Life Leadership

What is Life Leadership?

This is a multi-level marketing company that has ventured and specializes in personal and professional development coaching of products and subscriptions.

The Legit of Life leadership

One of the safest ways to check out the legit of life leadership and avoid scams is through research. The freelancers aiming to make money online are vulnerable to several scamming sites available online.

However, if you ever join a personal development course that could help you earn an extra dollar, and then there is no doubt that you got invited to life leadership.

Perhaps you deserve a round of applause for taking the time to assess legibility of the product before making a decision to buy.

When the deal seems too good, there is always a high chance that such a deal isn’t legit. Forget about what other people say out there to avoid unnecessary misleading. Maybe some individuals are striving to pitch or sell unworthy stuff to you.

You might be asking yourself, what makes Life Leadership the most unique company? Well, you need to be judgmental base on the facts about this firm. Checking on the reviews will help you evaluate and decide if it’s a worthy business to take.

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Review summary

Chris Brandy and Orrin Woodward are the founders of the company with the product name ’Life Leadership’’. It deals on the personal and Professional Development Programs MLM product type.

With a customized price of the product, Life Leadership sales at $99 for the business starter Kit inclusive of various monthly subscription.

What is the truth about Life Leadership?

Two guys on laptop wondering what Life Leadership is
There is no doubt that Life Leadership is great because they are the only MLM Company that focuses on personal and professional development. Thus, it makes them arbitrary unique compared to all the health and wellness MLM.

Is Life Leadership a scam or legit?

The copious details about this company are sufficient enough to give a glimpse of what to expect. It is a legitimate company providing legitimate business opportunity selling personal as well as professional development programs.

However, despite the fact that it provides a unique product, you cannot be certain enough to because of the following reasons:

• Personal and professional development is a highly crowded niche

• The company lacks clear transparency in their educational and training materials.

• Members’ subscription is necessary to know how to sell them

• There is no clear record of members earning money

How do you earn from Life Leadership?

Just like any other MLM company, a member will earn money from Life Leadership though:

• Commissions

• Incentives and bonuses

What are the product lines of Life Leadership?

Basically, there are three available product categories where members can promote using Life Leadership.

1. Personal Development

This category is comprised of the following product:

• The Edge Series: This includes only one monthly audio that cost $11 per month.

• Life Leadership: It includes one success magazine and two audios having a monthly cost of $22.

• The freedom series: With a monthly cost of $11, it includes one monthly audio which teaches you about the principles of freedom and what you can do to preserve it in your society today.

• Rascal Radio: It is considered one of the customize, the world first online company with a personal development radio station. It cost $22 per month inclusive of talks from life coaches and the motivational speakers.

• All Grace Outreach: It includes one book and one audio with a cost of $30 per month.

2. Professional Development

This is a type of product line with four different subscriptions that last within 12 to 18 months but changes every year.

This subscription contains only one book and four audios available on a monthly basis for six months. The cheapest subscription for LLR Corporate Education cost approximately $64.95.

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3. Financial Development

It contains s the following products:

• Financial Fitness Program: This program contains eight audios, one e-workbook, and one e-book designed to help people budget their money.

• Financial fitness master class: It includes six online videos and fourteen audios meant for people seeking for a deeper understanding of the finance principles. It has the same price as the financial fitness program.

• Beyond financial Fitness: It includes two videos, four digital audios, one e-book, and one audio book. This program is specifically designed for people who can maximize their potential of various streams of income through the accumulation of a growing portfolio of cash-flow and assets production. Similarly, the cost of this product is the same as the two above.

If you’re looking forward to owning all of the above products, you need to spend at least $200 in already recurring monthly fee. This is somewhat not included on the one-time fee payable once you join the business.

Do these products work?

Two men high living over Life Leadership products
The idea about the effectiveness of this product is not clear. It’s really hard to determine if the product of the personal development niche is working or not. Most of the complaints related issues focuses on customer care than anything else.

What are the shortcomings of Life Leadership?

1. Low-income potential

Members are supposed to have high monthly sales by dedicating more hours of work for better earning. Despite having an impressive way of making income through their compensation plan, the majority still earn less than P0 a year.

2. Lack of transparency

Life Leadership put little details on what they offer in their training material. Thus, a member can’t be certain in making a sale on these products since there are thousands of products in this niche. Perhaps

3. Personal Development is a Crowded Niche

Products on Life Leadership are on monthly subscription. Hence, it makes it difficult for an individual to make a sell. It, therefore, means that there is nothing special concerning the personal development products.

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Life Leadership is a legit way to get an extra dollar into your pocket. However, it’s all depending on how much effort you put into making successful sales in a specified period.

If you’re kind of a person looking to earn a quick buck from their business opportunity, then you should avoid it by all means possible.