Is a Scam? Many people consider survey websites as one of the easiest ways to make money online. They look for legit survey sites to earn a decent side income. The only bit of problem is that not all survey sites are legit.

You have to be pretty selective to pick the right survey site. If you end up choosing the wrong one, you can waste a lot of time and money. That is why; you have to research different survey sites to find that golden nugget.

If you have been looking around for survey sites, one name which will capture your attention is However, before you go with this site, it is essential to find out if it is legit or not. We will today answer the question is a scam?

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What is

In simplest terms, is a survey site. It creates various commercials, and that is why it needs the information from the consumers. When you visit, you will find that it offers a simple 3-step process to make money. It includes:

1. Sign up

2. Complete surveys for which you are eligible

3. Get Paid

It might sound simple enough, but you have to find out whether it is a legit website or not. When you sign up on the site, all you have to enter is your birth date and gender.

After providing that information, they will share with you a site which you have to join. calls it a panel and states that the more panels you join, the more money you can make, but it is an entirely different website.

No matter which information you input in the first step, you will be taken to the same site. There is no such thing as multiple panels.

Thus, in the very first step, you discover the biggest red flag of It just makes wild claims that you have been matched up with the website. The truth is that irrespective of your demographic, you will be asked to sign up on another survey website.

Let us now delve deeper into the working of

How does it work?Is a Scam

The only job of is to direct you to another survey website. Perhaps, it wants to make money by referring you to another survey website.

A legit survey site, on the other hand, has a proper dashboard after you sign-up and tie-ups with various advertisers. They do not direct you to another survey website. It indicates that Big Spot is nothing more than a lead generation front.

It means that if you’re looking for survey websites, will not benefit you a bit. It is a good idea to go with some legit survey websites which have their relationships with advertisers and companies.

When you visit the survey website which it recommends, you will have to submit your personal information in detail. Chances are, you will get spammed with various work from home opportunities which do not work.

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When you go through the commercial on the landing page of, you will realize that they make themselves appear as a legit survey website having a proper business model. In truth, they are just an affiliate marketing front.

Since they direct you only to a single survey website, it is better to research on your own and find other legit survey websites. When you do so, chances are you can diversify your income and also qualify for more surveys across different platforms. does not bring you closer to your goal of making an income online. That is why; you should give it a complete skip. Even though it demands very little information from you, it is a sham site and consequently; it is wise to stay away from it all together.

What should you know about

There are a few red flags about which you should consider before making your decision. These include:

1. Single page site: is a single page site. It might have some other pages to appear genuine, but those are only thin pages which make it resemble a legit website.

If you look at the site, you will realize that it is as good as a single page website. Such a large survey company which claims that it works directly with clients and builds commercials, cannot have a single-page site. It is one of there main red flags.

2. Directs you to a single website:

Irrespective of the information which you enter in your gender and your birth date, you will be directed to the same site. You can try it yourself. You can go back to the landing page and input different information in the gender and birth date field, and still, you will end up on the same website.

It indicates that it does not actually match you up with different sites but instead redirects you to a website with which they have an affiliate relationship with. They are just making money off you in the process.

3. Minimal information requirement is a sham:

Many people get attracted to because it asks for very little information. The truth is that, when you get redirected to a different website, it will require you to submit a lot of information. You will have to part with quite a few of your details.

That is why; the initial landing page which asks for only birth date and gender is a sham. Like most of the other survey sites, it requires you to submit a lot of information.

All these red flags indicate that it is a website which you should skip. If you are on the fence about, now is the time to shun it completely. There is no point in going through their referral links when you want to sign up on any survey website. Instead, you can go directly to that survey website and join it.

Is it suitable for you?Who Is a Scam for? is not suitable for anyone. You will waste your time when you sign up with Its sole purpose is to send leads to other survey websites. You can find that survey website directly by conducting proper due diligence. does not have any relationship with the advertisers. They do not provide any evidence that they create commercials for their clients and need information for the same.

All of that information is present on the landing pages to lure in visitors and to pass them off to the actual survey website as referrals. In a nutshell, it is not suitable for any individual in my opinion.




• Not a genuine survey site

• Lead collection portal

• The redirected website requires a lot of information

• Provides only one website to work with

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Verdict – Is a Scam? might not be a scam in technical terms, but it is indeed shady. It tries to pass itself off as a genuine survey website when it is a lead generation landing page and nothing more.

Consequently it is advisable to avoid as much as possible. The answer to the question is a scam? might be a no but the shady nature of it’s operation necessitates that you should stay away from it.

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