Is Kannaway a Scam? Today I am going to deeper into that question and review Kannaway, the only MLM company that sells hemp. Am not trying to sell anything here since am not associated with this company in any way.

Congratulations for doing some research before you buy any product. It’s the only way of avoiding scams and also finding a legit way of making a living online. Is Kannaway a scam or legit? We are going to establish that in this review.

Firstly, What is Kannaway?

Kannaway is a multi-level marketing company (MLM) that was formed in 2014. its founders, Christopher Hussey (CTO) and Jeff Rodgers (CEO) wanted to bring something new to the industry. They decided to bring Hemp to the market.

When Hemp is mentioned, all we think about is cannabis. Apparently, hemp is different from cannabis. Hemp does not contain Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), a product found in cannabis that makes you high.

Instead, it contains cannabidiol, a chemical that has many medicinal benefits.CBD won’t temper with your thinking capacity like THC. Note that Hemp is legal in the United States and therefore buying it won’t land you in problems.

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What is Kannaway’s product line?

 Kannaway Scam Products

Kannaway has many products, therefore I won’t name them all. I will concentrate on their high selling products. The main component of these products CBD from hemp.

The following are some of their high selling products.

1. Kannaway Pure CBD
2. Premium Hemp Oil Oral Applicator
3. Premium Hemp Oil Caps
4. Kannaway Chocolate Energy Chews
5. Kannaway Salve
6. Kannaway Salve Travel
7. Pure CBD Premium Capsules

What does their starter pack contain?

Their starter packs contain the following

1. Premium Full Spectrum Caps
2. Chocolate Energy Chews
3. Rev!ve PM (500mg)
4. Rev!ve AM

This starter pack costs a shocking $262.50.You can check the full list of their products on their website.

Do Kannaway products work?

Lady lieing in grass

Unfortunately, Kannaway products reviews are hard to come by. This is because people don’t want others to know that they have used hemp products.

Generally, CBD products have mixed reviews. Some say that CBD products while others disagree. CBD products have both benefits and side effects.

It depends on how the body of the user responds to it. It also depends on the type of the product.

How do I earn from Kannaway?

Just like other MLM companies, people can earn money from Kannaway through the following ways. They include:

1. Commissions from sales
2. Recruitment

Kannaway conducts its marketing in the following ways:

1. Word-of-mouth
2. Social media marketing

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How do I get Started with Kannaway?

You need to pay a monthly fee of $29.99 for you to become their brand ambassador (distributor).

You also need to pay a minimum spending on products (Monthly). If you fail to pay these fees, you will not earn the commissions and bonuses. Kannaway supports its brand ambassadors in the following ways.

1. MLM Training
2. Promotional Material
3. Access to Kannaway’s Marketing website
4. Kannaway Secure Back Office
5. Success Manuals and Guides
6. Kannaway Media Marketing System
7. Access to Kway University Training

Kannaway Compensations Program

Is Kannaway a Scam or can I make money

The company has a solid and direct compensation plan. Your earnings depend on retail sales and the recruit’s sales.

Their compensation plan is unilevel, which means that an individual with a higher rank earn more. You can earn money from Kannaway in through:

Direct Sales Bonus: Brand Ambassadors earn 30% of his/her downline’s purchases.
Triple Direct Sales Bonus: Direct sales commissions on Kannaway Value Packs are tripled.
DSB Check Match: Brand ambassadors are paid 50% check match on direct sale bonus. The DSB Matching Bonus is paid to the entire team.

Kannaway’s Downsides

1. Brand Ambassadors only make money through Commissions

Brand Ambassadors only earn commissions and are therefore forced to work hard. Majority of MLM companies pay associates to recruit more people.

Unlike other Multi-level companies, Kannaway emphasizes more on teamwork than individual effort.
They want Ambassadors to focus more on sales than recruitments. Kannaway is not a good platform for those who want to make easy money.

2. The products are costly

The products are very expensive as compared to online retailers. A starter pack goes for 262.50 dollars. Amazon sells the same products at half the price.

These prices make it hard for Brand Ambassadors to complete sales. Failure to complete sales means that you won’t get commissions and bonuses.

3. The income potential is too low

You need to sell more than three packs per day for you to earn a reasonable amount. But selling three packs per day is very hard since the prices are very high.

However, the success of an ambassador depends on his/her efforts. If you can manage to sell more products, then you are safe. You may end up making less than the Federal Minimum wage. You can’t quit your day job for this business opportunity.

The good side of Kannaway

1. Less Sign-up fee

You pay a small fee for you to become a brand ambassador. This is not a bad deal when you consider the commissions and bonuses.

2. Distinct Products

Kannaway is the only MLM Company that distributes CBD products. There is no competition from other multi-level companies. Note that their products are legal in all the US states.

Now, Is Kannaway a scam?

Kannaway is a legit company that deals with CBD products. They are not a pyramid scheme nor a scam. Kannaway is an MLM company that focuses on commissions rather than recruitment.

However, this is not an ideal business opportunity because the only stream of income is through commissions.

The high prices of their products make it hard for Brand Ambassadors to complete sales. Also, the income potential is low as compared to other forms of business.

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How Do I Make Money Online?

I don’t recommend multi-level marketing because of many restrictions and the expenses incurred.

Affiliate marketing is the best way of making real money on the web. This is because your income does not depend on the number of people you recruit.

You are also free to promote any product that you want, unlike MLM where you are restricted from promoting products from other companies. You don’t need to pay anything for you to get started.