Is Online Success Plan a Scam or a legit way to make money online? There are many make money online programs which make you believe every word of them is true. The issue here is that most of them are just scams. They do not help you make money at all.

That is why; it is essential to decipher the authentic programs from the fake ones. When you can do this, you can start using them and start to  make real money online fast. And I can help you. But more on that later.

If you have come across the Online Success Plan (OSP), you will understand the kind of claims which it makes and the hype which it creates.

Before you part with those $99, it is essential to find out if Online Success Plan a scam? I will  share with today our OSP review so that it becomes easy for you to make a decision.

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What is the Online Success Plan (OSP)?

When you first go through the landing page of Online Success Plan, you will not understand whether if it’s an affiliate marketing program or whether if it’s an auto-ship program. It claims to be a lot of different things. Moreover, it makes some wild income claims as well.

Once you, however, go through the landing page, one thing which you will understand is that it promises you a get-rich-quick solutions which can be a scam. In the final minutes of the video, it claims that you have hit the jackpot. That is why; you have to be very careful when you go through there landing page.

The text below the video claims that if you do not sign up for it, you can lose $500 straightaway. Jordan Daniels is the spokesperson or the owner of the video. There are minimal details about him.

He introduces himself as a millionaire, who can help you with succeeding in the world of having online business. However, there are no further details about him in the video.

Even if you search about them online, you will find that he certainly is not successful or famous as he claims to be. That is why; right away you will notice the red flags. The owner might be a pseudonym or a fake identity, But still, no millionaire.

About OSP:Is Online Success Plan a Scam

The problem with OSP is that it is not a program by itself. It is a funnel by another program which goes by the name of my business education (MOBE).

MOBE is an MLM system. In the past, it has been shut down by FTC. It is a 21-step program which covers the basics of affiliate marketing. If you know the basic concept of affiliate marketing, MOBE will not teach you anything new.

The main problem is that if you want to promote MOBE and make money, you will have to first sign up for it. The basic membership of MOBE is $2497. The most expensive one costs $30,000.

If you think that you are paying $99 for OSP, you need to think again. You want to make any money with OSP; you will have to promote to MOBE.

In all likelihood, if you want to make money with OSP, you will end up paying $2597 since you will have to buy into MOBE as well. That is a significant amount of investment. Most people can’t even set aside that kind of money. You will be stuck by paying $99 for OSP for nothing to gain.

The creator of OSP that is Jordan is just an affiliate for MOBE. Through the landing page, he is trying to recruit you as an affiliate with the MOBE program.

It is pretty shady for a program which claims to be a training system. During the research for OSP, this huge red flag almost made me answer yes to the question of “is Online Success Plan a scam”? However, we decided to research further to uncover the truth.

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Is the Millionaire Website actually of value?

If you have watched the OSP video, you might have come across the millionaire website account in their video.

The millionaire website is nothing but the next program once you join MOBE. The problem is that it is entirely fake. Once you join MOBE, you will not get any website. Therefore, the content of the site is also an illusion at best.

There are no further details regarding what the website can do for you. It just attracts you with the MOBE name and products and the OSP products to try to lure you with the name of the millionaire website.

The whole idea is to provide you with the illusion that will have you believe that it is an automated system which will help you make thousands of dollars every day with minimal work.

The truth is that, even if you build an affiliate website using the knowledge provided, it will take you a long time ti properly invest before you make any money with it.

The pushbutton solution in affiliate marketing does not exist. Moreover, the principles of MOBE are outdated and are pretty generic to help you make your first website. It does not provide you with anything of value.

Is the $500 guarantee genuine?Is Online Success Plan a Scam, $500 dallor guarentee

Jordan also mentions that there is a $500 guarantee on the OSP program. You might think of how it can be a scam if there is a $500 guarantee. When you go through the terms and conditions, it clearly states that you will have to opt for the entire program that is MOBE and also incur additional investment if required.

It means that you will have to spend over $2600 to be eligible for that $500 guarantee. Thus, if you want that $500 guarantee, you should be ready to spend more than $2600 for it. It is a sleazy way to elude customers with the mention of that guarantee.

What should you know about OSP?

Now that you know that both OSP and MOBE might not provide you with anything of value, it is time to look at some additional red flags before you make your decision.

1. Not entirely safe:

On the landing page, OSP does not provide you with any detail regarding its program. In spite of that, it asks you to sign up and part with your hard earned money. It indicates that the program does not offer anything of value.

2. Terms and conditions contradict with the landing page:

In the video, they try to create some expectations regarding the amount of money which you can make with their program. However, when you look at the terms and conditions below, it clearly states that no income claims are made. It means that neither of them can help you make that kind of money and nor the $500 guarantee is genuine.

3. Limited slots:

The limited slots which they mention are entirely fake. They have been limited for years together until now. It indicates that it is just a bad marketing scam.

The above three red flags certainly provide the answer to the question, is online success plan a scam? We will first look at the pros and cons before giving our verdict.

Is OSP suitable for you?

As OSP does not provide anything of value and is just a front for MOBE, so it is not suitable for anyone. MOBE in itself is a colossal waste of money in it self. Due to this very reason, it is advisable to stay far away from OSP and MOBE altogether.


• None


• Just a funnel

• Does not provide anything of value

• Just creates hype

• Fake owner

• Uses dubious marketing techniques

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Verdict – Is Online Success Plan a Scam?:

Unfortunately, the answer to the question is Online Success Plan a scam, is a yes. It does not provide anything of value and forces you to sign up at MOBE which can cost a whopping $2497.

Due to this very reason, it is wise to stay away from it. There are much better affiliate marketing programs which can help you make money. We have reviewed a few of them on our website.

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