of salt. Today, we will highlight our Instant Cash Solution review to help you understand if it is up to the mark or not.

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What is Instant Cash Solution (ICS)?

Instant Cash Solution (ICS) claims that it has a copy and paste system using which, you can make anywhere between $100-$500 per day. When you land on the landing page, there is a video which claims that all you need to do is to copy and paste predetermined advertisements all over the Internet. You can do this on classified websites or even on social media websites.

The premise of the ads is that when someone clicks these ads, they will go to your landing page (provided by ICS). It is a replicated website which will help you make commissions when someone purchases ICS. The only problem is that with ICS providing the landing page, every member of ICS will have the same landing page.

When visitors land on that landing page, they will watch the video offered. After that, when they make their buying decision, you will also get that commission. ICS promotes affiliate marketing, but the fact that everyone will have the same landing page makes it a bit scammy.

After a while, people start ignoring those landing pages. The video even claims that you can copy paste these ads using your smartphone and there is no need to have a computer or a laptop. You don’t need to have any particular set of skills to use the system.

The fee of ICS ranges from $100-$500. You have to pay an admin fee. The video claims that the working time per day is just 20 minutes. The problem is when a system promises you that you can earn $500 to work 20 minutes a day, it sounds like a scam right from the get go. Let us delve into the business model of ICS in greater detail.

How does it work?

Instant Cash Solution Review

When you purchase ICS, you will have access to the training material and videos. You have to copy paste them on classified websites and also on social media communities. It claims that once the viewer sees those ads, they will automatically click and visit your landing page. The landing page will convert at a higher rate, and you will get the commissions once they purchase ICS.

The problem is that instead of allowing you to sell any product, the creators are forcing you to sell ICS itself. You are only promoting a single product which is not free. You have to pay money depending on the membership level which you choose. That is what makes it shady to me.

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How much does ICS cost?

If you want to promote ICS, you will have to join any one of the four membership options. These include:

• Bronze membership which costs $100.

• Silver membership which costs $200.

• Gold membership which costs $300.

• Platinum membership which costs $500.

The problem with ICS does not end here. It provides you with limited commissions if you go for a membership lower than platinum. If you go for the bronze membership, you will only get a commission when someone purchases the bronze membership. If they buy any expensive package than the bronze one, you will not get the commission.

If you want to get the commission on all types of memberships, you will have to opt for the Platinum membership which will cost you $500.

When a bronze member refers to a Platinum customer, you will not get those $500. Your upline will get those $500. The psychology here is that due to Fear Of Missing Out, you will end up opting for the Platinum package rather than any lower membership option.

What does ICS include?

Instant Cash Solution Review Bronze Package
Now that you are aware of the cost and business model of ICS, we will go into the details of what you get when you purchase ICS. Each membership level provides access to a certain amount of training material and tools. When you opt for the bronze membership, you will get access to:

• Directory of classified ads sites

• Training course for classified ads posting

• Display Ads

• Marketing system

• Capture pages

• Landing pages

• Autoresponders

• Content management system

• Weekly training

• Training videos

• Genealogy Tree

• 24/7 Member back offer

As the level increases, the training material increases. When you opt for higher membership, you get social media marketing training. There are Facebook ads on offer as well. The truth is that the only reason why you might buy the expensive memberships is so that you do not miss out on the commissions of the higher package.

The business model involved is first forcing you to buy the highest membership and then selling the same system to others does not seem entirely legit. That is why, the more I researched for this Instant Cash Solution review, the shadier it got.

What should you know about ICS?

Before we conclude our Instant Cash Solution review, let us look at some red flags which you should know about.

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1. Not easy to post advertisements:

The system instructs you to SPAM social networks and classified websites. Each of those sites has its anti-spam system. It is not easy to spam thousands of ads on those networks.

In many cases after posting a few ads or spending a few minutes, chances are your accounts will get banned. You will have to invest in separate accounts time and again if you want to continue with the same business model.

2. Click through rate is pretty low:

Even if you manage to get your ads live, the click-through rate is low. It is challenging sending people to your landing page.

3. No inherent value:

You are ideally selling the same system to people and forcing them to sell the same method to others. There is no intrinsic value involved. That is why; there is no real purpose to this.

Once you take into account these three red flags, you will realize why ICS is not such a great business model after all.

Is it suitable for you?

Even though ICS is not entirely a scam but it is a shady affiliate marketing solution. It does not provide any value to the customer. That is why; it is not suitable for anyone.


• Provides basic training

• Easy to understand


• No inherent value

• Sounds like a pyramid scheme

• Forces you to buy the most expensive membership

• SPAM based business model

• Very difficult to execute

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Instant Cash Solution Review: Verdict

So, Instant Cash Solution might not be a scam, but it sure is pretty shady. It does not sell anything of value to you, and that is why it is wise to stay far away from it.

There are many other products which you can promote through affiliate marketing, that actually provide value to the consumers and are very useful to them. Click HERE to know more about them instead!