Life Force

Many MLM companies distribute and sell health and wellness products, each competing to be the best in the world. Life Force International, also known as LFI is one of them.

Congratulations for taking the time to research before you buy any eye-catching product. This is the only way of avoiding scams and finding a genuine way of making money on the web.

Am not here to promote Life Force International since am not associated with the company in any way. Am here to expose the truth about this MLM company, their products and what makes them valuable in the market.

Let’s find out if Life Force is legit or just another online scam.

What is Life Force International?

The owners of Life Force International
Life Force International is a multi-level marketing (MLM) company that deals with health and wellness products. It started as a garage before becoming a global brand.

It was founded in 1994 by couple team Gerri and Wayne Hillman in their garage in San Diego. The company’s operations and products were originally restricted to the USA. They later expanded their operations to Canada, Australia, Singapore, and New Zealand.

MLM industry is already crowded and Life Force is one of the players. They compete with companies such as Isagenix, Melaleuca, Jeunesse, and doTERRA.

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Life Force Products

Life Force specializes in the distribution of health and wellness products. I will try to classify their products into categories since they have many products.

1. Body Balance
2. Daily Wellness
3. Benew Weight loss
4. Re-charge, Re-Balance, and Recover
5. Bone and Joint Health
6. Healthy Immune Support
7. Energy and Relaxation
8. Athletic Nutrition
9. Cleanse and Beautify
 Life Force International products

Do Their Products Work?

Life Force International claims that the main ingredients of their products are sea vegetables and superfoods. Their prices are quite expensive but people do complain that these products do not work.

This is because the contents of their sea vegetables and superfoods are not enough to make an impact on their users’ bodies.MLM products are always over-hyped, and Life Force is no exception.

How Can You Make Cash from Life Force International?

There are two ways of earning money from Life Force

1. Direct sales

2. Recruitments

How to join Life Force

All MLM companies want you to pay a fee or buy a starter kit before you join.LFL does not reveal the amount one should pay before you join them. You should probably check their website for more details.

Life Force Compensation Structure

The more you sell their products the more you earn points that will raise your rankings. You also have to recruit more people for you to make cash from their business opportunity. The following are some of the ways you can earn money from them:

1. Retail Sales

Their members can buy their products from their factory at a wholesale price and sell them at a retail price. The profits depend on how LFI mark the products.

2. First start bonus

You will receive a 55% bonus on every individual that you recruit into the company. This shows that recruiting people is the best way to make money from them.

3. Residual Commissions

You will receive recurring commissions from the individuals that you convince to buy their products.

4. Achievers Club

This is whereby 15 percent of the company’s First Time Order (FTO) Book Value is shared among the members who recruited individuals with a total BV of more than 750.

5. Generational Power Bonus

This is whereby 12 percent of the company’s BV is put into a monthly payout pool depending on the volume that each leg contributes.

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The Ugly Truths of Life Force International

1. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) flagged them as a pyramid scheme

An MLM company being flagged as a pyramid scheme is the worst thing that can happen to anyone. FTC investigated the compensation structures of 250 companies including LFI. In the document, LFI and all the other investigated companies were red flagged.

This does not necessarily mean that LFI is fraudulent. It is only their compensation structure that is being scrutinized.LFI is still legitimate unless proven otherwise. Visalus, another health and wellness company) was also listed on the same document.

2. Strict Requirements

An associate needs to make monthly inventory purchases for him or her to stay in business. This also increases ranking.

Associates are required to buy twenty-five BV units at level one and 104 units at level three.LFI signs up associates to an auto-ship purchase irrespective of the state of the stock.

This makes it hard for new recruits since the inventory will keep accumulating without any means of getting rid of them.

3. Expensive products

Life Force International’s products are more expensive as compared to commercial brands. Price matters a lot in the health and wellness industry. Nobody wants to spend a lot on products that have no therapeutic impact.

What are the positives of Life Force International?

1. Money Back Guarantee

Life Force International gives a 90-day full money refund for unsatisfied customers. This means that you have a chance of getting your money back if you don’t like their products.

Is Life Force International a scam?

LFI is a legitimate multi-level marketing company that deals with health and wellness products. Since the MLM industry is crowded, there are many reasons why this is not the ideal opportunity.

First, FTC flagged LFI as a pyramid scheme. This means that their opportunities are not reliable. It is difficult for you to earn real money through recruits.

Secondly, LFI has strict rules for associates to stay in business. Their auto-ship deal makes it hard for members to dispose the ever piling products.

Finally, their products are costly. People always want cheap products, especially in the health and wellness industry. People will not spend a lot of cash for a placebo effect.

How to make real money online

MLM is not the best way to make money since it is expensive and has many restrictions. Affiliate Marketing is the most recommended model for anyone who wants to make real money. This is because there is no recruitment policy, it is free to join and you have the freedom to choose any product to promote. It will give you the freedom you been searching for.