Wondering, Is 24Option a Scam? Binary Option is a financial instrument where there is a chance of payoff in some monetary amount or nothing at all. There are two types of binary options.

These are namely cash or nothing option and asset or nothing option. Binary Option may sometimes considered as a form of gambling and is banned by the government of many states. Binary Option can also lead to fraud. However, some binary option trading platforms can be trusted.

Investigations regarding binary option scams are prevalent throughout the world. There have been thorough investigations by the US government, Israeli government and Britain government about the matter. Some scammers are suspected to steal around 10 billion dollar worldwide in last few years.

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About 24Option

MAn on phone seeing if Is 24Option is a Scam?

One of the world’s leading trading platform is 24Option. The platforms used are namely Forex/CFDs. These are basically web-based platforms. For quite sometime there has been a say that one can make huge amount of money using this 24Option.

24Option is based in Cyprus. It is a popular binary broker making its mark among many such traders. Here the broker is a proactive broker and a trader friendly one as well.

He generally offers several incentives to its traders .This is generally done on regular basis. Rodeler Ltd presently manages 24Option. However, Cyprus Securities Exchange Commission(CYSEC) still holds license of 24Option.

24Option has trustable reputation and has received positive feedback from traders and business partners. It is trusted by BinaryOptionsBlacklist.com and is popular among the trading industry. It is also one of the top Binary Options Advisors.

24Option is one of the most well known and innovative trading platforms around. Tech Financials supply the trading engine to 24Option whereas most SpotOption and Tradologic supply trading engine to most binary brokers.

The trading environment provided by 24Option is safe and secure. 24Option also supports mobile trading. This means people on the go can check the market values, access their accounts and trade.

24Option provides traders to choose from four different types of accounts. These are namely Standard account, Gold account, Platinum account and Diamond account. A minimum deposit of $250 is required after signing up for any account.

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Is 24Option a scam -Let’s find out

One should obviously learn about the company before investing. It is the duty of the investor. One should always take time and research and take his time to gather information about the product before investing. Moreover, crypto currency and binary option has been quite popular since past decade.

Of course there has been several rumours against binary bit. Still, 24Options has been able to make it’s mark as a trustable and reputed platform.

It provides user-friendly and uninterrupted support to it’s traders. This is a really notable aspect of a trustable company. Moreover it provides mobile facility so that the users are not bound to their desktops and laptops all the time.

24Option was founded by Rodeler Limited. It is a trading platform for Forex,CFD,Stocks and Crypto currency. Minimum deposit is also very less. It may vary from EUR 250 to EUR 50,000. EUR 250 is for basic and EUR 50,000 is for platinum.

Any person , be it a novice or an experienced trader can avail its facility due to the user friendly support it provides. Binary Option is subjected to risk. Any person agreeing upon that and who wants t trade using current market standard can participate.

Reason for choosing 24Option

Is 24Option a Scam? and there back office

This platform is highly secured. This platform can be recommended to both novice and skilled traders. It can be accessed from mobile phone.

Investigations show no frauds against it. The platform is also highly regulated and does not do anything illegal. The site supports several languages at a time.

This facility has created a revolution in binary option market. Due to this facility people all over the world can participate in this online trading platform.

It has a very active support system and provides a completely functional demo account. It teaches the novice candidate without losing a single penny from their end.

The customer support system is mention worthy. They are not only user friendly but also offers legit support in the language the user prefers.

24Option has received several awards for its constant support since the last eight years. It is one of the most trusted online broker the world has ever seen. 24Option is providing a remarkable platform for online trading since 2010.

2016 showed new light to 24Option . 24Option became a full service online broker. They expanded services to Forex, CFD’s, commodities, stocks and indexes. Since then 24Option has been constant with their progress. In 2017 24 options focused principally on FX (Forex) and CFD’s.

They also keep their license number public and does not hide anything from their traders. The license number is 207/13. It is guided by Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission or CYSEC.

Other companies owned by Rodeler are GrandOption, QuickOption , 24FX, etc. These are quite trustable company themselves and popular in the market.

24Options provides a wide range of assets. These assets include CFD’’s with equity indexes. Not only this. These equity indexes are provided by Dow Jones Industrials, DAX, NASDAQ, MICEX, FTSE and TADAWUL.

CFD’s are provided on popular technologies a well. These technologies include Google, Facebook and Apple . CFD’s are also offered on stocks at banks situated in Russia and Europe. These include Barclay, Sher bank and Deutsche Bank.

24Option also makes use of key currency from all over the world. These include EUR, USD, AUD, CHF, JPY and GBP.

The company has other benefits as well. It does not charge its client a single penny as commission. The company also allows its traders to use MetaTrader4 platform.

Besides, it also provides users to use 24Option’s personal platform. This provides added benefit of trading binary option with CFD’s and FOREX.

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Is 24Option a Scam? Conclusion

Investing in binary option can be quite risky especially with respect to the fraud going around the world. But 24Option has secured quite a trustworthy ground in the market. Any person interested in trading binary options can consider 24Option. Go for it, you won’t be disappointed for sure.