There are many scams on the internet and the only way of avoiding them is by doing research before you buy any product. Congratulations for taking your time to do some research. This will help stay away from scams and enable you to find a legitimate way of earning cash on the internet.

Note that am not associated with this company in any way. Am here to shed light about this MLM Company and their product line. So, is ASEA a scam? We are going to answer this question in this review.

What is ASEA is actually a multi-level marketing company founded by Verdis Norton, a businessman. The growth of ASEA has been influenced by his experience in the industry. He has worked for several Fortune-500 company over the years.

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ASEA is among the top 100 multi-level marketing companies in the world. Their headquarters is in Salt Lake City in Utah. This city is also the home of other top MLM companies such as Sunshine, Nature’s, Young Living and DoTerra.

They started the business back in 2009 and currently have 30000 associates over the world. They partnered with BioAgilityx in 2015 validate their products.

What is their product line?

Is ASEA a Scam, or the real deal?
ASEA currently markets two products namely Renu 28 and ASEA Redox Supplement.

Renu 28 (price ranges from $45-$50)

This is a skincare product which has the following products:

• Enhances facial skin texture

• Improves the smoothness of the skin

• Reduces eye wrinkles

• Improves elasticity

• Improves the skin moisture

ASEA Redox Supplement (a bottle goes for $35)

This water contains salt and other minerals. It has the following nutritional benefits.

• Improves cell rejuvenation

• Enhances athletic ability

• Improves cell co-ordination

• Protects the cells

The company formulated a plan for customers to follow in order to fully benefit from their products. You have to continually invest in their products so as to stay in their system. If you are an associate, you have to put more effort into marketing to keep your customers in the system.

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Training Program

You will have to attend their training program after signing up. You have to cater for all the expenses incurred during the train. This training focuses on professional development. The programs are hosted in different locations or through webinars.

The training programs include

Envision: This three-day program covers business plans formulation and leadership skills. You get the chance of meeting the executives of the company and experts.

Base Camp: Only Bronze executives are allowed to attend this program. It focuses on team management and gives you access to weekly webinars.

ASEA Ascent: Mainly focuses on how to improve your business

Diamond Summit: These exclusive conferences are held in high-end resorts in Hawaii. They last for a day and gives you the opportunity of relaxing on the beach.

Do ASEA’s products work?

The cost of their products is very high and we expect them to work effectively. Unfortunately, customers on the web are disappointed with these products. Maybe their products are placebo or just common water packed nicely.

How Do You Earn Cash With ASEA?

Since this is an MLM company, you earn money by:

1. Commissions from selling their products

2. Recruitments

They market their products through social media or through word of mouth.

How do I get started?

You have to buy one of their four product packs for you to get started.

1. ASEA Advancing Life: A case of ASEA redox costing 120 dollars

2. Basic Plus: Two cases of Redox that goes for $240

3. Builder: Four cases of ASEA Redox ($370)

4. Express Builder: Eight cases of ASEA Redox ($770)

There are four cases of 947 ml bottles of ASEA Redox in each case. The more you buy, the more you get profits.

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Auto-ship Program Requirement

You have to ship a case of ASEA redox (100PV) each month for you to get into their compensation plan. They limit your income potential if you don’t maintain a minimum of 200PV each month. That is why they sign you up to their auto-ship.

Compensation Plan

Money in mans hands by Making money with ASEA
You can earn income in the following ways:

Retail Commissions: You get $30 when you sell products worth $150

Fast start bonus: You get this bonus if you sponsor a recruit through the enrollment process

Preferred Customer Bonus: You earn $25 per case when a preferred customer enrolls for auto-ship.

Affiliate Auto-ship customers: Given to associates when their recruits sign up to the auto-ship program

Recruitment Commissions: You earn $20 for each pack that is purchased by your new recruit.

Team Commission: Create more 300pv in your team and earn ten percent of the smallest leg’s volume.

Check Match Bonus: You earn a commission from unilevel of your recruit’s team

What are the downsides of ASEA?

1. Their website doesn’t provide adequate information

A company that is 5 years should have enough information about its membership costs and products. ASEA lacks this vital information on their website.

2. Sodium content might have side effects

The Redox Supplement contains 123mg of sodium, which is above the safe limit. Users are vulnerable digestive problems.

3. Their products are expensive

Customers are unlikely to pay for that much for a book of salt water. It can be hard to convince customers to spend that much on these products.

The positive side of ASEA

1. Comprehensive Training

Their training program focuses on developing their members. The company owes you that since you pay a lot for it.

Is ASEA a Scam?

ASEA is not a scam. It is just another MLM company that focuses on recruitment and sales. However, I can’t recommend this business to anybody. The lack of information on their website makes them look fishy.

Their ineffective products are very expensive and have side effects. Although the side effects are not severe, it seems that the company doesn’t prioritize the health of its customers. The only thing to smile about is the training program.

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How do I make real money online?

MLM companies have strict regulations and it’s expensive to do business with them. Affiliate Marketing is the best way of making a living online.

This is because it is free to sign up and you don’t need to recruit anyone. Also, you can choose the product that you want to promote without restrictions.