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Dear reader, you are welcomed to read my personal review on Your Freedom Mentor. Before we start talking about it, let me tell you that many friends of mine were literally asking me to tell them what freedom mentor is and if this is a scam or not.

Overview of Freedom Mentor

Firstly, when I had a look at the website of Your Freedom Mentor, I noticed that there are many claims about how much money you can make.

When I scrolled the website down, I saw the statement where the author writes that you can make up to $1,074 per day, which does not sound realistic to me. No matter what system they use, I have not heard anyone doing this amount of money in less than one day.

Another thing I found suspicious is that this program tells you that there is a limited number of places, so you have to hurry up with your decision to become one of the last clients.

This trick was used to make your stay on the website longer than you expected. In addition, it makes you think that you have either buy or not buy option, which is considered one of the good sales strategies. In other words, Your Freedom Mentor just wants you to purchase their product.

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Moreover, if you have a look at their website, you would probably notice one suspicious thing. When I was on the website, it was telling me that this is the last date when you can buy their offer at the cheapest price they have. However, this date changes accordingly to the date in real life.

It was telling me that the 25th of September is the closing date. Nevertheless, when I checked this website later, it showed me that now that the 24th of October is the closing date. I am sure that the date on the website will change to the date you are currently watching their website to make you make the fast decision (which is a wrong one).

From an ethical point of view, this is not right to make customers purchase your goods, services, whatever you want to sell. I found it weird, as it looks like a scam like Your Mentor Box or Millionaire Club.

How does it work?

Is Freedom Mentor a scam or real?

If you read up to this moment, you should have assumed that everything I told you before was my personal experience, opinion, and observation. I have not told you how this system works yet. Now, I am going to tell you what this program does and what business model lies behind it.

When I started working with You Freedom Mentor, I noticed that it processes all the payments via ClickBetter. Good news: you can get a refund from them if you did not like what program offers you over the short-term period. Bad news: too many scams go via their website, which makes it unreliable.

When I was doing reviews on other different systems, I also saw that the system operates via ClickBetter, which is a warning sign to me.

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To be honest with you guys, the videos provided by the system are not giving anything useful to you, they are useless.

Everything they tell you about is how their system is amazing, and how much money you can make over the short time period. It sounds good, but this is too far from reality. This is all about sales tactics that make you lose your money.

Here is the true process of how it works

When you purchase Your Freedom Mentor, you are likely to buy the sales funnel that takes out of you the whole fortune. That will sound quite weird, but they are able to take from you a 5-figure money. You could probably come up with a question like “Seriously? 5-figures? I’m out!”.

However, they will not only take this amount of money from you, as well as…

What truly happens is that when you purchase Your Freedom Mentor, remember, this is just the beginning.

After your purchase, you will be pushed over many steps, which include expensive business opportunities. The last thing that occurs is that you buy all these opportunities. As a result, you are out of all your money in the pocket.

However, being honest is not always bad, as there are real business opportunities that let you get something.

Is it a scam?

This is difficult to answer by just yes or no answer. The Freedom Mentor lies you straightaway about:

• How many places left

• How much money you can earn without doing anything.

• How easy to use their program

• How much money you should spend on it.

• And more…

According to all the reasons mentioned before, I can say that this is a Scam.

Is Freedom Mentor a scam of a program

On the other side, you have a chance of money refund over the next 60 days if you communicate with ClickBetter. There is no guarantee that if you sent an email to Freedom Mentor, you will receive a quick response. However, if you sent an email to ClickBetter, they will reply to you and help with everything you need.

This is the procedure of what happens when you join them:

* You will have to follow 21 stages.

* They will teach you how business works

* Make you interested in the expensive options.

So far this business model that you can bring you lots of money, but this is not for everyone.

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Is Freedom Mentor a scam? My final opinion.

I would not really recommend this mentor program. First of all, the website does not look trustful: it tells you how you can make money fast. They also tell you that there are limited places, which is also a lie. Moreover, this website is not ethic from making honest sales using right strategies.

Although you get some education and you can sell products by getting your commissions, this mentor program is not as great as other mentorship programs.

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