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You may be asking yourself, Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam? The exponential growth in the digital arena is opening up new opportunities for people to make money online. However, it is easier said than done. Many people find it difficult to get a kick start in this space.

Owing to this reason, they often try to find systems or programs which can help them with the necessary digital infrastructure. The problem in doing so is that they are also susceptible to shady and scam products. That is why; due diligence is imperative.

If you have been looking around for such systems, you might have undoubtedly come across 22 minutes to profit.

Like always, it is better to conduct due diligence and find out is 22 minutes to profit a scam Before moving ahead. We will today share with you our review on 22 minutes to profit to help you understand the same.

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What is 22 Minutes To Profit?

Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam
The first thing which you will notice when you head over to the landing page of 22 minutes to profit is that it makes some wild claims regarding the amount of money you can make. It states that you can even make up to $500 per day with this system.

It presents itself as a work at home opportunity for anyone irrespective of your prior experience or lack of it. While the hook is pretty strong, it screams a get rich overnight scheme. Such schemes do not work. Trust me. I’m quilty of falling for them to.

Surprisingly, it does not provide you a lot of information regarding the techniques it will teach you. It states that it is a work at home opportunity in which anyone can participate. The premise of the product is that once you buy it, you will get ready-made websites and products which you can sell.

Apart from this, there is no information before you buy the product. The creator of the product goes by the name of Mark Stafford but other than that, there are no details available about the product creator any where that I can find. It is another red flag which you need to know about.

Thus, the lack of information regarding the exact system and fake creator make it pretty dicey.

What does 22 Minutes To Profit offer?

The product claims that it is a ready system which you can use. It states that it can help you create websites and products which you can sell directly.

The problem is that the name of the product itself is a sham. In no way, can you ever create websites and products within 22 minutes and sell them to make money from it. Sure enough, some experts can do that, but without years of experience in digital infrastructure, it is tough.

You will have to put in years of work into your systems rather than buying a ready-made system if you want to make that kind of money in such a short time.

Thus, the theory that with the help of this product spoon feeding  you, that you can make a lot of money within 22 minutes is a complete sham. The only thing which they can spoon feed you is the wild claims which are highly impractical and almost absurd.

What does the product include?

According to the landing page, in the system, you will get ready-made websites and traffic sources.

There is mention of a few other materials which you will get, but the product does not elaborate on that. The truth is that they merely provide you with the blueprint. The first couple of videos of the product do not provide you with any detail other than that.

Unlike some of the other legit money making opportunities online, there is no access to one-on-one consultation or a private community.

That is why; an old print is all you get. If you’re a newbie in the affiliate marketing or digital marketing, you might find these blueprints exciting, but they do not have highly actionable information which again makes the product counter-productive.

What is the business model recommended?

The business model stated by the product is dual-pronged. It recommends affiliate marketing and dropshipping. Both of these are very legit ways to make money online.Trust me I know. I make my living with affiliate marketing alone.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products by the merchants to earn a commission. Dropshipping means selling the e-commerce products on an e-commerce website and having the supplier fulfill the order.

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How much does it cost?

The cost of the product is $47 one time. It will entitle you to get ready-made websites and a few products which you can sell on your site. One thing however which you cannot deny is that they provide you with the meat of their system in the videos you get. Most of the other scam products do not do that.

The catch here is that most of those products are available on Amazon. You will have to sign up for the Amazon affiliate program which is free for everyone and widely known monetization method.

The program guides on how to place the links and get the website ready. Apart from that, there is again very little information to go on. Paying $47 for this information and a few old template-based sites does not provide you with very much value for money.

Can you make money with this product?

We know that the question which you will ultimately like to seek the answer to is, is 22 minutes to profit a scam?. The answer depends on whether you can make money with this product or not.

While both of the business models might be legitimate; the problem is the product does not go into the details to gain traffic for your website. A couple of methods are mentioned concisely and are outdated. That is why, even if you can create websites with the products, you cannot make any money.

What should you know about 22 Minutes To Profit?

There are a few red flags about 22 minutes to profit which you should know. We will highlight them below.

1. Rehashed landing page:

The landing page of 22 minutes to profit looks surprisingly similar if not exact to another scam product by the name of Real profits online. It is a huge red flag due to which, you should avoid the product outright.

2. Hyped claims:

If for a moment, you were to assume that the websites work, the statement of making $500 by just working for 22 minutes is entirely false. These are hyped and not true.

3. Using fake news:

There are a few landing pages of the product which claim that it featured on the news channel. There is even a landing page which features a news bulletin. The truth is that the product in itself did not feature on the news but rather the business model or the industry was.

It tries to create a false impression of the product. The product repeatedly highlights the logos of the news channels on which they claim that the product was featured. All of this is entirely false.

4. Fake testimonials:Is 22 Minutes To Profit a scam With Fake Testimonials picture


If you’re impressed by the video testimonials, you need to think again. The individuals who featured in these testimonials are fiverr video actors who can create such videos for as little as $10. It indicates that the videos are not real.

With so many different red flags, it is better to stay away from the product completely.

Is it suitable for you?

The product 22 minutes to profit is suitable for no one. If you are thinking about buying it, it is wise to avoid it all together.




• Fake testimonials

• Fake news reports

• Impractical business model

• Hyped claims

• False creator

• Rehashed landing page

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Is 22 Minutes To Profit a Scam?: Verdict

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is 22 minutes to profit a scam, is a yes. You should stay away from this product. It does not provide any value and is not even worth $47. If you’re looking for legit opportunities to create a decent income stream online, there are a wide variety of other products which you can use. Click HERE to know more about them!

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