The number of GPT sites is increasing on the Internet consistently. While they might be an excellent way to make pocket money but the only problem is that not many of them are legit.

They require you to spend a significant amount of time to make a few bucks. You need to ensure however that you pick up a legit option to get the money which you earn.

One of the websites which have been around for quite some time is Global Test Market. GTM is one of the world’s leading GPT site. However, is it good enough today? We will shed some light on the same in our Global Test Market review today.

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What is Global Test Market (GTM)?

Is Global Test Market A Scam
Global Test Market is a part of the Kantar group which owns Lightspeed Research. It started way back in 1999 as one of the world’s leading market research companies. It has a broad client base globally spread across 60 different countries.

The job of the GTM is to collect accurate market research data for its clients. It does that with the help of reviews. The clients will then pay GTM for the data which it receives. The payment is used to distribute the money among the people who completed the surveys.

According to some estimates, in the year 2016, it paid out around $30 million. GTM is not the only market research company out there.

There are a couple of others like Pinecone Research, Vindale Research. Now that you are aware of the purpose and ownership of GTM let us delve further.

What does GTM offer?

The business model of GTM revolves around surveys. There is no other GPT activity to offer. You can make money by answering the questionnaires. Some of the other GPT sites require you to watch videos or click on emails, but GTM is only a survey website. It will not warrant any other action or activity on your part.

Not every survey is available for every member. You will be sent to survey invitations through the dashboard and on your email. The frequency is up to 8 times a week. The email will highlight the topic and the corresponding incentive for completing the survey.

Since the details are clearly on display, you can decide whether you want to go ahead with the survey or not. In most cases, the surveys are easy to accomplish. You can easily make a few bucks by answering a few simple questions.

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How to sign up for GTM?

You need to fill out your name and email address to sign up for GTM. After that, you will fill up a small questionnaire to help the GTM understand the types of surveys with which you are compatible. The best thing about GTM is that it is open globally. You can sign up on GTM from anywhere around the world.

Gaining points:

The currency inside GTM is in the form of points. You can convert these points into actual Fiat currency. The points which you earn on the completion of every survey are different.

It depends on the length/duration and complexity of the survey. The point conversion model is similar to other GPT sites. The exact name of the points in GTM is lifepoints.

How to qualify for the survey?Taking Global Test Market surveys

As with many of the survey based sites, you will not qualify for every survey. When you fill out the questionnaire, GTM will scan your profile and judge whether you are eligible for any of the current reviews.

Most of the clients of GTM require the audience to be in a specific demographic. Only when you fulfill that demographic requirement, you will get the survey invitation.

The problem is that in most of the developed countries, there are quite a few surveys available. However, if you’re from the developing countries, your earning potential is pretty limited.

The best part is that if you are a native of the developed country, you can make up to $10 by completing just a single weekly survey.

If you’re from the developing countries, you might qualify only for 1/3rd of that amount due to the lack of surveys. Thus, it is a bit of a hit and run depending on your geographic location.

What is the conversion rate?

As we stated above, the local points system in GTM involves the accumulation of Lifepoints. Hence, it is essential to know about the conversion rate of the same.

• 23 points will gain you $1.

• 250 points will earn you $10.

Are there any more ways to collect these points?

If you’re from a country which does not have a lot of surveys on offer, there are three other ways in which you can accumulate these points.

1. Sweepstake entries:

GTM also has sweepstake contest on offer in which you can take part. The total number of lifepoints in the sweepstake is worth $2000. It gets divided among 103 winners. In some of the cases, the payment for the survey is in the form of a sweepstake entry.

2. Referring friends:

There is a referral component in GTM as well. When your referral completes the survey, you will also earn points. The problem is that the referral system is available only in select countries. It is not available globally.

3. Lifepoints Mobile app:

GTM offers 5 lifepoints for installing the app. The booster area in the app also provides you with a way to boost your points by up to 100%. There are many simple tasks which you can undertake in conjunction with the app to make such points.

When you connect your Facebook account, you will gain 5 points. Similarly, when you turn on the notifications, you will get 10 points. When you turn on the location data, you will get more points. Thus, the mobile app allows you to get more points.

The only problem is that with each task, you will share more information about yourself.

How to redeem the points?

You can redeem the points for Fiat currency or gift cards as similar with the other GPT sites. You can look at the gift cards available on the rewards section of their website.

How much is the minimum payout amount?

The minimum payout amount is $50. You can request payment by check or by PayPal account. If both of these are not conducive for you, you can only avail the gift cards.

Is GTM suitable for you?CAn you make money with Global Test Market

GTM can help you make some extra money online. However, there are a few caveats which you need to look into before using GTM. These are:

• Are you going to spend a couple of hours just earning a couple of dollars?

• Will you be able to complete the monotonous and boring surveys?

• Are you willing to put time into GTM in spite of knowing that it can never give you a full-time income?

If you’re okay with these three conditions, you can go ahead and use GTM. Otherwise, it might not be the perfect option for you.

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What should you know about GTM?

There are a few hindrances to using GTM smartly. These are:

1. Lack of surveys:

Like most of the other GPT sites, the lack of surveys is the main problem. If you’re from the North American continent, you might get some surveys time and again, but the same is not applicable to other countries.

2. High payment threshold:

Most of the GPT websites have a low payment threshold like $5. When it comes to $50, it indicates that you might have to wait four weeks to reach that threshold. On an average, your earning rate will be $1 for 30 minutes.

Thus, you will have to spend 25 hours to reach the minimum payment threshold. The problem is that the frequency of surveys is on the lower side and often, it does not go above eight surveys per week. It means that to reach the threshold, it will take you at least three weeks.

3. Limited earning options:

GTM provides you with the option to finish surveys to make money. The surveys are available with the limited frequency. Since there is no other opportunity to make money like watching videos the earning potential is limited.


Legit company

• Established track record

• Multiple payment methods


• Less frequency of surveys

• High payment threshold

• Low earning potential

• Too time consuming and tedious

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Is Global Test Market A Scam?

The answer to the question Is Global Test Market A Scam? is a No. GTM is a legitimate market research company. The problem, however, is that the earning potential is on the lower side. It will not allow you to make anywhere near your full-time income no matter the number of hours which you spend.

With the frequencies of surveys becoming less and less, it is difficult to justify the amount of work which goes on to fill the surveys. The high payment threshold of $50 also means that it is tough to cash out your earnings.

It is a good idea to stay away from GTM as it is not a viable option considering the time spent. There are better opportunities out there to make money online.

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