Surveys are often touted as the easiest way to make money online. The only bit of problem is that it is difficult to find a legit online survey company.

If you waste your time on some companies which do not have a proper business model, you will not be able to make any money. In the end, you might end up parting with your personal information for no money at all. That is why; you have to choose the online survey website very carefully.

When you’re looking for such survey websites, one name which you will come across is Product Report Card (PRC). Chances are, you might be eager to sign up on that website to make money using online surveys.

However, before you sign up for PRC, it is essential to go through our Product Report Card review to understand if it is a legit website or not.

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What is Product Report Card (PRC)?Is Product Report Card A Scam

PRC presents itself as a market research company. It claims that it collects information on behalf of its clients. It gathers data regarding the products and services which the consumers use. According to the company, it has marquee name clients like Microsoft, Gillette, IKEA.

PRC aims to provide you with an opportunity to make money online while also offering a seamless customer experience. Let us now find out how it works.

What does PRC offer?

According to PRC, once you sign up, you are most likely to receive a survey within 24 hours. The business model is pretty simple. Once you get the survey, you have to answer it and complete it. After that, you can make money. However, there is a catch which you need to know about.

There is a qualification criterion for each survey. You might not qualify for every survey. While the total number of surveys is on the higher side but the amount of money which you make will be dependent on the ones for which you qualify.

The main catch here is that if you do not want to wait for receiving a qualified survey, you can purchase access to the surveys. In such a case, you will be paying money to complete surveys from which you can earn money. It is a bit confusing.

How much money can you make with it?

If the earning potential is good enough and one can get a good ROI, many people might be willing to pay for access to surveys. That is why it is essential to look at the earning potential before taking a call.

It will always depend on your profile and the surveys for which you qualify. If you’re serious about PRC, it is essential to fill out your profile with accurate information.

It will allow you to get qualified for surveys. Moreover, when you submit more information in your profile, you can make money on that as well. There are various steps like:

• Completing the household profile

• Completing the employment profile

• Completing the automobile profile

• And much more

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For each step, you can get between $0.25-$1. The necessary information and account verification information which you submit is worth the $5. The total amount of money which you can make just by providing your information is $5.

There is also an added incentive for completing your entire profile. The more information which you provide to PRC, the more likely you are to qualify for the surveys. There are additional ways to make money using PRC apart from submitting your information. These are:

• Completing surveys:

Most of the surveys help you earn between $0.25 -$5. You can get invitations for the surveys in your email.

• Review products:

PRC can also pay you for reviewing the products which you like. You have to provide an honest review with at least 500 words description. Depending on the product, you can make between $.50 and $1.

• The home products:

Home products help you earn more. You can make up to $5. The products will reach you, and you have to share your review. You can also keep the products for free.

• Focus groups:

Focus groups are the most significant earning opportunity in our PRC. They are hard to come by. However, you have to keep in mind that the minimum time which you will have to devote in the focus groups is 3 hours.

Some of them can take three days to complete the study. The study of the focus group varies from one group to another. You can make anywhere between $150 -$200 when you participate in the focus group study.

You need to understand however that you will have to part with a considerable amount of information if you want to participate in the focus groups.

These are a few ways to make money with PRC.

What is the payment threshold of PRC?Man giving money from wallet for Product Report Card

Now comes the question, what is the payment threshold of PRC. The payment threshold is $25. There are multiple ways to cash out. These include:

• Paypal

• Amazon gift card

• Prepaid Visa card

• Check

How to start with PRC?

One of the main advantages of PRC is that it is available for people from all over the world. You can quickly sign up on the website. The amount which is due to you after filling up the profile will get credited to your account after 24 hours. Thus, starting with PRC is not a problem.

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Is PRC suitable for you?

PRC is suitable only for a few people. These include:

• Individuals who do not mind parting with their information.

• Individuals who do not mind spending hours together to make a few bucks.

• Individuals who do not care about their privacy.

If you meet any of these criteria, PRC might be a good option for you.

What should you know about PRC?

Up until now, you might have read only positive things about PRC. However, there are a few points which you need to know. We will highlight them below.

1. Earning potential is on the lower side:

The pay per survey or per activity might be according to the industry standards, but the earning potential is low. A lesser number of surveys for which you can qualify. It can take you months to accumulate those $25.

2. The payment mechanism is not seamless:

Even when you reach $25, chances are due to some technicality; you might not be able to get your money. In such a case, you wasted an awful lot of time for nothing.

3. Focus group studies might violate your privacy:

In many cases, focus group studies force you to divert your web browsing habits as well as personal details. They can ask for such information in two weeks of your time.

That is why not only it is time-consuming but an intrusion of privacy in many cases. You might have to install monitoring apps or software on your smartphones and computers. That is why it is not easy to participate in these focus groups.

You should consider these few factors before you decide on PRC. It again raises the question, is Product Report Card a scam? We will give our final verdict below.


• Open for global visitors

• Multiple tasks to make money

• Offers an incentive for filling out the profile


• Minimal earning potential

• Not easy to cash out

• Not reliable

• Intrusion of privacy

• Numerous complaints

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Verdict – Is Product Report Card A Scam?:

While PRC is not a scam, it is not an efficient way to make money online. Many of the surveys intrude your privacy, and they are few and far in between to make a consistent income. You might not even be able to make the $25 threshold for weeks.

That is why it is not a good idea to use PRC as a legit money making method. If you’re in search of legit money making method online, and a platform that provides you with training and all the resources that you needed to be a success online, then I invite you to checkout Wealthy Affiliate today.

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