Is Rapid Profit System a Scam

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam?

Welcome to my Rapid Profit System  review. Lets dive deep to find out “Is Rapid Profit System a Scam?”. First off an affiliate marketer is someone who advertises products for a company and in return, he or she gets to keep part of that commission. Affiliate marketing is changing the way people shop and do business.

It is a way to make money by working from home or really anywhere with a connection. Affiliate marketing is one of the fastest growing home-based and online businesses there is. Getting started, though, is a bit huge learning curve. The hardest part is building a list of  people who will buy your products or service, list building 101.

The Rapid Profit System helps you to learn the affiliate marketing game with a strategic training program.

If you already are an affiliate marketer but haven’t been able to launch your business, this program can teach you how to do that even if you do not use JVZoo. This article will answer the question, “Is Rapid Profit System a Scam.”


First, you probably need to know what Rapid Profit System is. Rapid Profit System is one of those video course systems isn’t a get rich quickly program, although it can make you rich but not right off the bat.

This system teaches you how to be an affiliate marketer and promote JVZoo products online. JVZoo sponsors thousands of digital products from every category you could imagine, such as belly dancing, to becoming a never lose’ gambler and how to become a chicken egg niche marketer LoL.

This system teaches you how to market their products and how to create a landing page for the products. There are, of course, some pros and cons of the product.


Very structured and thorough training program

Very structured and thorough training program and incentives

As well as, a 30-day money back guarantee


There is no free trial,

You risk losing money if you pick a product to advertise that does not sell and your Facebook ad account could be closed.

The introductory video to this program offers absolutely nothing but platitudes

 There is no information given and you should just go ahead and save your precious time by not watching the 25-minute video of how you can become so wealthy.

Moving on though, there are three parts of the training video program.

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The first part is researching a marketable niche than people will buy into. Knowing your perspective sales group will help you with choosing your niche and products that you will want to pick, advertise and hopefully sell.

A part that teaches you how to make a landing page, though,it  just makes absolutely no sense at all. It tells you to create a page that has nothing on it except an email capture by MailChimp.

A page that has nothing on it is not going to get the attention of many and the products you list on this page only gives you 5% of the commission made from each product sold anyway.

The second phase of the training teaches you about funnels. Funnels are a group of products than usually start with an inexpensive product but then leads you down the path to the last and best product offer. And the third part teaches you how to grow perspective buyers.

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam sales funnel


It shows you how to build up your email list with prospective buyers which, in turn, will lead traffic to your sales page. Lastly, you will learn how to make Facebook ads and attract certain groups of the people-the certain groups meaning those most likely to buy your products.

The training will also include the Bonus Section’. This section will give you professionally written bonus page, five offers than come with Private Label Rights, which gives the affiliates 100% of the front-end profit-to entice your prospects, a professionally written script and then access to a list of products than have Private Label Rights that are better quality and less expensive.

Once you purchase the system and attempt to login, you will be hit with a bunch of insane upsells. These upsells are all between $70 and $90 dollars. First, the Turbo Package Dealin this package you will, of course, get more goodies.

These goodies include twenty bonus products with full Private Label Rights, four professionally written page templates, four email campaigns and an email vault which will automatically build your email list for you. Then there is a second upsell to the original product, Rapid Profit System.

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Bonus Content

Bonus content

There are quite a few bonuses offered inside the Rapid Profit System, here is just a few listed below:

1. Professionally designed bonus offers

2. Follow up email series designed for high conversions

3. Qualification to promote 5 other products offered by Omar and


4. Free giveaways to offer your visitors

5. List of resources where you can access PLR material

The Powerhouse Package. This package has many more products with a Private Label Rights attached to them and a little more training.

It may or may not include the Secret Traffic Training and/or the Secret Funnel Training well all thirst for, but it’s something. There are also a few more upsell packages; each, of which, are quite enticing and promises you more wealth much quicker.

The trainer in the training videos, after offering so many promises of wealth and fortune throws out a statistic that only 16% of people will make money from just the original system.

With so many bonuses offers than the Rapid Profit System offers, it brings up an important question, “why so many bonuses?

Is the product not all that they’re making it out to be?” Also, if you have any questions about anything during the course, there is nobody to ask and the page JVZoo website does not have a comment section.

Is Rapid Profit System a Scam: Conclusion

After reading many reviews the question of “Is the Rapid Profit System a Scam?”, the answer has been, for the most part, “no, but there are better products out there and this is not something I would recommend for anyone”.

Other people loved the system and said that it does have a very structured, easy-to-follow format than thoroughly teaches you how to begin your affiliate marketing business. The third group of people love the training but do not care for JVZoo.

So, it seems that the system is legitimate and will help you get started into becoming a work from home/online worker’ affiliate marketer but the system is definitely not as easy as the people from Rapid Profit System make it out to be.

So if you’re looking into purchasing this system, tread carefully and also read more of the reviews yourself because two of the reviews I’ve seen where people who went through this program and made their own program with the knowledge of all the things that Rapid Profit System did wrong.

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