Is My Home Job Search a Scam?

Is My Home Job Search a Scam? 

Is My Home Job Search a Scam, Or a Legit Program? The use of internet is becoming more and more common globally. It is opening up new opportunities to make money online. You can work from any remote part of the world through the internet. That is why work at home opportunities are on the rise as well.

Many people are looking to tap into these opportunities to make a decent income. For the same, they often search for websites which help you explore work at home opportunities.

One such website is My Home Job Search. However, before going ahead with any such sites, it is essential to find out whether it is legit or not. Today, we will answer the question is My Home Job Search a scam? By the end of this article, it will be very clear to you, and you can make your decision accordingly.

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What is My Home Job Search (MHJS)?

According to the landing page of the website My Home Job Search (MHJS), it is a website which allows you to explore work at home opportunities near your area. The name of the founder of this website is Michael Anderson.

The site has been around since 2016. It claims that it is like a search engine which helps you locate work at home jobs. It syndicates data from various other similar websites. It only displays approved jobs.

The site claims that the job opportunities which are visible on the website are legit and can help you make a decent income online.

Furthermore, to gain the trust of the visitors, it claims that it lists jobs only from approved employers due to which, you can be sure that it consists of legit work at home job opportunities. When you visit there website, you will find that it is a very professional looking website.

It also displays social proof which states that around 500,000 people have liked their Facebook page. However, it does seem unbelievable. When you click the like button, you will realize that it is not a real widget but a mere image.

That is a huge red flag. We will now go into the details of how it works and what packages it has to offer.

About MHJS:

Is My Home Job Search a Scam


The application process of the website is similar to any other home job websites. You will first enter your ZIP Code and then search for jobs nearby.

They ask you various questions regarding your desired salary and the number of hours for which you can work as well. Once you fill out the questionnaire, they will ask you to opt for a membership to access actual job vacancies.

According to the sales video, only when you opt for the membership, you can access the job vacancies and also a few resources which will help you in getting such jobs. In the sales video, they often pitch for the Platinum membership, which will cost you $99.

Additionally, they also make you join various paid survey websites and also freelancing sites like Fiverr. The problem is when they are already providing you with access to different work at home opportunities, why do they make you join such survey websites? It is another red flag which forces you to think is My Home Job Search a scam?

Even when you opt for the membership, the jobs in the listing section will list some of the real jobs, and once you proceed with them, you will be forwarded to sites like ZipRecruiter.

ZipRecruiter is a legit website, but the problem is that the jobs are not always work from home jobs. Hence, they are not useful to you.

Moreover, most of the jobs are for residents of the US, which means that it is not suitable for the global audience either. We will now share with you more information regarding the membership levels of MHJS.

How to enroll with MHJS?

MHJS offers you two packages. The basic one has limited features, whereas the Platinum one has all the features. Now, we will now highlight both the memberships below.

• Basic membership:

The basic membership is a free one. However, it allows access to only writing jobs and paid survey jobs. It provides you with access to additional resources for finding more jobs.

• Premium membership:

The cost of premium membership is $99. You have to pay that amount one time. During the sale time, you can buy the premium membership for as low as $29. It provides you access to all the features of the website and also helps you browse the job listings. You also get customer support in case of any problem.

The problem, however, is that even with the premium membership; it is likely that you will be redirected to other websites which will display jobs which are not work from home opportunities at all. That is why; there is not much benefit even after opting for the premium membership.

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What should you know about MHJS?

Before you decide about MHJS, there are a few red flags which you should know about. We will highlight these below.

1. Fake owner:

Michael Anderson is a false identity created by the website. The photograph of the creator is a stock photo you can buy online. It seems like the real creator has disguised his or her identity and used a fake identity instead.

2. Fake jobs:

The job listings on the website are not real. The jobs are such that irrespective of the ZIP Code which you enter or the job which you select, you will have to buy the membership of the website to proceed further.

That is why; it is unlikely that you will get any real job when browsing through the listings of this website. The membership fee is $99, which can be a bit steep considering; you’re not getting anything of value when signing up on this website.

3. Fake testimonials:

If you have been lured in by the testimonials of the website, you need to think again. Most of those testimonials are fake. The identity of the customers is also fake, and the photographs used are stock photos.

It means that the reviews are fake as well. With no legit reviews, it is not worth your time and money. Due to this very reason, it is a good idea to stay away from it completely.

As you can see, the red flags about MHJS are plenty. That is why; it is better to stay away from it. We will summarize the pros and cons below to provide you with a balanced picture.

Is MHJS suitable for you?

MHJS is not suitable for anyone. Since it does not provide anything of value or does not  provide access to any work at home job opportunities, it is a website which you should just avoid.




• Sham website

• No real work at home opportunities

• Forces you to buy a membership

• Fake reviews

• Fake owner identity

Verdict – Is My Home Job Search a Scam?

Is My Home Job Search a Scam or Legit

So, if you’re looking for a home-based job opportunitie, unfortunately, My Home Job Search is not the right website for you. It is a scam, and that is why you should stay far away from them.

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