Clicks Dealer

Lately, there have been many programs on the Internet which claim that you can make thousands of dollars every day by posting advertisements for other companies. The only bit of the problem is that most of them are not legit.

The ad flipping business model which they promote is quite shady. Hence; if you come across such a product, it is important to conduct proper due diligence before opting for such a product.

One such product which promotes a similar business model is Clicks Dealer. Naturally, it is a good idea to know more about it before jumping in with both feet. We will today share with you our Clicks Dealer review and also help you understand, is Clicks Dealer a scam.

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What is Clicks Dealer?

Clicks Dealer is an advertising marketplace. With the help of Clicks Dealer, you can buy and sell banner advertising. You can enroll your website on Clicks Dealer or purchase advertising space on third party websites.

When people click on your ad, they land on your landing pages through which, you can make money. Now that you are aware of the underlying business model let us look at the creator to understand if he/she is credible enough.

About The Creator:
Is Clicks Dealer A Scam

Surprise, Surprise!, there is not much information about the creator on the website. Since the Clicks Dealer marketplace demands that you might invest up to $10,000 in Banner buying before building a proper business model, it is a huge red flag.

Would you invest a thousand dollars in a website which does not even disclose its creator? Probably not if you do not want to burn your money.

There is only a phone number and office address mentioned. The problem with the office address is that it is listed as the official business address of 41 other companies.

It indicates that it is just an address on rent rather than a proper office. That is why; you should be suspicious about Clicks Dealer right from the start.

What does Clicks Dealer have on offer?

If you ignore all of these red flags, there are still a few red flags which you need to know. The business model or the information about the system of Clicks Dealer is hazy at best.

By reading or going through the website, you will not get many details about how their site works. The truth is that, when the minimum deposit amount is around $250, they should elaborately explain the business model better.

The site repeatedly recommends you to speak to your account manager to understand how you can use it. When you do so, the sole job of the account manager is to make you deposit money without divulging details.

The account manager will only explain to you four steps which can lead you to deposit your money with Clicks Dealer. Let us look at these four steps to understand more.

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1. Activating the account:

Activating the account is one of the first steps which you need to accomplish. The only bit of the problem is that it involves depositing a significant amount of money. The website does not let you know about the amount of money which you need to deposit.

The site pushes you to activate your account. There are five different options which you have. Depending on the account type or the package which you choose, the website will match the deposit amount by a certain percentage. We will go into the different packages below.

• Bronze package: Bronze package offers you a 20% matching bonus.

• Silver package: Silver package provides you a 50% matching bonus and also access to an account manager for one month.

• Gold package: Gold package offers 75% matching bonus along with access to account manager for three months.

• Platinum package: Platinum package provides you a 100% matching bonus and offers lifetime access to account manager.

• Diamond package: Diamond package offers you a 200% bonus and VIP mentoring.

The problem is the website does not specify the amount of money which you will need to deposit in every package. From the terms and conditions, you can get to know that the minimum deposit is $250.

You will have to spend that much amount of money to activate your Bronze package. The problem with the bronze package is that it does not provide you access to an account manager.

That is why; if you want to understand the website and the interface, you will have to deposit a much higher amount probably.

2. Banner buying: Clicks Dealer Saying you need Banner ads

Once you deposit the money, you can start buying banners. The cost of the banners starts at $25. The price can go to as high as $1000. You can choose the banners from different niches like:

• Electronics

• Kids

• Cryptocurrency

• Automotive

• Fashion

• Beauty

Another bit of problem with Clicks Dealer is that even if you click accidentally on the buy button, you have just 7 seconds to hit cancel. Seven seconds is not enough time to reverse your decision.

You might not even notice the cancel button before it disappears. Since you already have deposited your money into the account, an accidental click can cost you a significant amount of money.

Now that you are familiar with banner buying, it is time to understand how you can monetize these banners.

3. Ad flipping:

The website claims that every time, your banner gets a click, you will be able to make money. It does not, however, go into the details of the monetization program. That is why you might get visitors, but you might not be able to make money when you get the clicks.

It advocates that you can opt for ad flipping to buy the ads and then arbitrage them on the same platform or a different one to make money. The only bit of problem is that Ad flipping is not a viable business model.

There is no guarantee that the visitors which visit your website will click on banners to generate visitors for your advertisers. Ad flipping is a fragile business model which does not work.

Even if you hypothetically assume that ad flipping works, why will someone by banner advertising on your landing page at the increased cost when they can buy the advertisements from the original banner seller at a much lower price on the same platform.

It does not make any sense for them to spend more to buy from the middlemen on the same platform where the original publishers are selling the banners. That is why; it is not a feasible business model.

4. Referral system:

Clicks Dealer claims that you can also make money through their referral program. They claim that you can make up to $1000 for every referral. It is a complete hogwash. No company will pay you such a massive amount for free signups.

They also claim that you get a 25% bonus from the first purchase of your referral. It states that you can make up to $10,000 for ten free references. No company offers such a generous referral reward for free signups. That is why; you should avoid the referral program as well.

With both the monetization models being shady and impractical, you have no way to make money from Clicks Dealer. Hence, it is better to just stay away from it altogether.

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What should you know about Clicks Dealer?

There are a few other shortcomings of Clicks Dealer as well which you need to know.

1. Ad flipping is not a business model:

Ad flipping is not a practical business model. As we stated above, nobody will buy from the middlemen when you can buy the ads from the original publisher on the same platform.

Even if you advertise your banners on a different platform, it is too fragile a business model and involves many different variables to become successful.

2. Rehashed scam:

Banner bit was an old scam product which sold the same business model. It has numerous complaints and negative reviews.

Ultimately, the site was shut down due to these complaints and negative reviews. Clicks Dealer offers the same scam in a rehashed version. Hence, it is a good idea to stay away from it.

These two red flags alone are more than enough to stay away from Clicks Dealer. It seems like the answer to the question is Clicks Dealer a scam is a yes.

Do read our verdict to know more about a legit money making opportunities you can use rather than choosing a scam product and a business model like Clicks Dealer.

Is Clicks Dealer suitable for you?

Clicks Dealer is not suitable for anyone. It is a rehashed scam, and you should stay away from it. It tries to trap you with the initial investment so that you have no other option but to spend that money. That is why; you should not even bother activating your account with Clicks Dealer.


• None


• Bogus business model

• Lack of clarity

• Requires you to deposit a significant amount of money

• Rehashed scam

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Verdict – Is Clicks Dealer A Scam?:

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is YES Clicks Dealer is a scam. There is no bit of doubt that it is a business model which does not work. The website is a rehashed version of a previous scam which raises even more red flags.

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