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Is Organo Gold A Scam? If you’re looking to join an MLM business, there are quite a few options available. Many MLM Companies span across industries. There are also a few companies which have a niche appeal. That is why; it can be a confusing task to choose the right MLM Company to join.

Moreover, there are few companies which have a shady business model. It is imperative to conduct proper due diligence when looking to join an MLM company.

If you have been looking for a legit MLM company, chances are you might have come across Organo Gold. The question is, is Organo Gold a scam? Would be plaguing you. Today, we will help you know the answer to the same.

We will share with you our opinion about Organo Gold which will help you decide whether you should join it or not.

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What is Organo Gold?

Organo Gold is an MLM company since 2008 founded by Bernardo Chua. The headquarters of the company is on the west coast of the USA. Organo Gold Coffee is the flagship product of the company. There are however quite a few other products on offer.

Over the years, the company has expanded into many countries including Canada and British Columbia. Currently, according to the website of the company, it is operating in over 45 countries. Now that you are aware of the basic premise of the company let us look at some background information.

Organo Gold background info:

Is Organo Gold A Scam
Bernardo T. Chua is a businessman with roots in the Philippines. He is the creator of the company. He has expanded Gano Excel in the Philippines, Canada, and Hong Kong. However, his record is not a perfect one.

According to some reports, in April of 2004, he received a warning from the Food and Drug Administration of the United States. It warned him about the claims which he made about Ganoderma products.

The company claimed that such products could help in the treatment of psoriasis and cavities. Similarly, Canada also flagged the product stating that the product contained milk protein. The ingredient was not present on the ingredient list of the product.

All of these, however, were under the sub-brand Gano Excel and after the launch of Organo Gold Coffee; he hasn’t had any brushings with the law. The coffee has become the flagship product and made his MLM business thrive.

Our aim to highlight these past stats is to help you understand that the products have not been entirely perfect. However, the flagship product which is coffee is top-rated among the consumers.

What is its BBB rating?

The BBB rating of the company is A+ which is a definite positive. That should allay some fears of the prospective members.

What are the products it has on offer?

Is Organo Gold A Scam Product review
Let us now look at some products which it has on offer. The flagship product of course is Organo Gold coffee. There are a wide variety of other products spread across multiple categories. These categories include:

• Kids

• Personal care

• Beverages

• Body management.

While we might not be able to list every product but some of them include:

• Gourmet black coffee

• Organic Green tea

• Black ice tea

• Grapeseed oil extract soft gel

• G3 beauty shop

• Shake it off – Breakfast Vanilla

• Shake it off – Breakfast Chocolate

The examples of these products will give you an idea regarding the offerings of Organo Gold.

How can you make money with Organo Gold?

Let us now look at how you can make money with Organo Gold. Fortunately enough, there are seven different ways to make money with Organo Gold. These include:

1. Retail profits:

The products which you sell can earn you up to 50% commission. You can get paid daily or weekly. They also offer a Coffee Connoisseur Club which allows you to expand your customer base quickly.

2. Fast track bonus:

The distributors of the company get the fast-track bonus. You can make anywhere between $20- $120 by promoting the product packs. It is a weekly payment model.

3. Dividing bonus:

Dividing bonus refers to the one which you get on your downline. The company follows the binary network model. According to the company, you can make as much as $75,000 weekly when you create an extensive network.

4. Unilevel bonus:

The unilevel bonus is a monthly bonus. You can accumulate it by getting product orders and reorders from your downline. You can earn a bonus which is up to 9 downline steep.

5. Unilevel matching bonus:

Organo Gold also offers you to make money from personally sponsored distributors. You can make money up to 4 levels deep. The payment is monthly.

6. Generational bonus:

If you can break into Organo Gold leaders, you can receive a generational bonus which is every month. You can earn this for four generations in the down-line. Only once you achieve the rank of sapphire or above, you can receive this bonus.

7. Global bonus pool:

If you can achieve the highest rank, you will qualify for a share of the bonus pool. The bonus pool amounts to 3% of the total unilevel commission. You will get paid this bonus every month or on a three-month basis.

Thus, there are seven different commission structures which you can exploit to make money with Organo Gold.

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How can you get started with Organo Gold?

We will now go into the details of the investment which you need to make to enroll yourself in the Organo Gold MLM program.

1. Starter Pack:

The starter pack is worth $49.95. You can make money through the discounts which you get. It will get you:

• Distribution binder

• Coffee samples

• Wholesale purchases with discounts

• Brochures and applications

2. Bronze pack:

The cost of the bronze pack is $50 monthly auto-ship. The plan limits commission to 10%.

3. Silver pack:

The silver pack will cost you $100 monthly auto-ship. The plan limits commission to 15%.

4. Gold Pack:

The gold pack will cost you $100 for the auto-ship, and you can receive a 20% compensation rate.

5. Marketing tools:

If you intend to buy any add-on or necessary marketing tools, you will have to pay separately for those.

Depending on the kit or the pack, which you opt for, the monthly cost will change.

What does the income disclosure statement of Organo Gold indicate?

According to Organo Gold, 0.79% of the total members can make the revenue above $100,000. 94.24% of the members can earn anywhere between $0- $599 annually.

If you want to earn some money using Organo Gold, you will have to be in the top 1.35% of the members as they make between $30,000- $100,000.

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What do others have to say about Organo Gold?

Organo Gold Testimonials
Now let us look at what others have to say about Organo Gold. Is Organo Gold a scam? When you look at the product ratings of red and gold coffee on Amazon, it has got 4.6 out of 5. It indicates that the product is not a scam. There are however a few problems which the customers have faced like:

• Packaging not being up to the mark

• Shipping problems

However, the company can iron these out quickly. These will not hamper you in your MLM business. That is why it seems like Organo Gold is a legit business.

Is Organo Gold suitable for you?

The answer is yes, Organo Gold is suitable for anyone who wants to enter the MLM business. Since the company has been around for 11 years, you’re joining a company which is credible and which has a long history.


• Seven different income stream options

• Good BBB ratings

• Good products

• Positive reviews

• A large variety of products

• Free training for active distributors


• Shipping problems

• Packaging problems

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Verdict – Is Organo Gold A Scam?:

So, t0 answer the question is Organo Gold a scam, is no. It is a legit MLM company which allows you to make money in 7 different ways.

You can make as much as 50% of the profits from retail sales. That is why; it is such a good company. If you’re looking to join an MLM company, it is indeed a worthy option.

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