Congratulations once again for taking your time to do some research before engaging your business on the web. This is the only way of avoiding online scams. It is also the best way of finding a legitimate way to make a living on the online platform.

Today we are going to talk in detail about the Global Travel International review and why it worth your time checking out this program that sounds a little bit farfetched.

So what is Global Travel International?

This is a reputable company that has been providing home-based travel agency business opportunities to all of its members. It operates by allowing the members to pay the annual membership subscription fee so as to benefit from their training programs, discounts, packages, and travel network.

Legit member is expected to pay an annual membership fee which is categorized into levels.

1. $299 for silver level

2. $499 for platinum level

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Global Travel International Summary Review

It is a company founded in the year 1994 by Michael A. Gross who is the President, and Randall J. Warren who is the Chairman of the company. Commonly referred to as GTI, the company plays a vital role in helping you set-up and raise your own business as an independent travel agent.

The operational services offered by the GTI should not be mistaken from other common firms. It looks and sound just like the Multi-level Marketing or MLM company that deals on travel packages such as Traverus, Intele Travels, and World Ventures, though a bit different.

What to expect from Global Travel International

Is Global Travel International a Scam? Or a money maker
GTI is basically your home business provider that ensures that it runs as an independent travel agency. Members are given access to tools and training necessary to succeed in the industry upon successfully joining the company.

On the same note, a member will have access to suppliers, travel network, and travel providers. Some of the networks include the following.

• Car rentals

• Specialty Tours

• Travel Insurance

• Transportation

• National tour operation like Apple Vacations and Trafalgar Tours

• Cruise operations like Carnival and Holland America Line

How to compensate legit members

Global Travel International compensates its members through the following ways:

1. Direct Sales

This is the basic means of earning income with GTI. It’s is simplified such that you will earn a commission by selling vacation and travel packages. However, these commission rates vary as per different membership tiers. It’s as follows:

• 5% commission rate for silver

• 7% commission rate for Gold

• 9% commission rate for Platinum

The most exciting thing about being a member of GTI is that regardless of membership level, you have access to GTI’s travel platform allowing you to accept sakes and bookings.

2. Recruitment

If you’re thinking this is an MLM-type of recruitment, forget about it. Compensation on recruitment is quite customized. Whenever you recruit a new agent into the business, you earn $100. Imagine it’s as simple as that.

One thing you need to be aware of is that there is no passive income for recruiting people into the program. Similarly, you can’t either earn commission from the sales of your recruited agents.

Now how do you get started with GTI?

Global Travel International has the following annual membership subscriptions:

• Silver Membership with an annual cost of $299

• Gold Membership with an annual cost of $399

• Platinum Membership with an annual cost of $499

When starting as a beginner, GTI gives you 14 days trial period. If you accept the deal, you can thereafter join, but if you’re not contented with the services, you can opt to cancel the plan plus your credit card at any time.

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What are the ugly truths about Global Travel International?

1. Rampant complaints about GTI’s service

Global Travel International among other travel companies is prone to receiving too many complaints concerning their services. Most often this issues results from the people not getting hotel rooms rates at the stipulated prices and their expected services.

This means that people have constantly been paying for rooms that they don’t secure on arrival. In the long run, the customer receives their refunds back no good reason.

2. Low earning potential

Is Global Travel International a Real money opportunity
Low earning is another downside of working with Global Travel International. Let me shade the light by comparing two travel companies.

GTI offers its agents 8% commission rate while Intele travel which is a similar MLM-based travel company offers its agents 70% commission rate.

From the two firms, you can easily see that Intele offers their agents nearly ten times the commission rate that is an offer by the GTI.

3. Poor treatment of their agents

Clear evidence shows that Global Travel International isn’t treating their agents well. The same way the customers are complaining is what is happening to the agents.

Agents have gone to extent of pointing out that GTI is screwing up their bookings despite not giving them the right commission fees.

Apart from the low commission rates, the company has gone further to take out a whole lot more than 8%. Logically this is an absurd, particularly for the supposedly world-class company.

The significance of Global Travel International

Perhaps GTI is the real business and not an MLM opportunity. It provides its members with the actual business. With this business, you’re sure of not paying for anything like a product.

The annual membership that you’re spending as a capital is driven towards paying for the network as well as the discount you’ve access to. So what does this mean? If the commission rates were a little bit decent, there is no doubt that this could have been an interesting way to make extra income.

So is Global Travel International a Scam or legit?

Global Travel international is much far away from being a pyramid scheme or a scam. It’s a fully legitimate company providing its members with an opportunity to develop their own business as independent travel agents.

If it’s not for the unreliability from the company itself, perhaps this could have been the best company to recommend agents to establish their business opportunity.

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Is Global Travel International a Scam: Conclusion

I believe that your priorities always matters when it comes to business objectives. So the fact that GTI neglects both their travel agents and the customers means they aren’t worth wasting time on it.

Not unless the company improves on its services, why put extra effort and yet the earning potential is already low? Well, the whole thing about GTI looks good on paper. But what is the need of working on unbearable condition, it doesn’t not worth it at all.