Level Rewards

While reviewing a product one thing should be very clear that the reviewer should not be linked with it otherwise you cannot get an unbiased review. In order to know Is Level Rewards a Scam or not you should be rest assured because I have no direct connection with this product as well as its author.

Overview of Level Rewards

Level Rewards is a reward site that offer GPT or Get Paid To type products. You can join this reward site free of cost but if you want to pay something for its services then you may have to provide information about your credit card. It is specially designed for the people who know how to use GPT sites for creating content as well as referring people to it.


Actually Level Rewards is a legitimate site that offers a unique referral program GPT or Get Paid To rewards to its member in a systematic manner. First of all it can restrain its members to earn something through its leveling system.

It potentially lowers the income of its members. Then sponsors are asked to train the members without any training program. You may not be able to use this program for long time if your sponsors fail in training you.

But if you are searching to make quick-money online then Level Rewards can make it possible for you moderately.

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Introduction To Level Rewards

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Level Rewards is a site that provides GPT or Get Paid To rewards to its members who refer people to this site. But nothing more can be said about this website as it provides information neither about its founder nor about its present headquarters or the date of creation. There is no About Us page on this site.

Though it is similar to various other GPT programs but the amount you earn makes it different from others. The rate of your commission goes up with the number of people you recruit and their increasing levels.

What is in Level Rewards?

Level Rewards allows you to make money by encouraging people to sign up with free and paid offers provided by this site.

The information provided by you will be forwarded to the marketing companies for generating leads. It also allows you to make money in the form of commission whenever you sign up a person for paid or free offer.

Working of Level Rewards

Though it seems easy to make money with this reward program but actually it is not that easy. In order to get your commission you will have to achieve Level 1 instead of getting it just after signing up a person for an offer.

You will have to complete certain offers every day to be eligible to get your reward. Your commission can increase than others if you can achieve a higher level.

When your referred member goes up a level then you will be paid $5. This increment will continue up to level 5. But if the level of your referred person will be higher than you, then you may not get any commission.

Thus, Level Rewards allows you to earn up to $50 as commission, through its total 10 levels, from your referred members which is good as compared to the work you have done to get the referrals and higher levels.

You can also increase your income by completing the free and paid offers by providing information about your credit card. But you may have to complete it in the trial period of 7 days.

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Support and training

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The creators of this [program do not provide much training and support to their members. But your sponsors can provide you some training, if he has some time to spare for this purpose.

You can provide some support to your team by using the support ticket system provided on this website or through FaceBook page of this site which can be good option as compared to other GPT platforms. People usually complaint about not getting credit’. They can get back by filing a report about Missing Credit’.

Getting paid

You can get your Level Rewards paid in cash quickly through Amazon Gift Cards or PayPal as it may take few days to get transfer in your bank account. You must have reward at least of $5 to get paid through bank or PayPal.

Get started

You can sign up with Level Rewards free. However, you will have to provide information of your credit card to sign up for its paid version, which is not advisable for newbies.

Who is eligible for Level Rewards?

Level Rewards is for those people who know to refer successfully for such programs. Who can develop a content to make it a workable referral system or who has enough time for this purpose can also join this program.

But it is not for those who are short of time to send in front of computer, scared of disclosing information of his credit card or less than 18 years of age. People residing in Australia, USA, Canada and UK cannot participate in this program.

Some unpleasant truths

They do not have a good leveling system because either you will have to remain ahead of your team consistently or promote your team to pass the next level to get commission. In this way it becomes a full time job without a suitable income.

Limited potential of income as it takes time to get your commission paid. The members of your team have to pass level 1 to enable you to get their sign up commission.

Sponsors can be disappointing unless you know them personally as not training or support is provided by the creators of this program. You will have to depend on sponsors in this regard and they may or may not have time for this purpose

Some positive facts

The rewards are actually paid out

Most GPT sites are known for not paying their customers but this is not true for Level Rewards as they are punctual in paying rewards to their customers. You can visit their FaceBook page to see the proofs of payment posted by the members.

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Is Level Rewards a Scam or not

Though Level Rewards is a legal site for GPT rewards still it cannot be recommended to newbies as neither it allows its members to earn a good amount of money nor its level system allows its member to earn good income. Moreover, its sponsors can also be disappointing to provide training or support.