Is Copy My Email System a Scam

Is Copy My Email System a Scam?

Affiliate marketing can help you make a lot of money. However, you need a proper strategy to help you do that. Many people look for various products or techniques which they can use to build that strategy. That is why; they often search for systems which can help them achieve that. One such method which claims to help you with affiliate marketing is, copy my email system (CMES).

Just like any other system, before actually opting for it, it is advisable to find out its truth. Only when you are clear about its authenticity, you can go ahead and decide whether you want to opt for the system or not.

We will today help you out with that. We will share with you my view of copy my email system and answer the question, is copy my email system a scam? Just go through our review below, and you can easily decipher the same.

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What is Copy My Email System (CMES)?

Let us first start with the basics. We will highlight what exactly is CMES and how it works. CMES claims that you can make up to $400 per day by sending emails out. When you visit the landing page of there website, you will notice that there is a news clip which states that people can easily make money online.

The problem is it does not associate itself with CMES. However, by planting it on its landing page, CMES makes it appear as if it is speaking about this very product rather than anything else.

If you are interested in CMES after viewing that news clip, you need to think again. It is not entirely genuine. CMES states that all you have to do is send a few emails out with the affiliate links to products they promote.

About CMES:

CMES costs just $1.65. However, that is only the starting price. You will be rebilled after a few days if you want to continue as the member. The creators of CMES are Brian James and Michael Beeson.

The problem is that apart from their names, there is not much information available about the creators on their website. In all probability, the creator’s identities are fake. It is a huge red flag if you’re considering CMES as a choice.

It instantly veers CMES towards yes when posed with the question is copy my email system a scam?. That is why; you need to watch out if you’re thinking of opting for the system.

How does CMES work?

You might be curious regarding how CMES works. We will summarize the entire process below.

The first thing which you have to do is to pay $1.65 to access the member’s area of CMES. However, CMES makes it seems like once you access the member’s area, you can quickly start sending emails and make money.

The truth is that you will have to purchase an email sending account. The email sending account will cost you $1.95 for the first five days. After that, it will cost you $97.

When you jump on to the next video, it states that if you want to jumpstart your earnings for the next ten weeks, you can buy subscribers from CMES. The cost of subscribers is $199. You will get 5000 subscribers for that amount.

After that, they will recommend you to promote CMES itself with your list. They claim that you can make up to $300 by promoting CMES. CMES also offers you various packages for not just getting these referrals but also sending your affiliate links to the ready-made email list. The packs are as follows:

• You can buy 20 referrals for $297.

• You can buy five emailers for $97.

• You can buy two emailers for $47.

The problem with CMES is that you will have to consistently spend more money even to have any probability of earning an income.

How do they get subscribers?

You might have the question of how are they getting subscribers to resell to in the first place. The problem is the website does not elaborate on any of these issues. You never know whether the subscribers are real or whether the sources are genuine or merely spammed.

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How much do you need to spend?

As we have explained above, if you want to make money with CMES, you will have to spend up to $500 to have a remote chance of making a decent amount of money.

The principle which they explain to you is that you can buy the program and then start sending emails to earn an income is utterly a sham. It does not work that way. You are required to spend a significant amount of money to be in the game.

What should you know about CMES?

There are a few red flags about CMES which you should know.

1. Scammed customers:

You might think that after paying the membership fee if you do not wish to proceed forward, you will have the member’s access. The problem is that many people have paid that amount and after that got their membership revoked.

It means that for no reason whatsoever, they lost access to the member’s area. It is a clear indication that CMES might indeed be a scam. If you search around the Internet with the query is copy my email system a scam? You will find quite a few people who claim to have been scammed by this product.

2. Fake testimonials: Is Copy My Email System a Scam

In most of the scam products, fake testimonials are pretty obvious. It means that even when you are ready to invest more money by buying emailers or getting referrals from them, then also you cannot make a significant amount of money.

The testimonials on their landing page are Fiverr video actors and therefore are entirely fake. While the way of presentation in the video testimonials might look genuine but most of them are by actors, and consequently, you need to stay wary of these testimonials.

3. No information about the owners:

As we stated above, apart from their names, there is no additional information about the owners. It seems like the identity of the owners is entirely fake.

The problem is only when the product does not work, or there is a scam product, most of the owners hide their identity. It is a huge red flag which clearly states that you should stay away from their system.

4. Consistent upsells:

Even if you plan on executing the technique which they teach you, you will have to buy products or services from them consistently. It means that you will end up spending a significant amount of money.

Moreover, they are pretty cloudy about the services and the mechanism through which they execute the services. It means that you are just throwing money away without getting any assurance of return.

When you look at these red flags, it is clear that it is not a genuine product to buy. There are many other affiliate marketing products which you can use to make a decent sum of money with. However, if you look at the testimonials of CMES, it is better to stay away from it.

Is CMES suitable for you?

CMES is not suitable for anyone. Since the product is a complete sham and scam, you should completly stay away from it. It just tries to resell and upsell you more and more services so that it can earn more amount of money from the same set of customers.




• Fake owner’s identity

• Constant upsells

• Expensive to execute

• Arbitrary revoking of memberships

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 Is Copy My Email System a Scam? –Verdict 

So, unfortunately, the answer to the question, Is copy my email system a scam?, is a yes. There are many red flags which clearly state that this product might be a scam. If you’re interested in making money through affiliate marketing, it is advisable to go for some other genuine products that actually work. These products can help you make money the right way.

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