AWOL Academy Scam? AWOL is one of the most controversial online affiliate marketing training programs. It inspires love and dislike in equal measure. It’s not that the program is not helpful; rather, it is because of its exorbitant pricing that many people suspect that the AWOL Academy is a scam.

Not many people can afford to commit about $20, 000 to an online training program, and the few who can are not that willing to do it. Here is all you need to know about this debate- sparking academy and whether or not it is a worthwhile venture:

What is the AWOL Academy?

AWOL is an acronym for Another Way of Life. This program is dedicated to training individuals on how to make the most of their online affiliate marketing business.

It was founded by Keala Kenae and Kameron George, following the fall of Project AWOL and a multi- level marketing company known as Empower Network.

The program is divided into five training modules: the Pro Academy, the Inbox Academy, the Conversion Academy, the Traffic Academy and the Masters Academy.

Apart from the Pro Academy which touches on every critical aspect of online marketing, the other modules focus on specific features of the business.

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Below is a breakdown of each of these modules and how much they cost:

1. The Pro Academy

AWOL Pro academyThis module costs $99, which is expensive for an introductory module by any standards. Nevertheless, it has a lot to teach on the basics of online marketing.

You start by watching a welcome video and setting up your profile.

With a profile set, you proceed to answer questions about yourself and what you expect from your business.

You will then watch another video on how Keala and Kameron started off their affiliate marketing business.

There are numerous videos dedicated to the basics of online marketing. Here, you will learn how to set up a website and how to choose a web host. You will also learn how to set up your domain email and increase your knowledge of landing pages and how they work.

You will get to understand sales funnels much better as well as email responders. When you are done with this module, you will be thoroughly familiar with what exactly online marketing is all about. This module is a great foundation for your marketing business.

Even though plenty of useful information is shared in this module, there is also a share fair of extensive marketing ploys by the company. Unless you are patient, you might not even make it through this module since the information is often intertwined with many claims from the company.

At the beginning especially, the speakers dwell on how important the training program is and how it is bound to guarantee the success of your affiliate marketing business. There are also some not-so-subtle calls to go through all the training modules. It is not aggressive, but it is still rather overt.

2. The Inbox Academy

AWOL inbox academyThis module costs a solid $447 and is dedicated to email marketing.

Here, you are taught how to write engaging emails that your target customers will not just open, but actually take the time to read.

The aim here is to ensure that your target market gets to learn about your business and the offers you have, and actually show interest in them.

Besides honing your email-writing skills, the module also focuses on the strategies used by some of the world’s most successful email marketers.

The company actually goes as far as to claim that by using the secrets shared in this module you will double the open and click rates of your email marketing strategies.

They argue that the secrets more than doubled their own rates, which is why the same should happen for you. This is a bold and enticing claim, but it comes with a very heavy price tag.

3. The Conversion Academy

AWOL Coverson academyThis module focuses on conversion, which is essential to the success of any online marketing business.

It is when you convert interested potential customers to real customers that you start making actual money.

Like with the emails, AWOL claims that this module is packed with secrets on how to convert people into customers.

The description of the module actually states that you will be taught how to use hypnotic language to create an irresistible desire within your customers to use your products. Quite a bold statement, don’t you think?

To be realistic however, this module probably outlines conversion strategies that have been proven to work and those that are a waste of time, according to the company’s research. For this information, you will need to part with $1797. Talk about expensive programs!

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4. The Traffic Academy

Traffic academyAnyone who is remotely familiar with online marketing knows that traffic is the lifeline of the business.

When people are trickling or swarming your blog or site, that is how you know that you are getting the attention you need.

Without traffic, who will you be converting into customers?

And most importantly, from where are you going to get the email addresses of people who are interested in your products or services?

It is therefore quite a surprise that this is not among the very first training modules.

According to the company, if you follow the steps outlined in this module, you will be receiving heavy traffic of interested potential customers who are ready to buy.

Like most other claims by the company, this is definitely yet another bold one. And for this information, you will have to part with a whopping $2997. Nothing spells costly better than this.

5. Masters Academy

Masters academyThe focus of this module is the management of your riches.

It expounds on how to manage your money and how to plan your taxes strategically. You will also be taught how to invest.

The company claims that the information shared here is sourced from some of the world’s greatest minds when it comes to investment and money management.

For their insight, you need to cough up $5497. By this time, you have to wonder if this investment is really worth the money.

AWOL Elite

This package offers you 2-hour webinars a week and you also get mentoring as well. Moreover, the package affords you access to the company founders through an exclusive Facebook page. For the Elite package, you need to pay $9997. This is simply an outrageous amount of money by anyone’s standards.

AWOL Academy Affiliate Program

The company also has an affiliate program whereby members who market it get a 30% commission on every new member they bring in. With time, this can accumulate to quite a formidable amount.

The only hurdle is finding people who are willing to spend that much money on a training program. Additionally, you must purchase the Traffic Academy module in order to qualify as an affiliate marketer. Not so enticing after all, is it?

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To be fair, the AWOL Academy is not a scam. There is a lot that one can learn from the program. The only thing that you have to bear in mind is the exorbitant pricing of the products.

You ought to be careful about a product whose introductory modules costs $99. Unless you have $20, 000 to spend on the program, you would be better off looking for other programs that offer training at more reasonable prices.