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Is Greedy Mentor a Scam? Many people in their quest to make money online often rely on techniques and systems to give them a kick start. While a handful of these techniques and methods do work, but most of them are not up to the par.

They take a lot of money and not provide any value in return. That is why it is essential to choose a product or a technique wisely. Not only, can you waste a lot of money but also a lot of your time and effort as well.

If you have been looking around for such systems or techniques, you might have undoubtedly come across Greedy Mentor. It has created a lot of hype for itself which is why chances are you might have come across this system.

Before you purchase this system in your hopes to make money online, it is a good idea to find out is Greedy Mentor a scam? We will today delve further into the details of this program to help you understand the offer better.

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What is Greedy Mentor?

Greedy Mentor claims that it will provide you access to a great money making system. With this money making system in action, you can make up to $1000 per day. When you visit the landing page, you get greeted by an intro video.

The earnings claim is repeated in the video again and again. The name of the host is Meaghan Harper. She states that unveiling the system in public is not suitable due to its robust nature.

The problem is that it tries to create a lot of hype and raises a few red flags like the video being labeled private and confidential. One of the main issues with the system is the fake identity of the host and an ineffective system.

What does Greedy Mentor have on offer?

Is Greedy Mentor a Scam
Let us now delve more into the details of this system to understand if it is up to par or not. When you first look at it, it will look like any other get rich quick scheme. That is why I feel  you need to be skeptical right from the start.

The main problem with Greedy Mentor is that it does not divulge the type of techniques which you will use to some make money online.

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They repeat their earnings claim. Even when you watch the video till the end, you will not know whether you will be doing affiliate marketing or drop shipping or creating an e-commerce website. That is why; it seems shady right from the start.

The suspicion gets further aroused by the fact that they do not list what you will get when you enroll in the program. There is no information on the products or services or coaching which you will get.

The creator of the product is just trying to lure you through fake claims. While there are plenty of actual businesses out there which you can use to create a nice amount of money online month to month, but unfortunately, Greedy Mentor is not one of them.

You will not even know about the information or the system until you buy it. If that does not scream a scam, I don’t know what does.

What is the cost of Greedy Mentor?

The cost of Greedy Mentor is $67. The problem is that once you pay $67, they offer you a lot of products which are not related to Greedy Mentor. Probably most of these products are products the merchant has an affiliate relation with.

Even if you opt for only a couple of upsells, it will cost you an extra couple of hundred dollars. The products and the upsells, do not add any value. That is why; these are a sheer waste of money.

What should you know about Greedy Mentor?

There are some few red flags in Greedy Mentor. We will highlight them below.

1. Rehashed scam:

There were a few other scams which used the same promotional video as Greedy Mentor. Some of these included private Cash Sites, Explode My Payday. The video indicates that it is just another scam with the new name. Due to this very reason, you should stay away from it as far as possible.

2. Greedy Mentor clearly states that you will not make money using its program:

When you look at the terms and conditions of Greedy Mentor below the landing page, it clearly says that the average purchaser does not make any money with this system. That is preposterous. With the video above that fine print, they clearly state that you can make up to $1000.

In the terms and conditions which are legally binding, they mention that the average customer does not make any money with their system. Thus, they rat themselves out on the landing page itself. So, to protect themselves from any legal troubles, they clearly state that you cannot make any money at all with this system.

If up until now, you had a glimmer of hope that Greedy Mentor might be a legit program; it is time to give up on the hopes of that.

3. Greedy Mentor sales your data:

The terms and conditions of Greedy Mentor clearly state that when you click the join now button, you are permitting them to sell your data. It means that you can say goodbye to your privacy. In this age, where people are taking their privacy much more seriously, it is a huge red flag. It is another reason why you should stay away from it.

4. Fake creator:

Is Greedy Mentor a Scam
The name of the creator/spokesperson of the system is Meaghan harper. The problem is there is no information about her on the website. Moreover, the image used is a stock photo. It indicates that the identity of the creator is fake.

You can find the same picture on many other websites. It suggests that the actual creator of the product has just bought the rights to the stock photo and claims that the woman in the picture is the real owner of the greedy creator. The actual identity of the creator is hidden, and the one displayed on the website is an absolute fake.

5. Fake success stories:

There are a few video testimonials of the product on the landing page as well as around the Internet. These feature video artists on fiverr. It indicates that video testimonials are entirely fake.

A simple search on fiverr will help you recognize these artists which feature as customers with success stories on Greedy Mentor. Hence; it is better to avoid it like the plague.

The red flags which we have highlighted up until now clearly state that Greedy Mentor is indeed a scam and you should stay away from it. They have multiple red flags due to which, you should avoid the product altogether.

Is it suitable for you?

The truth is that this make money online system is not suitable for anyone. It is a scam and does not provide anything of value. That is why, if you’re on the fence about it, it is time to avoid it.




• Rehashed scam

• Fake testimonials

• Privacy concerns

• Terms and conditions confirm that you cannot make any money

Verdict – Is Greedy Mentor a Scam?:

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is Greedy Mentor a scam, is a yes. You should avoid it entirely. There are way better make money online systems and techniques out there that are available. We have reviewed quite a few legit make money online opportunities that you can check out on our website.

Instead of going with Greedy Mentor, it is a good idea to know more about all the money making opportunities out there. Click HERE to know more about honest, legit online money making opportunities today!

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