Digital Payday

Is Digital Payday A Scam? Or a legit money maker? Many individuals are looking for ways to make money through the Internet. The problem is that most of the opportunities or so-called programs which help you explore those opportunities are a scam.

They do not work. That is why it is essential for you to understand whether it is legit or not. Otherwise, you might end up losing your time as well as your money.

If you have been searching for such programs, you might have come across Digital Payday. As usual, the marketing and the hype generated by the program is pretty high.

That is why; individuals often think that it is a legit program. We will today share with you our Digital Payday review to help you understand that Digital Payday a scam?

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What is Digital Payday?

Digital Payday is a program which promises to help you create a passive income stream by working right from the comfort of your home. It claims that you can make up to $5000 every day. Yes, that is the figure which they claim you can make.

It comes to over $1 million every year. That alone raises quite a few red flags. The claim in itself is pretty hyped. It claims to help you do so by utilizing affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing involves promoting products to gain commission on every sale. Now that you are aware of the premise of the program let us now look at the background of the creator to know more about it.

About the creator:

Daniel Bluth is the creator of the program. According to his bio, he is a self-made millionaire and also an entrepreneur and claims in his bio that anyone can replicate the steps which he took to become a millionaire.

There is however no history or the products which he launched to attain the millionaire status. That is why his bio seems sketchy.

What does Digital Payday have on offer?Is Digital Payday A Scam

Now let us look at the actual program now and decipher whether it holds any real value. When you check out the website, you will find that the landing page itself is pretty vague.

According to the site, all you need to do is enroll in the program and then choose the ad banners. Once you do that, you can start rolling in payments without any problem.

The problem is that even if you’re not well versed with affiliate marketing, you can quickly decipher that it will not be that easy to make money. It seems too simple and easy. Once you sign up on Digital Payday, it redirects you to another program by the name of Clicks Dealer.

That program in itself will cost you $250. Digital Payday claims that only once you buy that program, you can go ahead with the purchase of ad banners.

That is why it is almost imperative to spend those $250 as well. It indicates that the initial cost of Digital Payday is one of the hooks to make you pay more. That is a huge red flag for me.

How do purchasing ad banners work?

By now, you will already be aware that Digital Payday works around purchasing ad banners. It is time to look at this mode of advertising to understand whether it works or not.

The first thing which you need to understand is that Digital Payday advocates buying ad banners through Clicks Dealer.

Digital Payday claims that once you get the visitors through these advertisements, you will make money. It is oversimplifying a business model. We will decipher how it works below.

1. The business model which Digital Payday advertises consists of no middlemen. The million-dollar corporations which have their products and services use platforms like Facebook, Google ad words and others to gain traffic.

2. When you promote affiliate products with the same business model, you will not earn hundreds of dollars on every referral/sale. You will receive anywhere between $25 -$75. That is why purchasing ad banners and making $5000 a day is not practical using this business model.

3. Moreover, such campaigns require consistent tweaking to perfect the demographics of the audience. It can cost you thousands of dollars to improve your ad campaign before you see any profit at all.

It is not as simple as buying ad banners and watching the money rolling in. You will have to invest thousands of dollars upfront to perfect your campaign.

4. Most of the advertising platforms have stringent rules and regulations when it comes to promoting affiliate products. That is why; you will have to abide by these rules and regulations before your campaign goes live.

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These are a few reasons why the business model the Digital Payday promotes, does not work. To make $25 per product, you will have to sell 200 products a day to make up to $5000.

At the same time, you will have to optimize your campaign vastly to reach a good ROI level. We are not even considering the margins which you make after cutting down on the advertising costs.


That is why; it is almost impractical to assume that just by purchasing ad banners you can make that kind of money.

What should you know about Digital Payday?

By now, you will already be aware that Digital Payday sounds pretty shady. There are however a few additional things which you need to understand about the program.

1. Fake endorsements:

Digital Payday makes the visitors believe that they have an endorsement from Mark Zuckerberg.

They have a photo of Mark Zuckerberg on their website behind whom; there is a slight highlighting Digital Payday. The truth is that it is a superimposed image and the picture is entirely fake.

2. Fake testimonials:

That isn’t all. There are various counterfeit testimonials to make Digital Payday seem credible. Most of these testimonials are from freelancers who make videos and sell them. You can easily find the same freelancers offering their services on Fiverr.

3. The fake identity of the creator:Fake owner of this Is Digital Payday A Scam

The giant red flag is that there is no Daniel Bluth. It is a false identity. The photo of the creator is stolen. That clearly states that Digital Payday is a huge scam.

It is a stock photo which can be found all over the Internet and on plenty of such sham products. His signature is fake as well. The complete profile of the creator is fake.

These three shortcomings completely expose Digital Payday.

Is Digital Payday suitable for you?

The short answer to that is it is not suitable for anyone. It is a complete scam and markets fake testimonials and reviews to loot the customers. Moreover, it makes you spend consistently and oversimplifies the business model which is not practical for individual marketers.




• Oversimplified business model

• Fake testimonials

• Fake creator identity

• Overhyped product

• Upsells

• Impractical business model

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Is Digital Payday A Scam?: Verdict

Digital Payday is one of the very few products which has nothing worth highlighting. It sure seems like a scam to me. It oversimplifies a business model to the point where the entire business model is impractical.

Moreover, when you couple all of this with the fake creator profile and false testimonials, it is a product from which you should keep far away from.

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