American Income Life

The only way of avoiding scams and finding legitimate ways of earning money online is through research. Today we are going to expose the truth about American Income Life insurance company (also known as AI Life). Is American Income Life a Scam? Note that I am not associated with this company in any way. Am here to tell you what this company is all about.

What is American Income Life?

This is an insurance company owned by Touchmark Corporation, a financial services company listed on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE). Its headquarters is in Waco, Texas. The company was founded by Harold Goodman and Benard Rapoport. Its first offices were in Indianapolis, Indiana. It uses multi-level marketing (MLM) compensation structure.

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American Income Life Products

American Income Life sells insurance policies to associations, especially credit and labor unions. They also have group policies that can be bought by schools, youth groups, and churches.

Their policies are sold by agents who go on the field to physically meet clients. They visit the client’s home to create a professional and personal relationship. The following are insurance policies that AI Life offer.

1. Whole Life Insurance: This policy covers your entire life. The premiums do not increase.

2. Accident and Supplemental Health: An insurance policy that covers you against diseases and accidents.

3. Term Life Insurance: It covers members for a specific period and the premiums increase after the expiry of the period.

4. Terminal Illness Rider Insurance: This policy accelerates benefit payment of people that are diagnosed with terminal illness and their riders. Members get half the value of the policy if the life expectancy is within a year of diagnosis.

5. Accident Protection Plan: Offers cash benefits in case the insured dies or is injured in an accident.

6. Hospital Indemnity: This plan covers additional bills due to a prolonged hospital stay.

7. Final Expensive Plan: It caters for the members’ funeral expenses.

8. Critical Illness Insurance Plan: This policy offers financial aid through catering for medical expenses for those affected by critical diseases such as heart attack and stroke.

9. Cancer Protection: Covers for medical expenses and lost income due to cancer.

Do their Products work?

We can only judge insurance policies according to how easy it is to file and compensate claims. Clients have raised complaints about poor service and support when filing claims but that is a common problem.

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How to Make Money from AI Life?

Sales representatives have two ways of making money namely sales commissions and residual commissions.

1. Sales Commission

You earn 50 percent commission for each policy that you sell. However, you will only get 65 percent of the total commission. The other 35 percent will be paid after six months.

For example, if you sell a policy worth $2000, you will earn a commission of $1000.But, you will receive $650 upfront. You will receive the other $350 after six months.

2. Residual Commissions

Sales representatives get a commission when their referrals sell a policy. However, there is no clear information about residual commission apart from the company motivating their representatives to recruit more individuals.

How Do I Join AI Life?

You have to pay $490 as training fee before you join the company. You will also cater for your expenses in case the training takes place in a different place. These expenses include accommodation, plane tickets, gas, food, and others.

American Income Life Compensation Structure

AI Life does not tell the public about their compensation plan. You cannot find their compensation structure information on the web anywhere.

Ugly Truth of American Income Life

Is American Income Life a Scam or real
• It is not a job: AI Life actually utilizes an MLM structure. However, the company will not tell you this in their advertisements. They advertise it as a job opportunity when it isn’t.

They send you emails saying that you have applied for a job or they found your resume on the web. They will then tell you that you qualify for the customer service representative position.

Their people will convince you to pay the training fee since they will make you think that you have gotten a real paying job. You will then realize that you joined a network marketing company after you sign the papers and complete the training.

• The Turnover rate is very high: A lot of people quit AI Life after they realize that they signed up for a network marketing firm. Their reviews on Yelp and Glassdoor are discouraging.

• You cater for all your expenses: You will have to cover your traveling, accommodation and other expenses apart from the training fee. You will pay for all the expenses, do all the work and only get a fraction of the money they make if you manage to sell a policy.

What are the positives of American Income Life?

• It gives you an opportunity to earn money: The key to earning money on AI Life is working hard and retaining clients. You can make good money from their commissions as long as they do not cancel them. However, you won’t get a consistent income from AI Life.

• Good ratings: American Income Life is accredited by Better Business Bureau (BBB) and has an A+ rating. Their financial ratings from Fitch, AM Best, and Standard & Poors are very strong. This shows they are capable of providing insurance benefits to their clients.

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Now, Is American Income Life a Scam?

Is American Income Life a Scam and does it work?
AI Life is not a scam. It is an insurance company that utilizes an MLM compensation structure.

However, I do not advise anyone to join AI Life. This is because they are an MLM firm and not a real job. They do not disclose this in their advertisements making it sort of a scam.

Their high turnover rate is also alarming. The fact that you cover all your expenses is a major setback.

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