There are plenty of GPT websites available on the Internet. They pay you for completing every action like visiting a site or watching an advertisement or completing a survey. The problem is that in most GPT websites, the pay is on the lower side.

It does not justify the amount of time which you spend on completing those actions. Some of them are downright scams. In such a case, even after completing the steps and reaching the payment thresholds, you will not be able to cash out.

You cannot make any money after devoting a significant amount of time and following all the rules either. That is why, if you’re planning on using GPT websites to make money online, it is essential to make sure that the site which you are using is legit enough.

Only when that is the case, you can go ahead and use that GPT website to make consistent money.

One such website goes by the name of InboxPays. Before you sign up on that website, find out is InboxPays a scam? We will elaborate on the operation of the site and what it has on offer in our review below.

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What is InboxPays?

InboxPays is similar to many other GPT websites available out there. You have to complete actions to get paid. These actions generally benefit the clients as well as their sites. The parent group of InboxPays is A&A Marketing Group.

The same marketing group also owns other sites like SendEarnings, InboxDollars. On this website, you will be visiting other websites; view advertisements and complete surveys. We will go into the details of the task below.

How to sign up for InboxPays?Is InboxPays A Scam

Signing up on InboxPays is free. You have to enter your information along with your ZIP Code, and you’re good to go. You even get $5 for completing your profile. Before you get excited, however, it is essential to find out the tasks which help you make money.

What does InboxPays offer?

We will now list below the tasks which can help you make money with InboxPays.

1. Online service:

Online surveys have a payment range of $.50 to $1. When you compare it with other survey websites, you will realize that it is on the lower side.

The problem is that the information which you need to submit is not lower as compared to the other online survey websites. Thus, you will be spending the same amount of money, but you will be making less.

2. Emails:

InboxPays also helps you earn by opening and reading the emails. Each email sent to your inbox will help you make $.25. You can get up to 3 emails a day. The emails are usually an advertisement for a product or a service.

3. Spin to win:

Spin to win allows you to spin a key wheel and get an attempt to gain the jackpot amount. You can also earn cash prizes. It is an incentive to attract the users to come back to the website and log in on a daily basis. It is similar to gambling, and therefore the odds are not in your favor at all.

4. Free trials:

Free trials will offer you the most significant money on InboxPays. You need to try out the products and services. The only bit of problem is that you will have to submit your credit card information. You have to cancel in time to ensure that you are not charged.

5. Pay trials:

The amount on offer in paid trials is on the higher side. The pay trials are usually a collaboration between all the three websites owned by the parent group. The only bit of problem is that to get paid; you have to pay to access the offer.

You will have to subscribe to the membership as well as other products. You will have to submit your credit card information. The amount which you can make will be between $.50 and $75. Generally speaking. However, it is on the lower side of the range.

6. Referrals:

Similar to other GPT websites, you can also make money by promoting your referral link. Whenever your reference cashes out, you will earn 10% of their total cash out amount. You can receive 10% for lifetime.

As you can see, the ways to make money using inbox dollars are plenty. You have to find out whether the earning potential is on the higher side or not.

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What is the payment threshold for InboxPays?

The payment threshold for InboxPays is $50. It is higher as compared to the other GPT websites. It can take you a long time to accumulate that amount. You can get paid through PayPal. The problem is that you get paid only in multiples of $50.

If you make $60, you will get paid $50, and the rest of the $10 will carry forward to your next payment. The payouts are on the 1st of each month and the 15th of each month. Thus, the payment schedule is very inconvenient and not suitable for the members at all.

Is it suitable for you?

By now, you might have understood in which direction this review is moving in. From the terms and conditions as well as the payment schedule, it is clear that InboxPays might not be a legit website at all. It is not suitable for anyone.

There are quite a few complaints against the site which we will discuss below. If you want to try it against our advice, you should be ready to:

• Part with a significant private information

• Fill up tedious surveys

• Wait for a long time to get paid $50

If you’re okay with those conditions, then can go ahead and use InboxPays. Up to you.

What should you know about InboxPays?Man on phone hereing about InboxPays

We will now share with you some ugly truths about InboxPays. After that, you can understand by yourself whether it is a legit website or not.

1. Lack of credit:

The backend system is not seamless. In spite of filling up and completing surveys, many people did not get the credit for the same. That is why; they just wasted a significant amount of their time. You need to contact support again and again to get that credit. It is a cumbersome procedure.

2. Low earning potential:

Unlike some other legit GPT websites, the earning potential is on the smaller side. Most of the surveys pay you $.50. Some members have spent 2 hours every day making only $.09 per hour. That is why; it is not a viable option when looking to make money.

3. Closed accounts:

Many members complained that once they get close to the payout, the site closed their accounts. There is no mediation. After the account closing, the money in that account is gone. That indeed is a borderline scam.

The problem with InboxPays is that the terms and conditions are very opaque. That is why, when you’re wondering is InboxPays a scam, it might very well be. Read my verdict to find out more.


• Multiple ways to make money

• Pays to complete your profile

• Allows you to make money by viewing emails


• Need to part with private information

• Inconvenient payment thresholds

• Very difficult to get a payout

• Very low earning potential

• Might not get credited for completed tasks

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Verdict – Is InboxPays A Scam?:

From the numerous complaints and the lack of seamless backend, InboxPays might be a scam. It is a good idea to stay away from it.

They might close your account when you reach the payment threshold. That is why; it is a good idea to keep away from it. If you wish to make some money online, and you’re in search of a legit money making method. 

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