High ticket close

High Ticket Closer is a 7 week long course offered by Dan Lok. This is a training program focused to help you close high ticket deals online.

Price for the course is $2495 or 3 installments of $995 each.

Considering that there are many cheaper alternatives, the question is whether it is worth paying the high amount to take a course on closing high ticket deals.

About me

I am an online seller who has been in the field from 2009. Having 10 years of experience, the general consensus has taught me what to and what not to in the field of sales.

Apart from that, I have taken many alternative courses myself on my way to being a successful online seller. If you are a newbie, taking a course is almost mandatory unless you have the money and time to do some trial and error learning.

And, I personally believe, it is not an option in the highly competitive world of sales. So, think about the following — is spending more than $2000 a viable option for you?

What are you going to learn if you spend so much and does the learning weigh enough to justify the money spent?

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What Is High Ticket Closing?


Is High Ticket Closer a Scam? How does it work?

Any goods or service sold to highly paying customers is called a high ticket. It could be anything from selling your expertise on SEO or teaching some niche on the internet (like what Dan Lok does) that lets you charge at least $500 a month from a single customer.

It’s easy to set up your store and list down all the services you offer. But, the most difficult part in high ticket sales is finding the right clients and closing the deal.

Finding Your Niche

The first step in becoming a high ticket vendor is finding you niche. Analyse your skills and identify the things you are good at. You can be an SEO expert who sells your service for over $500 to $1000 per month, a personal coach on one of the things you have expert knowledge on, SME to popular topics or a business consultant.

Identifying Prospects

Finding clients or prospects can be done in many ways. The most popular and easy way is to locate through Facebook or other social media sites.

Out of my experience, two important things to keep in mind are (1) the client should have the purchasing power to afford your products and (2) the product you are selling should be useful to the client.

Closing The Deal

Is High Ticket Closer a Scam or closing deals

Once you have designed your product and found the customers, the next and the most important hurdle is closing the deal. This is when you get paid. There are hundreds of sellers out there and you have to convince them with enough reasons to choose you. And, this is what high ticket closer is all about. Let’s take a look at what Dan’s package might have.

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What’s In High Ticket Closer For Me?

Like I mentioned, this is a 7 week course. But, don’t take this for a WBT in which you pay to watch passive videos where you can’t even ask questions.

Dan’s going talk to you, assist you and review your work constantly throughout the duration of the course. He will be your personal mentor for the time and you can be sure of whats and what nots. On his product website Dan promises to train you to be capable enough earn a five figure income upon completion of the course.

And he mentions in big letters the pre-requisite expertise to be nil which suggests you don’t have to have any prior experience with marketing or online selling. The site even suggests that he is going to help you locate your niche.

Dan offers to teach you the exact same strategies he uses to close his deals and not to forget he is one of the most successful person in selling high ticket deals. Another note that intrigued me is that he gives you a chance to work with his team and his clients which is rare and a great way to find prospective clients for your own business.

Duration: 7 weeks

Cost: $2395

Medium: Remote mentorship through phone and social media

Rating: 4 stars

Is It Legit?

And now the big question — is High Ticket Closer a legitimate one. I would say Dan’s course is 100% legit. There are success stories of people who have taken this course floating around on the internet.

And I personally know people who have taken this course and given me feedback. I have known that the kind of mentoring and assistance provided is sincere. He connects with you on phone and the sessions are completely interactive.

You will be assigned homework and given proper support. I haven’t taken this course as I have been in the field for long enough to earn me descent sales and 2 grand in not a small sum of money. Albeit, I might take this course in future out of my curiosity.
However, a course being legit need not necessarily mean that it delivers the value worth the money spent.

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Should You Go For It?

For a beginner who is new to sales and marketing and aiming high right from the start, the internet is filled with courses on the topics. And sales is, most of the time, a dynamic skill that is acquired. The decision to opt for this course is totally dependent on your current needs.

The cheaper alternatives are most of the time not interactive. Meaning you see the same type of content irrespective of your niche or the products you are selling. Getting tailored support is not only paid but also expensive which I see as a great advantage of High Ticket Closing.

Again, these alternatives are short term courses while Dan’s course is 7 weeks long, which is a good enough time to get your business on rails while receiving professional support. Dan also offers opportunity to work with his team which, if you have time set aside for learning, a great way to get yourself accustomed to the industry.

In short, if you are a newbie who is ready to invest or a vendor who is planning to leverage your sales, I suggest you should go for Dan’s training. On the other hand, if you are not willing to invest, you can go for cheaper or even free beginner subscription courses that are amazing to get your online business up an going the right way. the options are many.