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Is Az Formula A Scam? Today, there any ways that have come up to make money. While most of these are legit, there are very many scams to rip people of their hard earned money. One of the deals that seem too good to be true today is the AZ formula.

With this formula, there is the promise of earning $2K every day without necessarily having to do anything.

While this may seem a very good deal to many people, it may raise questions among many others on the legitimacy of the whole deal. This article will give you all the hard facts to prove that this AZ formula is a scam and you will not be able to earn any money, leave alone the promise of $2k on a daily basis.

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More about the AZ formula

In order to make it easier for you to understand, this review is divided into sections. In these sections, you will get all the information and facts you need to prove to you that the AZ formula is a scam you should avoid completely to ensure you do not lose your money.

What is AZ formula?

The AZ formula has been developed by one Steve Cook and it is already out there in the market. The AZ formula is a system that gives the promise of earning $2,000 on a daily basis that translates to 10,000 or more in a week.

The owner gives you promises that immediately you start the program, you will be able to make $10,000 or more every week. However, there is a fault in his system.

This is because he gives promises of earning a lot of money without giving information on what you are required to do to earn the money.

After reviewing these Clickbank products, I have discovered that the incomes promised do not pan at all after you have bought the product.

How does the AZ formula work?

Is Az Formula A Scam review

These Clickbank products work basically by sending you a video that you are required to download. In the video, all the information you get is just promises of how much money you are going to make once you buy the products.

The initial price for the product is just $37, and they tell you that it is the only money you are required to spend.

Later on, they give you the promise of making more profits if you invest more. Due to the fact that you have already spent $37, you will be more willing to throw in a few more coins hoping to make huge profits.

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However, after buying the products, you will not be able to know what to do with them since there is no training offered in the videos on how to use these products. The situation gets even worse when you get to the back end and all you get is generic information on random methods.

Sadly, this is what happens with most of the Clickbank products that people are being duped into buying, and the AZ formula is no different. The main reason why AZ formula is no different is the fact that in their sales video, they begin by talking about affiliate system as a main way to make profits.

Later in the video, they begin talking about e-commerce as a way of making profits. Affiliate system and E-commerce are very different and distinct ways to make money and it is quite impossible for one product to utilize them together for the sole purpose of making profits.

This is because they are different models that cannot be used together but one can be used in the place of another. Based on this fact alone, it is easy to tell that the AZ formula is a scam.

AZ formula red flags

Red flag? So Is Az Formula A Scam

There are many red flags for the AZ formula and they are pointed out below to help you not only stay clear of the AZ formula but all the other future scams you come across.

1. The promise of earning $10k every week. In today’s world, it is very difficult to earn this much money in a week without doing nothing. The sooner you understand this, the easier it will be for you to detect scams.

2. There is absolutely no information on the system and what you are required to do to make the money. Since there is no information on the products you are buying, you may end up getting something completely different from what you bought.

3. There is little or no work required for you to do. In the video, they tell you that you do not have to work on your laptop for more than 15 minutes on a daily basis to earn $2k daily.

There is no system in the world that is so automated that you can earn that much money by simply activating it. In real sense, to make this much money, you have to put in many hours of work.

4. The testimonials are all faked. While this may be difficult to tell, I have reviewed very many products and I can tell when the testimonials are faked. The people giving the testimonials are all hired from freelancing sites like

5. The owner is not real. Just like in many other scams, the owners do not give their personal information and details; they tend to hide behind personas. They give you sob stories you can relate with so that you will be duped into buying the products they are advertising.

They also come up with faked logos to instill confidence and distract you from the fact that there is no information about them in the internet.

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Is Az Formula A Scam: Conclusion

From all the information above, it is no secret that AZ formula is a scam. Making that much money is possible, but it cannot be done with a few clicks as AZ formula promises.

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