Powerhouse Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is one of the most lucrative ways to make money online. The problem is that whenever something is so profitable, there are always individuals eager to step into that industry.

As a result, there are products and services which often breed on the eagerness of these individuals. There are lots of different products which claim to teach you the basics of affiliate marketing. The problem is most of them do not work.

If you have been looking for affiliate marketing courses and membership sites, you might have come across Powerhouse Affiliate. The claims made by it are plenty.

The real question is whether Powerhouse Affiliate is good enough? We will today share with you our Powerhouse Affiliate review and also answer the question is Powerhouse Affiliate a scam?

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What is Powerhouse Affiliate (PA)?

Powerhouse Affiliate is a training platform for affiliate marketers. It has a free membership option and a paid membership option. It was launched in 2013 by Joey Babineau.

He is a full-time affiliate marketer for more than a decade. One thing however which is missing is a holistic approach.

When you go through the landing page of PA itself, you will find that most of the focus is on cost per action marketing. Affiliate marketing is much more vast than just CPA. Thus, right off the bat, this is a thing which is lacking in PA.

What does PA include?Is Powerhouse Affiliate A Scam Signature Course Picture


PA helps you traverse through the complex world of paid advertising to make money through CPA. It almost entirely focuses on monetization through CPA. There are a couple of membership options which we will highlight before going into the contents of PA.

What are the membership options offered by Powerhouse Affiliate?

The two membership options include:

• Free membership:

The free membership offers you access to affiliate marketing certification course. Additionally, it also provides free templates which you can use to create your websites and landing pages.

• Premium membership:

Premium membership will set you back by $47 per month. You will have access to 6 different courses. Additionally, you will have access to a Facebook group where you can get your questions answered.

We will highlight all the courses offered including the premium one below.

What are the different training modules offered?

Training modules are spread across both the membership types; there are seven different training modules offered. The first one is present in the free membership, and the rest are part of the premium membership.

1. Affiliate marketing certification (free):

The affiliate marketing certification course is a beginner’s crash course to affiliate marketing. If you’re new to the industry, this can help you immensely. Some of the questions which this course will answer include:

• How to choose the right affiliate networks and products?

• How to choose the right niche?

• How to set up your website?

• How to track all your campaigns?

• How to use Facebook to generate traffic for your affiliate campaigns?

It is a good starting point but has limited earning potential.

2. PA marketing Boot Camp:

From here on, all the modules which we will discuss are part of the premium membership. The Boot Camp consists of ten different modules. These cover all the topics in affiliate marketing certification in greater detail. These ten modules allow you to gain actionable insights on each of those topics.

3. Affiliate business builder:

The video-based module is a 2-in-1 course. The best thing about this model is that it holds your hand through the world of affiliate marketing. You can significantly increase your knowledge with the help of this module.

4. CPA display academy:

CPA display academy is a module which will clear many of your doubts about the intricacies of affiliate marketing. It will show you live campaigns. By viewing these campaigns, you can gain more insights into various affiliate marketing topics like:

• Using native ads

• Creating the right type of landing pages

• Enhancing profit from these landing pages

• Starting live campaigns

The best thing about this module is that you can either watch the videos or read the text. The choice is entirely up to you.

5. CPA Cash vault 3.0:

The module which we are discussing now has eight different lessons. The gist of the module is to help you create an email list and a marketing funnel.

You will need access to some resources to take action based on this module. It will be essential for you to gain access to resources like autoresponders and affiliate networks.

6. Website traffic certification:

Most of the modules in the premium membership are pretty elaborate. The one which we are highlighting now has eight different lessons.

All the lessons focus on growing traffic to your website. Fortunately, the lessons focus on using various sources to do so. Some of the sources include:

• Bing Ads

• Solo Ads

• PPC advertising

• And so on

The only shortcoming is that for monetization purposes, it highlights the use of only CPA networks. The content surrounding free traffic is limited. Nevertheless, it is an excellent model to master.

7. Email list building:

The email list building module consists of five different phases. You can pick between videos and text-based course.

PA affiliate program:

Is Powerhouse Affiliate A Scam?
PA also offers an affiliate program through which you can make money. There are three different tired commission options. These are:

• Tire 1:

You will get 50% when a member you refer to upgrades to premium membership. The commission is recurring.

• Tire 2:

You will get 10% when a member recommended by one of your referred users upgrades to a premium membership.

• Tire 3:

You will get 5% when one of your users referred by your tire 2 user upgrades to premium membership.

Thus, in case you want to promote PA itself rather than other products, that option is available.

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Is PA suitable for you?

After going through our PA review, it is apparent that you might have the question of who is PA suitable for? It is geared towards three types of audiences which are:

• Individuals who want to know more about affiliate marketing and paid advertising.

• Individuals who prefer text or other communication mediums.

• Individuals who are devoted enough to go through the entire course which can last more than 10 hours.

If that sounds like you, you can surely go for PA.

What are the shortcomings of PA?

PA is not perfect. There are various shortcomings of Powerhouse Affiliate. We will go into the details of these below.

• Missing advice on content creation:

There is no module to highlight the content creation for your websites. Irrespective of the exact type of advertisements which you use, content creation is vital for every site.

The entire membership platform is designed for beginners. Yet, there is no detailed module on content creation.

• Short of actionable knowledge:

While some of the modules can help you create a blueprint which you can follow but not all of them. It focusses on educating you regarding affiliate marketing then helping you take actionable steps.

• Lots of text:

Most of the modules are text-based. Only a few modules have videos available. The problem with text is that it is challenging to complete the entire course as it can become monotonous.

Now that you are aware of the shortcomings let us go into the pros and cons to provide you with a balanced picture.


• Free membership

• Elaborate modules

• Detailed discussion on email list building

• Affiliate program


• No focus on content creation

• Basic knowledge

• Over-use of text

• Overemphasis on CPA for monetization

• Free membership is good enough only to gain knowledge

• Lack of actionable data

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Is Powerhouse Affiliate A Scam?

In a nutshell, Powerhouse Affiliate is not a scam. It is an authentic platform which teaches you the basics of affiliate marketing. However, if you are faced with the question should you opt for Powerhouse Affiliate, then the answer is No!

There are other popular and more detailed affiliate marketing courses available. The overemphasis on CPA is a method of monetization that does not help either.

While it is a legit course but not an effective one. If you want an affiliate marketing platform that provides you with training and all the resources that you need to get started, then I invite you to look at Wealthy Affiliate.