Computer Oasis

Is Computer Oasis a Scam? Many people are looking for legit ways to make money online. The only problem is that with no prior experience, it can be tough to make money online.

That is why people often get directed towards programs and systems which help them build a passive stream of income online. The only bit of problem is that most of these programs are outdated. They do not work. That is why; you have to be pretty careful while choosing one.

If you have been on your quest to find a system which helps you make money online, you would have surely come across Computer Oasis.

It has gained a lot of hype. However, before you go for it, it is wise to find out if Computer Oasis a scam? Today, we will go into the details of Computer Oasis so that you can get the answer to this question.

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What is Computer Oasis?

Let us get right into it. Computer Oasis is a work-at-home online system which claims that you can make thousands of dollars with the help of techniques which they share with you.

When you visit their landing page, they also claim that they feature in various media outlets like CNN and NBC. When you see those logos, you might think that they have a lot of credibility. However, you need to think again.

When you go through their landing page, the very first red flag which you will come across is the lack of founder details. Most of the legit systems or make money online products do not hide the founder details. That is why; you have to be skeptical about the system right from the start.

What does Computer Oasis have on offer?

Computer Oasis promotes the link posting business model to generate thousands of dollars every day. The problem is that most of the other products that use link posting as make money online technique are frauds. Link posting technique used to work at some point in time. Let us describe the gist of link posting.

Link posting involves posting affiliate links or instead spamming your affiliate links all over the Internet. You have to do so in the comments, on social media networks and wherever else you can paste a link. When someone purchases the product through that link, you will make a commission.

The only bit of problem is that over the years, the anti-spam filter of most of the websites has advanced a lot. That is why, even if you spend hours every day posting links, it is tough to make your commission.

Hence, you won’t be able to gain visitors to your affiliate link. When there are no visitors to your affiliate link, you won’t make a dime.

Besides, link spamming is no longer a viable marketing technique. The audience online is way smarter than to just click on any spam link and buying any product. That is why; it is challenging to drive any traffic to your affiliate links using this out dated technique.

Moreover, even if you spam links to build the backlinks to your website, you will also get caught in a big fat Google penalty sooner than later, and then what? It will also means that after your site is penalized you never get a chance to rank ever.

Also, if you’re trying to bring a twist to the link posting technique and are using it to build the backlinks to your website, that is also useless.

Now that you are familiar with the technique which it markets let us look at some other details of the program.

Where did it go wrong?Is Computer Oasis a Scam

The only bit which they got right was that affiliate marketing could help you make thousands of dollars. However, it is not as simple as spamming your links throughout the Internet.

When promoting a product worth $50, most of the merchants can provide you with a commission of 75% on every sale. When selling a physical product, you can easily make $15-$20 on the deal. That is why; it is possible to make a significant amount of money with affilate marketing.

However, Computer Oasis does not recommend a viable method to use affiliate marketing. It is the reason why it is not a good business model worth executing.

Affiliate marketing can help you to make money online but only when you do it right to create a website and rank it. When you gain consistent traffic through sheer hard work and effort, that is only when you can make a significant amount of money using affiliate marketing.

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What is the cost of Computer Oasis?

The cost of this system is $97. It charges you a one-time fee. However, once you part with your cash, there are quite a few updates and upsells which you have to go through. Chances are, if you fell for Computer Oasis, you will fall for at least one other of the many sales they have to offer.

When you check the upsells, you will be surprised to know that they do not even shortlist the things which you will get for $97. They make wild claims so that you can part with your money. It is one of the main problems with Computer Oasis.

What should you know about Computer Oasis?

There are quite some red flags which you should be aware of when it comes to Computer Oasis.

1. Scam based technique:

There are various other scam programs promoting link posting as a technique. Some other programs like computer professionals, computer portal have the same landing page. That is why it is nothing better than a rehashed scam.

2. Fake reviews:

If you have been impressed by the reviews, think again. Most of the reviews on the website are fake. The videos listed or the job opportunities available online have no mention of Computer Oasis. It indicates that it is a white label video of some website. Similarly, when you go through the newsreel, you will realize that there is no mention of Computer Oasis and specific.

3. Does not provide value:

In spite of this even if you pay $97, neither you will get a physical product or any software. You will get outdated information which will not help you make any money at all. Hence, it is better to stay far away from Computer Oasis.

These are some red flags which you need to know. All of the red flags point to the fact that you should stay away from Computer Oasis.

Is Computer Oasis suitable for you?Man On phone on laptop seeing If Computer Oasis a Scam

Computer Oasis, unfortunately, is not suitable for anyone. It cannot help you make any money what so ever, and you will lose your $97 if you buy the product. If you’re thinking about this product, it is a good idea to just plain skip it all together.




• Outdated business model

• Does not provide any value

• Fake reviews

• No information about the founder

• Rehashed product

• Lots of upsells

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Verdict – Is Computer Oasis a Scam?

The answer to the question Is Computer Oasis a Scam?, is a resounding Yes. It is a rehashed version of the previous scams. Hence; it is better to avoid it at all cost. The link posting technique which it advocates does not work anymore.

It relies on spamming every website or social media network which you can find. It is also unethical. There are many better and legit ways to make money online.

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